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Mystical Assimilation: 
can look at, hear, touch anything magical &/or mythological (i.e. vampires, magic wand) and know each & every thing about he/she/it.There have been some indications of other things that have been assimilated like other non-magical superhumans. 
Eiditec kinesthesa:  can copy the physical abilites & combat skills of anybody & anything.   
Teleportation/ Apportation: ability to teleport virtually anywhere (space, other dimensions, etc.) & can also apport various objects, even things he cant  see (for instance a persons organs) this power also works subconsciously. he has been known to apportively take apart people.  
 being near- omnisent of spells, therefore so having advanced spellcasting abilites, even able to do in sign languaes. 
Adaptation to hostile enviroments: can spend indefinite periods of time underwater or in space without suffocating, even in tempature extremes without experienceing any kind of damaging. can also speak normaly in these environments. his body can adapt itself to new inhospitable enviroments when necessary. 
Probability Manipulation: can subconsciously put odds in my favor. 
Astral Form Preception: can see & feel ghost & other astral forms. 
Magical immunity: immune to all back fire of spells & alchemy and all non homo-magi. 
Force field: more like an trans parent container of sorts where i can put captured demons, souls, powers, etc even used as a wallet sometimes. 
Advanced longetivity: extremely longer lifespan than other humans. 
Psi- Bullets: he owns two walther pk380's unloaded with which he can shoot psionicly constructed bullets that can injure or kill just about anything mortal or supernatural.  
Perceptive Comprehension: possibly an extention of the assimilation ability, the ability to psychometricly understand how their abilites and systems work & spontaneously replicate it (or more so parts of it). so far he has gained: 
  • Molecular Immobilization: the power to pull out all kinetic energy in molecules till they come to a halt.
  • Molecular Inhibition: the power to turn any form of molecule into ice.
  • Augmentive Deflection: the power to backfire an ability but at an enhanced level.
  • Induced Radioactivity: the power to manipulate radiation in a variety of ways.