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Quill and Gamora pre-ordered one of the Mass Effect games from Gamestop and their uniforms were DLC bonuses.

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Slott accidentally tweeted who SSM is in what he thought was a dm to Ryan Stegman.

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I bet Bishop plays a role in the Psylocke/Wolverine thought controlled future thats why Betsy is looking to kill him!

My guess is Warbird gets kicked off campus and joins the team, along with the return of Fantomex, and the big super secret member is Elixir! (I wish)

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@longbowhunter: Daniel Way is taking over UXF. He confirmed on his twitter but it has since been deleted.

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As a Fantomexual, I was really disappointed that Remender killed him but it does make sense for the story. It feels like a young promising athlete having to retire due to injury before their prime. That being said, he's an anomaly only existing in the 616 universe so that alone leaves a ton of ways for his return. He's Marvel's man of mirrors so he may never have actually been poisoned and died in the first place. Misdirection has some serious deus ex machina to it! Faking a noble death to get Betsy to realize she loves him seems pretty Fantomex-esqe to me.

Seeing the Brotherhood keeping his dead body could be a clue as well. He had 3 known brains and EVA, there's gotta be at least 10 more stashed in random places in the galaxy, right? haha

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I get people being upset with Marvel pushing out events and if this is Ultron War then yeah its too soon. The problem I have is people always jumping to that conclusion every teaser and more times than not the teaser is for an upcoming arc in an ongoing, especially the ones involving Spidey. It is like the problem would be solved if Marvel didn't release teasers. Even though no content would be changed, people would be happy just seeing things as story arcs... with less hype.

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Psylocke is on both teams. Unless she her mind wiped/erased in the next few issues, and it's confirmed she's on a blue team, she really has no incentive to keep Logan's secret kill squad a secret to the rest of the X-Men.

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I think it is Psylocke on both teams. Marvel said no shared members as in characters who partially believe in both ideologies. Every member will pick a clear side of the argument so Psylocke as a double agent makes sense since UXF will still be covert and no will outside of that team will know she is working with Logan as well.
And Warpath is pimppin on his team.

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Echo, sounds (lol) like she is living an interesting life in Moonknight's ongoing.
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the serpent got the hulk and thing, it would have been cool to have the mighty include a couple of villains instead of the usual suspects

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