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Never in the pass did he show any signs of being gay, or even NOT liking girls, for that matter.

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In this Universe, Batman is already a well experienced crime fighter, well into his late 30's, early 40's, isn't he?

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Neither movie is making a billion.

I do see both movies earning just shy under or a little over the billion mark. That's just my approx though.


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What do you mean? Like a bunch of heroes/villains debating the pros and cons of The Black Vortex?

"Oh man, I really want that cosmic power... It might be worth it even if it turns me gay!"

"Yeah, I did the whole Black Vortex thing but I think I'm kinda over it. I would renounce my cosmic power but I don't know if I like the odds of TBV turning me gay. I guess I'll just stay cosmically empowered and straight."

Do you mean that you would like to see more of a sexual orientation switchover event? Kind of like the recent Inversion Wave but with sexual orientation? Now that would open up a whole new realm of debate for Hulk vs. Thor...

I think messing with basically any part of an established character is risky. Playing with sexual orientation seems like it could get really inappropriate/insensitive and dehumanizing to gay readers. I am all for gay/bi/transgender/(insert minority group here) characters but I don't like established characters being changed especially in a way that may be insensitive to some readers.


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This was totally forced and shoehorned...

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Yeah, okay, sure you did, and I'm Obama >:(.

This is complete horse sh!t. The only reason this exist is to stir up some controversy, and the most annoying part is that it succeed since the media are sheep.

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I'm more surprised that it made it to 7 movies.

This franchise is horrible.

All a matter of opinion...

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It was the fastest ever to a billion (record setting 17 days, 2 fewer than any other film, including the Avengers and Avatar), and has the 4th highest grossing all time on opening weekend. Was anyone else expecting this much? It's on record to finish around where the Avengers did, take about $100 million. Please, block out spoilers, I haven't seen it yet.

I read somewhere it's on pace to finish around where Avatar's numbers were.