I CANT WAIT FOR chaos wars!!!

   for those of you who don't know, chaos wars is about the chaos king & an army of alien space gods are trying to reverse/ destroy reality & hercules froms a "god squad" consisting of galactus, silver surfer, thor, sersi, & venus, also with the added help of hulk and his remaining family members, the avengers & the ff to oppose the chaos king to save reality. 
   this is going to be interesting.
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I'm prettey pumped for it too but it doesn't really make sense for hercules to be leading
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Hercules leading a new line-up of the God Squad to fight thousands of gods from innumerable alien pantheons with the fate of the universe at stake is too good to be true!!!  There's speculation that Herc will become the head of the Olympian pantheon and inherit  Zeus's power in this story.  If that's the case, then this is beyond belief.  Herc leading the only character stronger than him (the Hulk) and his biggest rival (Thor) as well as Galactus himself is almost too much to comprehend!  Maybe he'll hook-up with Sersi in this epic.   Finally, Herc will equal Thor in all-out power as well as being slightly stronger.  If one of the images above is germaine to this story, then we'll all get to see another bout between the God of Strength and the God of Thunder, only this time they'll both be nearly omnipotent sky-fathers of their respective realms.   I hope this one lives up to the Hercules stories of the last few years.  If it does, I'll be quite happy.
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is That ARES i see!!! awsome
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@Man of Lengend said:
" is That ARES i see!!! awsome "
It's a flashback from Incredbile Hercules.
Also, don't we already have a thread for this?
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Why is my beloved Venus involved?
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YES!! cant wait
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@Jake Fury:  She is pretty much a god now, given powers by the actual Venus/Aphrodite.
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" @Jake Fury:  She is pretty much a god now, given powers by the actual Venus/Aphrodite. "

Cool. I'm still catching up on my Agents of Atlas so I haven't got that far yet.
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this is gonna ruleeeeeeeeeeeeee

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"this is gonna ruleeeeeeeeeeeeee "


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 Kick some ass. =).

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when does this come out, im glad Sersi is going to be in it.

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prince of power! cant wait for this do come out