Tuesday's Needle Tale

Normally after I go to my  acupuncture apt, get some needles jammed in my and think about why I like Deadpool more than Wolverine... I feel that having a bunch of needles [some quite painful] bring's me closer to there Weapon X days in a severly lamer way. Anyway, last week on my way home I was thinking about Deadpool when a FUCKIN HONDA SUV COMES OUTA NO WHERE! Stupid people trying to basicly make a U-y to get a parking space... guess they thought I was going to try and get it. SO I slammed on the break but it was to late and I hit there front tire breaking there front Axel and totally the front of my car... FUN TIMES! 
Anyway I went back today and since I had the accident my acupuncturer [sp?] she jammed about 2x as many needles into me into very painful places and it made me think of the pannels from Deadpool: Wade Wilsons War 2. Trying to put on a brave face but truely feeling the pain and freaking out on the inside. I don't like to outwardly show if I'm feeling pain. Old hang up from when I grew up with 7 boys... GOTTA ACT TOUGH! 

Wade Wilsons War 2
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