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Real Name:
Rene-Marcel LeBeau 
Associated Name: James Robert Johnson
Alias: The Clairvoyant, The Telepath, The Mind-Reader, The Manipulator, The EMP-maker, The Lost LeBeau, Marcellus, Rene, Marcel, The LeBeau Brain-Child,  James, J.R. 
Age:  18
Height: 5'10"
Weight:  155
Affiliations: We Are Legend
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Hazel 
Hair Color:
Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
Powers: See Below 
Abilities: See Below 
Identifying Marks: N/A  


James is a person of merit. Selfless in nature, always serving others. He puts others before himself, and seeks to help those who need it. He goes out of his way to guarantee the safety and well-being of others. It affects him to see those close to him die, or to see innocent people slain--on an emotionally and also mental level. It also hurts him to see injured bystanders as well, and those with mental disabilities. James feels guilty for the unfortunate paths of others, and does whatever possible to soothe the problems of the world from the person(s) who he deems helpless. It is because of this sense of guilt that he tries to help as many people as possible. 
James tries to avoid conflict, and does not believe in killing or permanently injuring someone. It is just not in his moral code to do so. He figures that enough damage has been done to the world, and his purpose is to repair it and remedy the evils caused by others. James tries to diffuse situations with his telepathy before stepping in physically to stop fights and other confrontations. James realizes all of his actions have consequences, but as long as he is sure his actions act for the better it does not bother him too much what the consequences are.

 The First Signs

James Robert Johnson was born in Orlando, Florida in the area of Orange County. He grew up normally on his family's  two hundred acre estate, Tara, named after the "Tara" in the book Gone with the Wind, a favorite of his father's and a literature classic. James grew up going to a school of five hundred, and was well beloved by his friends and classmates. He always had some sort of friend or another at his house to play with him- he was never a lonely child. Among academics and playing with the children around him, James loved sports. Basketball was his favorite of all, and he enjoyed sitting court side at the Orlando Magic games as a young child. 
There was no sign that J.R., a name his friends frequently called him, had any extraordinary abilities. Sure, he was a gifted student and also a outstanding basketball player. However, other than that there were no signs of mutations that would give him extra abilities, or gifts. That was until he was in third grade, a nine year old in the middle of elementary school. 
During a basketball game, James discovered that he could figure out which way someone would go. He thought he was just great on
 Young J.R.
 defense, but really he was accessing other players' minds and had up-to-seconds knowledge of what opposite team players would do. That game he played extraordinarily, grabbing fifteen rebounds, taking ten steals, giving fifteen assists, and scoring twenty-five points. It bewildered his parents that he could do such a thing.  
The second time he used his powers was during a spelling test. He had never heard the word 'Telepathy' before, but somehow knew it after staring into the back of a classmate's head for a few seconds. It was at this point that James' powers escalated. While in a water park for a end-of-year field trip James knew exactly how to give CPR to someone, after recalling the memories of one of the lifeguards nearby. He saved his best friend that day, unbeknown to him, with the memories of other people implanted and categorized in his brain. 
James never knew he actually had any powers until he thought he was awoken by his Mom one day. He thought he had said out loud: "I'll be down in a minute," but had really telepathically told his mom this. His parents were stupefied, every once in a while they would think their son would say something, actually vividly recall him saying something, however he would say he hadn't said a word. It was at this point that James began to realize there was something different about him.  
He finally did know there was something different with him when he accidentally intruded his Mother's mind and found out he had been adopted. Both his parents were sterile, unable to parent any kids or consort to have them without artificial insemination through surrogates. So instead of spending thousands of dollars, money they could actually afford to spend, the two had adopted a young child from Miami and brought him to live with them. James was heartbroken.  
He told his parents what he had learned, and why they hadn't told him before. His adopted Mother told him she loved him like her own child, and that there had been no reason to tell him. But, how had he found out? James told them he thought he was a mutant. Unable to cope with this information, his 'parents' tried hard to help him with his gifts. However, he was making no progress. Maybe this was the extent of his powers? This was all! He wasn't too much of a mutant. 

The Incessant Thoughts 

For a long period, James' parents tried to ignore his mutant ability. They filled his and their schedules so that they were always busy, always doing something. James went to basketball clinics, summer camps, and performed a variety of extracurricular activities including learning how to play the violin, shoot a weapon, creating electronics, and alongside his Father. He excelled with medicinal work, something his Father became proud of, being a Ph.D. in surgery. James never told his Father, but he had just accessed his mind and learned much about medicine through that method.  
As James turned twelve, his powers began to overload him. He was unable to control it. When at parties, or seminars, or even in places like New York, James would get terrible migraines and sometimes even pass out. His adopted parents still tried to ignore his abilities. However, when he put their co-worker in a coma they realized James was becoming narcissistic and dangerous.  
They thought that the reason for this was because they weren't around enough, or that they hadn't given him enough support after his revelations of being a Mutant. They sent him off to a school they thought could help. A school that helped Mutants learn how to use their abilities while also being educated. They didn't give James the chance to tell them that the coworker he had made comatose was really having an affair with his adopted Mother and plotting to kill his adopted Father. 
Sadly, James left Tara only two days after almost killing the man. He was driven to the Orlando International Airport and shipped off to
 Leaving Tara
 Los Angeles. On the outskirts of the city was the Institution for Greater Learning and Valuable Expression, the school his parents had heard of that helped for his particular ailments. 

The Institution of Mutant Training and General Survival

 The Institution 
On arrival to the school James was taken to a bedroom set aside for himself by the Head Mistress of the school. 
    Head Mistress Victoria de Nedostia
 Fortunately for him, it was the summer, two weeks away from school. He was one of the few kids who had stayed or arrived early. He discovered that the Head Mistress was a telepath too, he was unable to read her mind--but she was reading his. She approved of his actions in making a coworker of his parents comatose, however disproved of the fact that he was unable to use the full extent of his abilities. She gave her name as Victoria de Nedostia, from Spain. She left him alone, and stunned, in disbelief. There was another person like him, but much stronger. 
As school began at the school James found himself drawn to Victoria, and she became his mentor. She taught him how to do great things with his mind. She endowed him with the information in her head that she wanted him to learn, making him much more intelligent than his fellow Mutants. She also taught him how to inflict feelings upon other, go through memories, replace memories, implant suggestive thoughts, and control his telepathic ability to understand the thoughts of other people. James effectively became her protege, and many professors at the school applauded his terrific work ethic. He learned how to remain hidden, how to fight, and use his powers properly.  
It seemed that James had found a place that accepted him and accurately taught him. He became more calm, more down to Earth, and 
  James' Girlfriend
capable of controlling his powers. He was a formidable opponent to have. James made lots of friends of varying gifts, and made them all feel important. He had two incredible years at the school, and even had a girlfriend.  

The Fall of the Institution 

Anti-Mutant sentiment had grown throughout the country. Mutants were being attacked, frightened, or killed. The forces of law could do almost nothing, Mutants were technically not included in hate crimes. Unfortunately, The Institution of Greater Learning and Valuable Expression was discovered for what it really was by an Anti-Mutant organization. Unbeknown to any of the professors, or Victoria herself, they were plotting to destroy the school and kill most of the Mutants.  
In the dead of night, one hundred Anti-Mutant protestors broke the fence of the Institution's gate and secreted themselves up to the mansion. The main way had not been booby-trapped, for Victoria thought that intruders would use the grass and trees for cover. The protestors marched right up to the mansion. They began to scream and shout, frightening the people inside. Then they covered all the entrances and exits, and lit the place on fire.  
It was utter panic inside the building as James woke up, a sea of fire around his bed-coming from an open window- with a sweat covering his body. He jumped over the fire, rolling a few times to put out any fire on his persons. He burst through the door to find other students huddled in the hallway, afraid to leave. They were all waiting for Victoria and the professors. The teachers at the school soon emerged from fiery entrances, and the students were lead through the main door. Here they were met by angry protestors. 
They called them a variety of slurs, and finally things escalated. They started to throw wood, and then wood became rocks. Victoria was hit on the temple with a rock, causing her to lose consciousness. She fell to floor instantly. Terrified, and angry, the teachers began to fight back. They used their powers to fight off the protestors, who then pulled out pistols and shotguns. James was distraught, huddled over his fallen mentor, and seeing his friends and professors being killed by bullets or fighting back and killing the anti-Mutant, violent protestors. 
in rage he screamed, "SLEEP!"  
 His commanding voice filled the air, and his powers stretched into the minds of everyone around him. They all fell into a deep sleep, falling to down like dominos. James stood up, and found many of his friends dead, or suffering from severe burns, and many professors seriously injured. He also found only a few violent protestors suffering from Mutant wounds. It was an ambush, and these people had assaulted innocent individuals trying to be normal. James next action was to the protestors, he entered their minds, erasing their memories of the event and filling them with the knowledge of planning to kill normal kids to create terror of Mutants.  
James could feel Victoria slipping away, until he could not sense her anymore. She had died, unconscious, but now completely brain dead. The once proud telepath had succumbed to a simple rock, which lay near her body. James picked the rock up and put it into his pocket, something to remember her by. He looked around and saw the destruction that the protestors had brought. The mansion was destroyed, and many of the trees around had caught ablaze. He immediately grabbed a cellphone from one of the protestors' pockets and called 911, gave them the address of the Institution, and told them to hurry. He then issued his last command, muttering it. "Awaken." 
By the time the surviving students, professors, and violent protestors had awoken, law enforcement and ambulances and fire trucks had arrived. All of the protestors were arrested, and the surviving victims sent to hospitals all around Los Angeles. Those that had died had been put into black bags, tagged, and sent to the morgue-including Victoria. Everyone was accounted for, except for James. He had seemingly vanished, even his records of being at the school had been erased. It was like he was never there. 

The After

News spread instantly of the hate crime and sympathy for Mutants was at an all time high. The violent protestors were all sentenced to Life after a few only remembered plotting to kill innocent kids and frame Mutants for it. Many of the professors and students at the school recovered and founded new places for secret Mutant teachings. The death toll from the School Massacre, as the media called it, was one hundred. Five protestors had died and ninety-five students and kids had suffered from burns and wounds.  
A few weeks later James appeared at Tara in Orlando. His parents, surprised, cried with joy that he was alive. They hadn't heard anything from him, only what had happened to the school. They took him back in and showered him with love and affection, apologizing for sending him to the private school in the first place. James felt grief for months after the events, and always had the rock that killed Victoria in his left pocket, with his hand placed firmly on it.  
A month after arriving at Tara, James asked to see the comatose coworker of his Father's. He brought the man back from the brink of death, but erased the memories of the affair from the man and his adopted Mother. Everything seemed to return to normal, but James began to realize his adopted parents would never accept the facet of his abilities. They would always denounce it when he was around, and always asked him if he used his actual mind or someone else when he told them something he knew. For the better or for worse, James erased the his adopted parents memories and the memories of all the people he had ever known intimately. He could always reintroduce those memories later, but for now he figured it was a good idea to separate. 
James took one hundred thousand dollars with him, only leaving his Father with the memory of giving the money to a charity in Japan during Christmas time. He also inserted the suggestive thought of the two of adopting a child. Without a second look, James left, and took with him all his Mutant problems that his adopted parents just couldn't accept.  


James found considerable success with going solo. He was able to study many fields and enrolled into Harvard. He graduated in two months with a Ph.D. in Medicine, and then disappeared so as to not cause any suspicion from the many professors at the school. He reappeared sometime later and funded a school for Mutants based in Orlando by donating money he had earned in the stock market. He also designed the most technologically advanced defense and anti-intruder system for the School of the Gifted, the Mutant school in Orlando. He still felt slightly responsible for not detecting the violent protestors at his last private school; this was his way of ensuring something like that would never happen again.
 The Visor
The telepath also worked on his abilities and excelled in learning more about his many gifts. He bought a condo in central Manhattan and made it his home and laboratory, where he built tools for himself, including his visor. James began to see a lot of articles on heroes and villains all of the world, their deeds and the effects of their actions. He wanted to be remembered. James envied them. That was until he figured he could be just like them, even at the age of fifteen.  
 The Finished Product
     It was very easy for James. He was able to create a Vibranium super-suit to protect himself from the dangers he would be thrusting himself into. His visor also became an essential piece to his equipment. After everything was said and done, all James needed was a name. A name that people would hear and rejoice. A name that would inspire change. A name that would actually mean difference. He settled upon the name Perception. He thought it was perfect for him. He could change the minds of others, make them think differently, create ideas and induce feelings that could change the being of a person. Yes, Perception was a great name. 
It was finally time for a new hero to step up to the plate. 

The Submergence and Reemergence of New York City 

New York City, New York 
New York City was sunk in an episode that involved the Omega Justice team. The city was submerged into the frosty depths of the ocean, and stayed there. That was until Dr. Damn, the founder of The Institute of Tomorrow, used a C-Bomb, or Reverse Chrono Bomb to bring the City back to its former glory. The reemergence of the City was vastly important to Americans and Foreigners alike. People rejoiced. It was also, probably the most important event in James' recent life. His guiltiness had racked up within him, mostly due to the fact that he had left the city a mere few days before it had sunk. Many innocent lives had been lost in the event, and James felt if he had been in the city he probably could have stopped the event. During the months after the submergence of the city, James had become reclusive and had started to take ill from malnutrition. When he heard of Dr. Damn and his proposed project, he was enlightened. He wanted to be the first to see the event. However, his deteriorated health held him back. He was bedridden by a doctor until his body had returned to a safer state. When it did, James took off. He was in New York almost immediately after his pre-submergence health had returned. In Ground Zero he helped people look through their belongings and homes, or transported them to safer buildings with better infrastructure.   
The Sentinel Invasion     
 Everything seemed to be rebuilding itself. James found himself in a line of work that suited him, as he could pour his love and affection for the citizens of New York more personally then as his persona Perception. However, it was the calm before the storm. On the day of New York's Repopulation Fair 2011, Mighty Magneto and his Sentinels stormed the city. They came down from the sky, and even emerged from the surrounding bays and waterways. It was chaos and panic. James watched as people were lifted up into the air, cars were smashed, and houses were collapsed. He immediately jumped into action.  
The Feeble Attempt    
James found himself outmatched. He was unprepared, and was thus knocked into a building where he lost consciousness. When he awoke, the Sentinels had passed and the street that he had tried to protect was decimated. People had disappeared. Too many people. Suspicious, James followed the Sentinels(on a pink bike he had found) blocks away. There he was able to deduce the Sentinels' objectives, and discovered that they were taking people and detaining them. James immediately fired a heat blast from his visor. And kept firing until the Robot had collapsed on itself. As he triumphantly climbed up the machine, searching for the ejector button to free the captive citizens, his heart was broken when the Sentinel began to issue a self-destruction mechanism. James discovered the button, but the door had jammed, and thus all inside were trapped. In a tremendously stressful situation, he developed a second mutation. This one was different from his telepathy abilities. It was an ability to control metals and the electromagnetic spectrum, Magnokinesis.  
One in the Same?
James pulled the head of the Sentinel right off. As he reached out to the detainees, the chest of the Sentinel flew off. The self-destruction did not occur, allowing James time to extract each prisoner and free them. He quickly took down another Sentinel and freed the captives there in the same method as well. Realizing his new power was upping his ante, James started after the third Sentinel. It was considerably farther away from the two he had just fought. As James  went towards it he started to have thoughts., and slowed These thoughts made him hesitate. A new internal situation had arisen. Who were his real parents? James began to think that he might have a relation to Mighty Magneto, the villain who was orchestrating the invasion of the city. He thought he might be a monster. To have the same powers as a villain? He dismissed the thought, pushing it to the back of his mind, and reassured himself he was nothing like Mighty Magneto. Then he continued on his way, hoping to collide with the third rampaging Sentinel.

This is from the Events of WAL: Hostile Takeover RPG.  

The Answers Lie in the Mountains So a Mystery Woman Says

 It had been awhile since the Mighty Magneto's Sentinel invasion on New York City. The Big Apple had gone through an official NYC Repopulation Fair 2011, which had happened without incident. Things were returning to normal, except for James' mentality on his powers. He had become self-obsessed with locating his parents and learning about his lineage. He poured over hundreds of documents, and even a substantial amount of monetary dollars in private investigations. However, all he could come up with was that he was a mysterious baby. The only thing he had to go on was a note that Dr. Joseph Piccard, the Orphanage director, had written after discovering James left on the front porch of the Orphanage.  

Dr. Joseph Peccard  
October 17, 1993
The Doorstep Baby

Tonight the doorbell of our Orphanage was rung. I awoke to the fervent sounds of it being pressed over and over again. By the time I had dressed into something suitable, the ringing had stopped. It was past midnight when I opened the door. I looked up and down the street, but found no one running away, and no car leaving our blessed building. I was about to close the door, assuming it was a prank, when I heard the squeals of a child. I looked at the doorstep of the Orphanage to find a baby, placed within a basket and bundled in several blankets. There was a tiny note folded on top of the baby. It read:
James Robert Johnson, born October 17, 1992. 
I was surprised to see the boy, who had the lightest blue eyes I had ever seen before, and the darkest hair as well. I felt like I was in a movie, or that this was a prank. This baby was perfectly clean, hadn't a scratch on him, and wasn't afraid of me. He was staring at me. It was a chilly night, and with God in my soul, I grabbed up the basket and took the child inside. I gave him some warm clothes to wear, placed him in a cradle in the Toddler's section of our Orphanage. He went to sleep soundly despite this unfortunate birthday gift. I rue the parents that would do this, that would leave their child on their first birthday. Anyways, there are already two loving parents that would like to adopt the child--and I assume young James will have a happy, fruitful life ahead of him.


James lay in his his bed, thinking about the letter which had been written. He had discussed with Dr. Piccard a meeting that would occur in two days and hoped to extract information from the man. As he went off into a deep sleep however, his throat was clenched within somebody's grasp. He awoke startled, and his attacker's mind was impenetrable from his psionic abilities. He stopped fighting, and his attacker turned on a light. He discovered it was a woman. She was in her thirties, with cold black eyes, and salty black pepper hair. James was surprised to see her, and even more surprised when he saw something in her eyes that made her flinch a bit. She knew him. He asked what she was in his bedroom for, and she began to talk about their father. She spoke vaguely, and quickly, because a device on her wrist was apparently dividing her attention. She told him her name was Angelique, that he was her brother, and even told James his real name was Rene-Marcel. He could tell Angelique was French, although her accent was non-existant. Before they could get into a deeper conversation, Angelique caught herself in a revelation and then closed up. She told him all he sought could be found in a cave hidden in the Himalayas. Then she blew him a kiss goodbye, and jumped out the window in James' room. A flashing blue light blinded James and by the time he went to search for Angelique, she had disappeared. This left James in a predicament, should he believe such a mysterious woman? She had seemed so sure of herself, it had influenced him to believe anything Angelique had said had to be true. 
 This is from the Events of All the Kings Horse's: An HFC RPG




James' power comes from his mind. Telepathy, telekinesis, and other phenomena issuing from the mind are called Psionic abilities. This would be the proper term for his abilities, as his power comes from his mind, and so is Psionic in nature. 
  •  Weakness: James is incapable of using the full spectrum of another psionic ability while already using a different one. That means, if he is manipulating metal with his Magnokinesis, he cannot possess people or cast illusions at the same time, as those are more tedious abilities. He can, however, talk in other's minds, gather information, and use psychometry. 


Quick Notes

  • Although James can make you believe what he wants you to believe, or what he doesn't want you to believe, the effect can never be permanent. This is a result of the mind being an organism, and will recall the steps for it to reach the present and thus 'rewrite' itself to its original settings if he tried to change it. For example, a permanent effect would be changing your favorite color to red instead of blue but a non-permanent effect would be making you think you were a two-year old infant when you are really a twenty year old man. Eventually, the person afflicted would return to normal condition(however, it could take days, weeks, months, or years to return to absolute normalcy depending on what was changed.)
  • As a result of James' telepathic abilities, he has developed an Eidetic memory, also known as a photographic memory. He can recall images, sounds, or objects from his memory with precision and in abundant volume.
  • James is immune to psionic abilities such as mind-reading, mind-control, or mental attacks or reality-changing powers which would affect him physically or mentally. He is also, sometimes, undetectable by higher-technological devices(Cerebra) which would seek him out--making him a ghost for lack of a better word. He is also highly resistant to psionic abilities that would attempt to damage him physically or mentally(psionic blasts or weaponry, etc.) and has a partial immunity to magical abilities. 
 James' using illusions to make an aircraft invisible. 
James is a young, and very powerful, telepath. That is, a person with the ability to know other's thoughts, and can even communicate with animal minds and share their perceptions. However, James has more abilities than that and can even monitor several people at once and even see images through another person's eyes. Being a telepath James can protect his mind from external psychic attacks, effectively shielding and protecting it. James can access others' memories(albeit, also accessing their emotions by (Empathy); make them different or erase them(amnesia). He can also change your mental perception of certain subjects and insert what he wants you to see or not see(Illusions); essentially planting suggestive thoughts into those he wishes to. He can control your actions(Full on Possession: One at a time, and must be in the physical presence of said person) or manipulate them(a number of people at one time, for simple feats), and even inflict pain to the point of death by using psionic blasts(which target the receptors, without damaging skin) and even insert other feelings like depression, anger, resentment, etc. by Empathy. James power to read minds extends for hundreds of miles around where he is. Sometimes, he can get overloaded by the thoughts of so many. If he focuses, he can detect super-humans in a small radius of himself.      
 Psionic Blasts
 James is also capable of talking to others without physically speaking; "talking in the mind." As a result, he can open various forms of communication with other humans. He is intelligent because he can learn from accessing the minds of others and learning from there- endowing him with a computer-like ability to gather information. He can also, by telepathy, give people his teachings similar to the way he learns. James is also learning how to alter reality, making time seem longer or shorter than it really is by influencing the mental perceptions. He can even stop the people of a certain area, shutting down their minds(not stopping time, but influencing the 'mental' clock in the minds of people in a specific area and "FREEZING" them). James also has the capability to induce hypnosis, paralysis, and other illnesses on victims also through telepathy. His influence also extends to being able to control or take away the natural bodily functions of a person, such as the five senses and hopes to extend this to mutant abilities as well. In the same way James can also heal others from the mental conditions they suffer from. 
He can also sense residual psychic energy in locations and inanimate objects and recreate events in his mind(Psychometry). James has been trying with difficultly to access the astral plane and enter the dreams of others through it. Recently, James has been trying to communicate telepathically with non-human species, such as alien lifeforms--and hopes, one day, to extend his abilities to affect those of a different species. 

Magnokinesis/Magnetic Field Manipulation

The Magnetic Field
James' has developed the ability to use a form of Magnokinesis, allowing him to affect magnetic forces and manipulate any form of energy on the magnetic spectrum. He can channel and manipulate magnetic fields that exist naturally and artificially psionically. If he is hurt or injured, that disrupts his concentration depending on the damage, and can limit his abilities to manipulate energy. He is learning to use this power, but is capable of sending Electromagnetic Pulses(EMP's) to objects around him or build a sophisticated technological machine within seconds. He can also to several other things--such as utilize the Electromagnetic Spectrum --, however this psionic ability is virtually limitless. 
  • Magnetic Force-Fields: James is capable of protecting himself with a force-field that he can expand to protect larger areas. His force-field can withstand the effects of multiple nuclear weapons, volcanic eruptions, and the vacuum of space. He is conducting anti-gravity tests with his abilities by manipulating gravitons to aid in his research for a transporting, non-lethal wormhole.
    Magnetic Flight     
  • Magnetic Flight: James can sustain flight for very long distances at varying speeds. There are several means by which he achieves this, one of which implies that he can glide along the planet's natural magnetic lines of force, another by simply creating a repulsive force between himself and the planet, propelling himself like this. James is capable of traveling at trans-light speed, but requires his force-field to breath while traveling in space.
  • Organic Iron Manipulation: James can manipulate the traces of natural iron within organic matter, allowing him control over a person's body.. He can manipulate the iron-enriched blood-flow to one's brain to induce aneurysms or unconsciousness and completely blank a person's mind. He can even remove ferrous compounds from the bloodstream entirely through a person's skin. James does not really use this ability because it inflicts great pain unto the victim, and also because he has easier(telepathic) ways to influence people without unjustified harm.
  • Matter Manipulation: James can manipulate matter with metallic properties, but has not become so adept that he can manipulate objects without said properties. If, or when, he is capable of doing so he will be able to manipulate matter at a subatomic level allowing him to affect other matter as well. 
  • Other: James is also granted with such abilities as superhuman strength(up to 100 tons), superhuman stamina(days before fatigue toxins will affect him), superhuman durability(can shrug off punches to the face from the likes of Namor and Colossus), and superhuman reflexes(to the point where he can pluck the likes of Flash or Quicksilver out of the air with ease) by channeling vast amounts of magnetic energy through his body.      
    Electromagnetic Control
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Intertwined with Magnokinesis, James is capable of manipulating or projecting any form of energy that is related to the electromagnetic spectrum. He can fire and absorb bolts of electricity and magnetic force, reverse lasers and other forms of radiation or energy, and manipulate gravity. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays and x-rays -- James can project any of these. James is working on the theory of generating a wormhole capable of transporting himself and others to another location--but does not know if it is yet safe to do so. 



 After Magnokinesis


 Bodysuit and Cape  
 The Suit and Cape
 James developed a bodysuit after gaining the ability of Magnokinesis while fighting Sentinels in New York City. To better enhance his abilities the bodysuit he developed is capable of better dealing with electromagnetism by being a conduit, allowing him to call on the forces of magnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum much easier. It is form-fitting to his body, and covers him from his neck down to his toes. This conduit of his power is lined with metals that James is capable of manipulating such as iron, copper, and steel. It is white and includes a cape designed like the suit. 
WAL Communicator 
When James joined WAL, he was given a WAL communicator.  This communicator has many functions.  When on a mission, he can look up all of the mission details on his communicator.  Also, the WAL Communicator acts as a locator and a GPS.  Additionally, it stores all of the collective files for each member wielding a WAL Communicator to see.  This includes descriptive files on almost every superhuman any member has come across, friend or foe. 

Before Magnokinesis


 The Visor 
With his intelligence, James created a visor as a physical weapon for him to utilize. Realizing his telepathy could only go so far, James decided he needed something that could protect him if his telepathy failed him. To him  the visor symbolizes his only material defense, while to others it is is most devastating physical weapon. If James explained it, in simple terms, he would say that the visor functions like a solar panel. It absorbs ambient light and heat energies and focuses these unseeable rays into compacted and thickened, visible beams of heat. These beams can vary depending on the notch James has the visor set to. There are ten notches, the first being harmless and futile and the last being deadly and destructive. Stun is somewhere around the third and fourth notch. When the visor's beam hits an object it burns it to varying degrees.   

Vibranium Suit 

The Vibranium Super-Suit is a creation of James with materials he bought and mended together. The Suit is meant to withstand bullets and covers almost all of his body. It is meant to protect him from dangers while working to protect innocent people and mutants. The 'X' on the suit symbolizes a safety beacon that notifies the police of where he is and alerts his butler, Charles, of where to find him if he is seriously injured and cannot return to the condominium in Manhattan.  

Rocket-Propelled Boots

 Instituted as part of his Vibranium Super-Suit, James has rocket-propelled boots that allow him to fly through the air, at speeds up to one hundred miles per hour. The boots feed off of ambient light and heat energies and works similar to the way James' visor does. 

Rogue Gallery

This is a list of all the important people who have influenced, or been in, James' life. 
 Charles is James' butler, who James hired after moving to New York. James knows little about Charles, but the butler has been very loyal to the young Telepath and has even taken upon aiding him with his super persona Perception.
 The Den
The Den is an underground facility in the Himalayas deep within a cave hidden amongst the highest mountain ranges in the world. The Den was the original creation of the Gambler from Earth-2999, who transported himself and his son to our Earth for safety. The Den was created by Gambler when he realized he could no longer stay in hiding and ignore the pain and destruction that was wreaking havoc on his own Earth. He left the Den as a place for his son, Rene-Marcel, to learn about the history of Earth-2999 and the history of many civilizations throughout many different worlds. 


Mental Attributes 

At fifteen James has the applied knowledge of over forty professors. He vividly remembers going to Harvard University and gathering the knowledge of professors and students, all of which knew much more than him. As a result James thinks much more acutely then others, with varying plans and changing theories. He is extremely gifted in many fields, including physiology, linguistics, medicine, and law.  He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Psychotherapy and a Masters Degree in Behavior Analysis. 

Martial Arts 

James learned the Keysi Method of martial arts and thrives in extremely close-combat quarters. It is known as one of the best self-defense martial arts to know. James also knows Muay Thai, an offensive-minded martial art. James also knows other martial arts but not as well-mastered as the Keysi Method or Muay Thai. He however, barely uses Martial Arts in real fights due to his capability to dispose of opponents mentally before physically harming them.  

RPG's I've Participated In 

Speak, Mnemosyne 
If you could ask the dead...
Paper Machete 
WAL: Hostile Takeover RPG 
Playing With The Mind RPG 
All the Kings Horse's: An HFC RPG

Other Accounts

 Many of these are unfinished, but the first couple accounts should have completed bios. 

Tormenta -(Human, Male, Assassin, Villain) 
Perception-(Human, Male, Hero)
Charge -(Android, Hero) 
Stiletto -(Human, Woman, Mercenary)  
Bluff -(Human, Woman, Villain) 
Identity-(Human, Male, Neutral) 
Jammer- (Human, Male, Hero) 
Instant-(Human, Male, Hero) 
Stryke-(Omega-Level Mutant, Male, Neutral) 
Emmanuel Clariss-(Omega-Level Mutant, Male, Hero)
Lucial Clariss-(Omega-Level Mutant, Female, Anti-Hero Neutral) 
Micheal Jamison- (Human Green Lantern, Male, Hero)  
Thomas Lee Jamison- (Lycan, Male, Neutral)   
Wynter- (Human, Male, Hero) 
Dell -(Human, Female, Neutral)
Classic -(Human, Male, Hero) 
Color -(Human, Female, Hero) 
Arcadia -(Human, Female, Hero)
Backfire-(Human, Male, Neutral)
Phoenicis -(Human, Male, Hero)
Blue Bird-(Human, Female, Neutral)
Obstacle-(Human, Male, Neutral)
Ebony -(Human, Male, Hero)
Ivory -(Human, Female, Hero)
Annihilation-(Human Yellow Lantern, Male, Villain)
Epidemic-(Human, Male, Villain)
Phantom Specter -(Dead Human, Male, Neutral)
Stephan Ganic Serene-(Tiger Lycan, Male, Neutral)
Revert-(Human, Male, Hero)
First Shot -(Human, Male, Hero)
Lady Penance- (Human, Female, Hero)
Miracle -(Human, Female, Hero)
Alluvium-(Avatar Last Airbender Inspired Character)
The Writer-(Human, Male, Neutral)

Fox Company
-MK-12(Male, Assassin/Merc, Neutral)
- Omnio Varex(Human, Male, Hero)
- Revolt (Human, Male, Hero)
- Rain Man(Human, Male, Neutral)
- Posture(Human, Female, Hero)
- Courage(Human, Male, Hero)
- Espartano (Human, Male, Neutral)
-Mutate (Human, Male, Neutral)

P.O.I.N.T. Industries- (Company)  

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