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Where's the 2012 info?!?!?

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@SpitfireINK said:

Its the Disir!

With all the speculation - How do you think they are going to explain Loki's involvement with any other alien race?

Take a closer look at the ARMOR - certainly looks ASGARDIAN - no?

Look it up:

Logically speaking the Disir is the most plausible - and then look again at their features - they are truly "undead" looking. And what better way to capitalize on the UnDEAD - Zombie genre.

Additionally - it would also tie in with THANOS beautifully!

... And if not - well then - they should have let me Direct the movie.

Yup, he's right. The Disir make the most sense.

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Same issue here. Is it being worked on?

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Hi, I use this application as well. Please help us correct it! :)

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Seems more likely than anything that some *other* villainous entity was at work there.  Yes, I believe Reed purposely set the events in motion, but probably not of his own right mind.   
Wolverine's been taken over by evil a billion times, why wouldn't evil do the same for Reed, to ultimately 'Doom' him to be unloved by those he cared most about?  I feel like there's a story here...

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I think they're important, and done improperly.   
You bring up a lot of instances where there were civilian deaths and they were breezed over, making the point that we don't need them because there's no effect. 
So instead of removing them, I say focus on them.  Tell us stories about what it's like to be a typical civilian in NYC. Tell us the stories where the hero is utterly destroyed because of the loss of life surrounding an event he was involved in.  Drive alcoholics to drink and catholics to seek out their priests.  These deaths, which in fact aren't even MENTIONED all that much, should be the reason these heroes do their heroing.   
The problem with this?  How can anyone truly like a bad guy who actually killed someone?  If Electro suddenly fried a ten-year-old, even by accident or by proxy, no one would ever like Electro again.  And you can't keep coming up with new interesting bad guys who are actually bad, can you?   
I'd personally love to read the universe where civilian deaths have actual weight.  Not all of them would be Uncle Ben type weight, but certainly enough of them would weigh on any plucky little spider-hero.

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This is a really great question. 
I love the main event books, but find that I hate the tie-ins.  They're rarely anything worth mentioning, and almost never add anything significant to the main event. 
I also love the character/team-driven books, and think they should be more prevalent than anything else.   
So what's the answer?  Continue with the big events, but cut out the tie-in BS.  You can have a ton of books on the market without all of them being tied together.

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This article is hilarious considering 99% of the images uploaded to Comicvine are from pirated digital copies.  Should Comicvine be taking down the images they didn't pay to scan or host?  How can a major editor say that downloading these things is wrong, but allow them to be used on the very site she works for? 
Where is the line drawn, wherever it's convenient?

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I haven't seen worse animation art in my entire life.

If it were featured on Adult Swim, it'd be a hit because they know it's a joke.  Sad that they're taking it seriously.
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Wish I could have gone.