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For this contest I'd like everyone to design a heavily armed, Female, military character! The character can be futuristic, historical, alien, whatever.

All I ask is you stick to these three rules:

  • Character must be Female
  • Character must be wearing some sort of military uniform
  • Character must be carrying some heavy weaponry

Good luck.

Deadline is March 2nd.

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My chosen trope is:

"Give them something to compensate for a disability." - "A character is born with or acquires some handicap that prevents him from functioning normally. However, due to phlebotinum exposure or training, he develops something that not only makes up for what's missing, but goes beyond it."

Charles Walker was watching a raging battle between The Wrecking Crew and the Avengers from a nearby building. As the fighting heroes and villains ripped through the building during the fight, a gas main was ruptured and an explosion tore through the building. Charles was caught in the explosion and the blast tore off his left arm. In the aftermath the building partially collapses and crushes his right arm, the trama of which triggers his latent mutant telekinetic powers, an uncontrolled burst of telekinetic energy saves him from being buried alive under tons of rubble. He is later found by Captain America half buried in the ruins of the building, barely alive. He is rushed to hospital where he recovers over time.

Charles now disabled by the lose of both his arms has learned to control his telekinetic powers. He can focus his telekinetic enrgies to form replacement arms for himself, giving him superhuman strength. When not focusing his powers to create his arms, he can use his telekinetic powers to influence/manipulate/move objects and matter, but he can not do both. The concentration needed to maintain his telekinetic arms is so great that he cannot use his powers for anything else at the same time.

Calling himself Adjunct, Charles has vowed to use his powers to fight for good.

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Voting is now over.

And the winner is...@ramsillustration

Congratulations and over to him for the next contest!

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OK, voting has now ended.

And the winner is @sagejester.

Congratulations and over to you for the next contest.

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The aim of this contest was to redesign the costume of Dr Fate. A big thank you for a great response from folks in this contest.

So vote for your favorite costume redesign...



Voting ends January 26th