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Melanie Hatchet is fashion coloumnist for the Daily Planet. She originates from Los Angeles where she attended UCLA. She chose to work at the Planet because Lois Lane is her idol and she wants to be as close to her and the superhero world as possible. She was born July 1 1981 and lived a prilvalaged life as the daughter of a plastic surgeon and a lawyer. She was one of three black families in her neighborhood and dealt with a lot of predjudice. As a result she had few friends growing up. This has shaped her into being very independant and a little jaded. She is weary of anyone she meets not being able to trust easily. She believes that she is an alien who's dying mother stumbled upon the Hatchets while seeking help. The Hatchet's raised the child as their own with a well documented account of Xian(Melanie's home planet), her powers and her weaknesses. In actuality Melanie is a clone of Superman, Wonder Woman and Doctor Joann Peters. Joann used genetic samples of all three in her embryos and implanted herself with the child. She had picked the Hatchets knowing they were not capable of having their own children. The addition of Joann's human dna has unlocked the full potential of the human genome giving Melanie unmatched psionic powers. Physically she has blue eyes, long straight black hair, a slender form, is 5'10 in height and is undisputably beautiful.