Cat scratch fever

Feline fighters in the comics

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Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Try this one: Skylla (don't let the name fool you).

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
Posted by Gothic Storm

Awesome list, but you forgot... *meeeeyowww*

Posted by Jaylayson

Very nice
Posted by Jaylayson

Very nice 
Posted by starrk_coyote

very nice list.

Posted by megamoses10

why is artemis in the list?

Edited by Peregrine

@megamoses10: Artemis Crock is a villain codenamed Tigress in DC Comics (as opposed to her Green Arrow-themed hero identity in the Young Justice cartoon)

Posted by VenomMelendez

Nice, you are missing the new White Tiger though(Ava Ayala0.

Posted by doomsilver

Cool, nice themed list.

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youve got the Black Panther and Kasper Cole(props) but not Shuri!

oh and i dono if youre doing just characters or races too, but Hepzibah is a member of the Mephistizoid race, theyre all furry and cat-like like her