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I'm sorry but Iris West, Dead Pretty Boy, Prosthetic West, Traci Thirteen, Mon El, , Captain Thug, Kid Crusader, Aqualad, Fringe, Whitchie Poo, Fever, Sungirl, Misfit, Lian Harper, Robert Long, Matrix, Jade, Sasha Martens, and Wiley Wolverman WERE NEVER TITANS!!!!!
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@arrowfan237: Iris west & Robert long & Lian Harper were Tiitans in the kingdom come reality, dead pretty boy & captain thug & prosthetic lass & witchie poo were titans in a possible future, Kid Crusader and Sungirl were members of titans east, Aqualad was shown at titans tower in preview art, plas Aqualad was the name of a former titan (Tempest), Fringe was a titan along with Pryzm and Risk, Mon-El appeared in  the Titans 16 and worked with the team, Fever and Misfit were members of Lex Luthor's Titans Army, Matrix was a member of the Teen Titans before her merge with linda danvers (her team comprised of Donna Troy, Kyle rayner, Bart Allen, Minion, Arsenal, and Terra), Jade was a teen titan in a reality where Donna Troy had been erased from existence, Traci Thirteen worked with the titans after dating blue beetle, and Sasha and Wiley worked with Titans LA