My Favorite Couples from Comics

  • Wonder Girl and Superboy

These guys are my feel good couple, because for the most part they are innocent . They grew up in Young Justice together, with their little crush, and in teen titans it's like the first issue when they are confessing their true feelings!

I mean don't get me wrong this couple is anything but ordinary! They go through crisis after crisis. But it's the charming things like, on their first date when Superboy still doesn't have full control over his powers, his x-ray vision flicks on and he can see right through her shirt while she's talking to him normally and he looks away trying not to be a peeping tom.

And even when they are being not so innocent, it's still innocent! It's just nice to see a comic book couple actually stick together through the tragedies that happen to them. Superboy dies!!! He dies!! And they still get back together when he comes back to life! Now that's saying something.

  • Catwoman and Batman

Who doesn't love Catwoman and Batman?!?!?! From comics to movies to TV cartoons to video games, Batman + Catwoman = awesomeness!!!

It's an impossible situation, a man who won't stop stopping crime, and a woman who's nature says to screw what batman says and steal things. and even when she does temporarily stop, then she becomes a target. Let alone that Bruce has the ultimate trust issues. And think about it, the man can not leave his work at the office, he's forever on duty!

But who cares about all that, we don't need them to get married and have a kid to fulfill our fan filled desires! As long as they keep flirting on roof tops, stealing kisses, and declaring their love to each other while the other can't hear them (more or less), then I for one will be happy!

  • Wonder Girl and Tim Drake

As much as i loved love Wonder Girl and Superboy together, when Superboy died, and was gone for the whole one year later arc, my heart bled for both Wonder Girl-his girlfriend- and Robin- his best friend- (at the time he was just called robin) aka Tim Drake. They were both severely grieving, and they were trying to reach out to each other and be there for each other but it felt wrong because Conner was dead. But at the same time they were trying to move on having no idea that Superboy will ever come back. their relationship didn't really last, and it's probably for the best, but I liked it while it lasted.

  • Nightwing and Starfire

The real truth? I grew up watching teen titans on TV, so that's my lame excuse about why i like Starfire and nightwing, but once I read the Titans comic I still really liked the parts where they were together and not hating each other or ignoring each other.

..... BUT they make for really great passion scene which gets my thumbs up of approval

  • Harley Quinn and Joker

Ahh... True Love

Now I just had to include this crazy couple, mostly because I absolutely love Harley. But then again, they are kinda perfect for each other. Who else would put up with the Joker's shenanigans and enjoy it while doing so? And I don't know if the Joker can even love, but hey if he didn't like her enough she'd be dead by now.

  • Superman and Lois Lane

Finally the ultimate comic couple. They have been together for forever. They seem to have a pretty normal life, from what I've actually read of the superman comic's. They are married and everything! And she hasn't gone psycho or anything! Plus of what I've seen they're relationship is super cute.

What's some of your favorites?

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Posted by Cozy_Da_Djed_Eye

I know. Black couples in comics don't really seem to work.

Posted by AweSam

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon!

Posted by Raiiyn

I adore this list =) Except for Lois and Clark ;P

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

@CozyDaPrynce said:

I know. Black couples in comics don't really seem to work.

What about Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald?

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

@Raiiyn said:

I adore this list =) Except for Lois and Clark ;P

Ahh come on Rai. What are they too mainstream? :P

Posted by Cozy_Da_Djed_Eye

I thought terry wasn't black, though? I don't know, my bro was the spawn fan. I was always a spider man dude.

Posted by Raiiyn

@Glitch_Spawn: No... just never really liked Lois... **shrugs**

This list needs some Marvel though... Like Romy.

Posted by menaceforever

I just noticed Wonder Girl is being almost as sl**ty as Batman.............

Posted by petlover1112

@AweSam: omg I completely forgot about those two! they should totally be up there!

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

I like how all of these are DC....

Posted by timelord786

i like the classic hawkman and hawkgirl love relationship.

Posted by JediXMan

Hm. Nice choices. Only one that I don't like is Tim and Cassie, because that wasn't really a "relationship." I'd have gone with Raven and Beast Boy or Tim and Spoiler.


Wonder Girl and Tim Drake made out in dead clone juice.

Posted by guardiandevil801

awesome list great couples

Posted by Duke_Nasty


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My favorite couple is Vision and Scarlet Witch!!

Posted by MightyCarrion

Gambit and Rogue obviously... :P