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someone said something about is it like the DC reboot... not really. Its more like they are adding in a new marvel universe. Ultimate Universe will still continue, Uncanny universe (anyone hear that they are bringing out Uncanny Avengers? OMG my comic book shop guy told me and i nearly died). It is in a way like how they started Marvel Point one.

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Haven't played the console version yet, but easily the best 3DS version of a game I have ever played. the web rush is so much fun whilst using the Gyroscope function, although you will want to turn 3D off for that part. And the graphics just... work with the 3DS, i guess is the best way to put it

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I still stand by the fact that I do not necessarily think it is Morbius, I have more evidence it could be him. In the video game epilogue, Dr. Morbius is forced to create the Rhino, and Dr Connors even mentions Morbius, and how other scientists ridiculed him for believing that bats were the answer to curing himself. However, I do believe that there are so many other GREAT ideas, and I just love how this movie has created this new topic that is quite popular among Marvel fans :)

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completely agree

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Firstly, sorry for the horrible username and picture, i just connected through facebook and it was automatically given to me.

Secondly, I know the person I am referring to is NOT Curt Connor's friend, hence the inverted apostrophes.

Anyway, a very popular topic about the new Amazing Spider-Man reboot at the moment is definitely at the very end, in regards to who visits Curt Connor's. Many suggestions, from Mysterio to Norman Osborne have been yelled out, but there is one suggestion that seems to be very much overlooked. This is just an idea, but what if it is Morbius, the Living Vampire? Firstly, let me remind you that he debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #101, making it very possible for him to be in the movie. It would also explain how the individual entered and departed from the asylum cell without the guards noticing. I am not saying it is him, just putting it out there. Thoughts?

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Not possible for storm's lightning to destroy Iron Man's suit. In fact, she would be making the fight even more hopeless for herself. Even Thor's lightning can boost iron man's power levels up (in the movie, for example, Thor's lightning made his power levels going up to '400%'). Also, War Machine would be pretty much useless against RT, since RT could just make a tornado and send the missiles back to Team One. However, Iron Man's unibeam would easily defeat both of the others, and once they are down,War Machine could easily help finish them off. So i would say team one, especially if Storm struck him with lightning. That would be a few unibeam blasts right there. Also, Tony could most likely hack into RT, but highly unlikely. RT's programming is far too advanced to be hacked whilst Iron Man is in the midst of battle.