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yea, or if my friends give me files of comics i go out and get the trades

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Yep. This has happened to be a bunch of times. Agents of Atlas, Tiny Titans, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Hitman, Union Jack... uh, too many to list.

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@xscarletkittie: dang
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I have done it plenty of times...
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@Primmaster64:  Yeah... I test read a lot of books.
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Last one I remember doing it for was

 I'm a sucker for heartache
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No because where I live none of the people read comicbooks
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Sometimes... I Make that Mistake alot when it comes to Graphic Novels Though

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No; I don't know anyone that reads comics

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I wait for the trade.

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nope .

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I do this a good deal.

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I really do, but funny thing is i've only done it for mostly creator own comics. For example I've read black summer when a friend told me about how awesome warren ellis is and he was right and i bought it, also mark waid's irredeemable and lastly when i asked where to start reading marvel i borrowed the first two trades of new avengers (which for me is a must have to start reading the modern marvel universe

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yep, i did that with the original runaways series, i hadn't owned any Marvel comics before that...