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Please review Exiles Volume 3 #1 as well.  I'm 90% sure it will suck as bad as this series did.

Why are they burying such a good franchise?

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Actually, the official designations for these universes are now listed in the All-New Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Hardback editions.  Starting at the back of volume 2, and going until Volume 5.

At the end of all the universe listings, it says:

"For updates and the unabridged list, see"

So that website is the 'official' list of alternate Earth Numbers.  Though there's no listing specifically for the 1994 Spider-Man Animated series, which would indicate that it is likely to not be Earth-9411, but Earth-92131, (The "X-Men: The Animated Series" Reality), since the X-Men made several appearances on the Spider-Man series with the same voices and artwork.