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@whoa: She was attempting to stop the forest from attacking. It was part of some system link to their enemy The Future. The forest become a semi-conscious weapon that could adjust its attack to an enemy. Storm created some type of natural heat attack to stop it because plants would be sensitive to the extreme heat (dehydration, destruction of chloroplasts and of course a brush fire) that could destroy the plant mass that was attacking them.

She could also take out massive amounts of his human militia forces with a massive heat wave.

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I think I'm liking all the play Storm is getting in the Marvel universe these days. This bodes well. Well indeed. Cosmic display anyone?

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@malachi_munroe: Finally. I don't think she has used heat since Inferno. Yes. The versatility is at work. Let the weather wonders continue.

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@thunderbolt30: I enjoyed the first issue. I think it did give a great insight into the complexity of Storm. The language was right, although the "it's all good," thing was weird. I thought the power display was great--a great harbinger of things to come. The issue also showed that she wears LOTS of hats and feels deeply about her purpose and responsibilities to others and to her own code. The art was really good, but the colors were muddy to me. Storm looked good, though I do miss the more uber beautiful exotica thing (minor point though, and there are so many interpretations). I look forward to what's next.

@roddy010: I do agree that the weather responds to Storm's unconscious mind and mood. The fact that she would not have a clue to where she was going just sounds highly unlikely. She can pinpoint her location globally and track moving objects through the atmosphere across continents, yet she "happens" to find herself in a location that she had a significant emotional reaction to without surprise--really? Did she subconsciously because the tsunami because she is stressed about the state of the mutant community too?

I can she her doing this even at a time if "fight or flight" or some life threatening situation, but this just seems like stretching. I don't think we have to stretch, she is plenty fantastic with it.

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@thunderbolt30: I think this may be a bit of over interpretation. I think Storm was speaking metaphorically, not really the weather subconsciously identifying her desired location and taking her there. I also don't think, as it has been suggested that she slept in the air while maintaining herself aloft.

There really isn't any evidence for these conclusions. Don't get me wrong. I am very eager to see what the next evolution and display of her powers will be. But this really seems like complete conjecture.

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@squares: I think she might have been referring to Storm being in space to manipulate the cosmic energies. She could in essence use the (solar winds) charged gases to generate lightening or use them directly because they have lots of energy (radiation, heat light, electric, magnetic).

So, I guess it depends on what you consider mundane.

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@jhazzroucher: I'm sure fiath is good, but faith is better. ;)

But, fingers crossed.

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@malachi_munroe: On Earth, it seems to me that she could make on O-bomb. Gather and concentrate oxygen in a confined spaces and "light a spark" with little--every go booommm! Though let's see what she does during her solo book. Maybe something new and special!

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@thunderbolt30: Very cool insight into Storm through Greg Pak's eyes. I think I'm gonna love this.

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@malachi_munroe: She was written so much better early on. The unique and powerful nature to her spirit and powers were always highlighted subtlely and consistently and so elegantly.