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Little girl, I think.

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im gonna say old man cuz it looks like a little girl but ur tricking us
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One of you is right and one of you is wrong xD

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I'm guessing I am :P

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CV is moving so slow tonight...
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Old man. That's totally a 'stache.

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old man
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@xscarletkittie said:
" Old man. That's totally a 'stache. "
A stache or she's eating a kitten
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old man
ah! when are you going to tell us? I need to know!

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Old Man.
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that's a old man 
Posted by PaxCM

To all of you who said. Old Man.... YOU WHERE CORRECT! 

Deadpool 7
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Old Man.

Posted by Jotham
@Fortanono said:
" Old Man. "
Well done, sir.
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 do another one!