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 I don't think 'supposed to' is the general idea.

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It sure was nice to get to see Kang's real face in #5 of the new series...

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I enjoyed it, but don't particularly care for JRJR's art.

#4 Posted by Peteparker (45 posts) - - Show Bio's power grids are completely made by fans, they have no basis in fact.
They were originally intended to be factual, but over time, and lack of interest in patrolling the edits, some have grown out of proportion (See X-23).

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Yea, and no explanation as to what's up with the tattoos.  The guy was an adult when the X-Men were teens, so he should be as old as Prof. X.  Can you see Xavier getting a bunch of face tats?

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I would have been cooler with Pixie becoming a main player if she didn't suddenly become an adult overnight.  Some artists draw her like she's 9 while others put her somewhere in her 20's.  Seriously, pick an age and stick with it, I don't know if I should feel protective or turned on!

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Pretty sure he's dead, but he's survived worse before.  It's possible Bastion only assumed he's dead when he confirmed him as 'off the board'.

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@jordama said:

@Powerzone789 said: 
That last part may be considered a spoiler 
And it doesn't seem to far off as a character for him not to embrace the hero idea, the altruism.  
and we will have to read to see about that last part

Not too far off as a character?
The Vanisher was a life-long criminal who time after time put himself before anyone or anything else.  Even when he was working with other criminals, he commonly left them on their own when they got into fights.  Read the way he talked in X-Men #2 or 36, and the way he ended up being seems totally different from where he started.
It's more likely that he saved 'Jimmy' because Jimmy saved him when he was stuck in the Darkforce Dimension so many years ago...
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I couldn't find the exact place to post this, but since it's an Editing and Tools idea, and not really a bug, here is where it ended up, in the hopes that the ComicVine gods will see fit to implement it.
Many times while browsing the site, I'll see an image of a character that I don't recognize the source, and I often find myself asking, "Where is this picture from?"  It would seem with CV's extremely user-friendly search functions, it wouldn't be difficult to ask this question to the original uploader at the time of it being uploaded.  If the uploader didn't know, a 'don't know' answer would be fine, and then other editors could go through the 'unknown source' stack of images and try to locate their origins.  
So many aspects of comic books are linked elsewhere, and it would seem that the natural link between an image and where it was taken from is the only thing I've been able to find missing on this site.
Is there any way we can look into adding this feature?

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