Batman would never pee himself! Deadpool would though... PROOF!

So when the whole "Batman peeing himself" thing came out almost all Batman fan's said "BATMAN WOULD NEVER PEE HIMSELF" and I agree. It's just not in Bruce Wayne/ Batman's personality period to piss himself. I used to LOVE Kevin Smith. I mean we're both from Jersey, he loved comic books, I loved comic books, I loved his movies. After the whole "I write Batman high" thing though I cannot forgive him. EVER! Batman above Kevin Smith for LIFE! 
Anyway back to the point... So I just finally finnished Deadpool & Cable, and in the I believe second to last issue Deadpool admits he pee's himself... frequently... I found the proof =] 

So yeah, I have proof to back up the Comic Vine Podcasting crew. Deadpool would and aparently has pee'd himself several times. I maintain though Batman would never.

Cosplay: Wonder Con & Comic Con

Cosplay Future: So The Con's I have decided to go to and am committed to go to 100% are Wonder Con, and Comic Con.

Wonder Con I have committed to do


  1. Pax: Jean Grey
  2. Gwen: Storm
  3. Manda Rouge

We're looking for more X-Men if you want to Cosplay them with us at Wonder Con LET ME KNOW!


Deadpool Corps & Variants:                                            &

  1. Pax: Lady Deadpool
  2. Gwen: Headpool
  3. Brian: Kidpool
  4. Manda: Domino

We're looking for Deadpool, Major Deadpool, & Deadpool the Kid. I would love to have the all my Deadpools in the house... or con as it would be... and it would be nice to even have (can't believe I'm saying this but) Spiderman >___<


Birds of Prey:                                                                      

  1. Pax: Black Canary
  2. Gwen: Big Barda
  3. Moni: Huntress

There are SO SO SO Many Characters from here and I would love to have as many of them as possible. It's such an amazing series so please check out the chars and if you like one and would want to cosplay them let me know.


Comic Con, is more loose but I was hoping to do these if anyone is interested.


Justice League Unlimited:                                                

  1. Pax: Black Canary
  2. Gwen: Vixen
  3. Moni: Huntress

This is an amazing series and there are SOOOOO many amazing characters so check 'em out and let me know if you want in. It would make my life. 


Soul Caliber:                                                                        &

  1. Pax: Sophitia
  2. Gwen: Xianghua
  3. Moni: Cassandra
  4. Van: Kamikirimusi (if she want's to go to CC)

Other than that! I don't care does anyone else have any Ideas? And remember It's in July in So-Cal so think cool [as in temp] costumes that you wouldn't mind wearing in very hot weather.

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Sworn off Anime Con's Forever

I just can't stand them. Or the people who go there outside of 3 who I will mention by name: Amanda, Monica, and Salena. Anyway I think I like them because Anime isn't there life, they have other things outside of it that is there real passion. Amanda has cars, Monica has School, and Salena has Art. Anyway I Only mention them because they also have a comic book nerd side. Like Amanda want's to coz Domino and Rouge, she's watched and owns all the old 90's X-Men and [even know it's kinda fail on the comic book acuracy] Smallville.  
BAH! 3 out of 500 people I can stand which means I have no reason to be there... cept for the Awesome Batman and Deadpool Art I bought but I can get that at Wonder Con [which I cannot wait for] My Con Scheduale had a few Anime cons in it but now. NOPE! HELL NO! I cannot stand them. I literally spent probably over 3 days about 3 hour's there.... and most of that time was waiting for people to do photoshoots... which where for costumes that weren't from Anime.  
So as of now my Con Scheduale... provided it works out is: 
 Wonder Con: Cosplaying Deadpool Corps and X-Men... Maybe HOPEFULLY ladies of the JLU. 
Comic Con: Soul Caliber, Definately the Ladie of the JLU, Hopefuly again DPC and X-Men. 
Lolz down to two a year and actually juiced about it.

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Comic book nerds are better than Anime nerds.

So I'm at Sac Anime because even know I LOVE comics I do like some Anime. Anyway so in my opinion [and this is only my opinion] Comic book nerds are soooo much better than Anime dorks. I mean, 1: we're generally cleaner. I mean GRANTED every con has it's smell but at least Wonder Con doesn't smell like a Jock Strap. I don't know if these kid's here aren't washing there costumes, don't shower or aren't wearing deoderant [I know I can't spell] but JESUS! I walk into the damn hotel as soon as I get into the first hallway away from the front door I smell nerd sweat. Which for con goes is a very distinct smell. 
Now Sac con and comic con it smells at least AT WORSTE Febreeze. Well, for the most there are one or two or ten kids smell like B.O. but at least it's not the whole con and or hotel. Normally the worste someones wearing to much collone and I'm allergic so I go into a sneezing fit. Also, since I know more about anime series/characters than my P.I.C [partner in crime] I get asked a lot about who is that? That and at Sac Anime you would think it would be Japanese type things but a lot of ppl are doing L4D [Left 4 Dead] which has nothing to do with Anime of Japanese type shit. I LOVE the game but seriously folk? 
Okay also I don't know what it is but for some reason anime nerd are WAY more annoying. It maybe the high pitched screams, or that 70+ % of them act like 13 year olds, and I hate everyone 21 and down... or who I guess act 21 and down. Anyway I'm tired as hell and going to pass out now. Goodnight!

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The Voices in Deadpools Head

I wonder if the first time Wade heard his thought bubbles if he was scared. I'm just thinking about it because last night around 4am in my dreams I heard my name being called over and over again.... then I woke up and kept hearing it. PAX, PAAAXXX! I'm looking around my room and I see absolutely no one. Still half awake I was very confused and kinda scared. WHERE THE HELL WAS THE VOICE COMING FROM! 
I then heard. Pax, it's your Dad, I'm locked outa the house can you open the back door? I was so relieved. We have a history of mental illness in my family so I was like "OH GOD IT'S FINALLY COME!"  But thank the lordaaa it's just me leaving my window open at night and not remembering.

I also have a vivd imagination Wade. I also have one.
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Acupuncture, Deadpool vs. Wolverine

I said previously when I'm at acupuncture I feel like I'm in a lame version of the Weapon X program. Needles sticking out of you every which way, having them in your body literally head to toe. It really does look a bit rediculous. Anyway, as I was lying there, needles all over my body I started to think. I don't know why I compared myself to Wolverine instead of Deadpool. I'm a thousand times over more like Wade than Logan when it comes to putting on a brave face with it.  I will say though my skin definately resembles DP's... thank you Exema.
When ever you see Wolverine when he was undergoing all that shit he's mostly calm till they start injecting. Deadpool, is screaming and yelling the whole time. I mean I'm in the happy medium but still. I rather crack jokes than be an angry bardger... well actually Wolverine. So when laying there talking to Dr.Marx [my lesbian acupunturest] about how this time every needle hurts this time as she spins the needles deeper into my skin. When she asked me if I had "Zingers" I yelled "HA!" whenever she spun them to not yell ow and pull away. 
By the way! No one tells you not to move a muscle when the needles are in. I lift a finger and the needle in my hand makes the whole thing hurt.  I had to move my back up to let her get to my back I had to tighten my leg muscles and I didn't realize I was really moving till I un-tensed and both of my thighs started to hurt super bad. 
Also, don't let this turn you off from acupuncture it REALLY is helping with all my problems. It normally doesn't hurt but Dr.Marx said that "Riding the Crimson Wave", can make you super sensitive to the needles. Toon in next week for probably more weird thoughts about Weapon X program and shiz like that. 

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Acupuncture makes me feel like Wolverine.

So for the past 2 weeks I've going to an acupuncturist. Today I looked down from staring at the ceiling and realised something... With all those futurist looking needles sticking out of me I felt a little closer Wolverine when he was getting adamantium put in him with all those needles in him. Granted it was no where near as cool or epic as that process but it put a little smile on my face... and then the face hurt from the needles. 
Lesson: Do not move muscles when there are needles in them. 

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Scott Pilgrim x Lady Deadpool Dream

So last night I had another weird dream. I read a little bit of Scott Pilgrim then I of course read Deadpool, I just can't seem to kick the comic book-sleep habit. Anyway, so I it started out with my friend getting married and then Two of her X's coming after her. Though, I really don't have ANY interest in girls I felt like I had to protect her honor because her guy wasn't.

So we're eating a resturant when one of 'em comes busting threw the window and starts trying to beat the shit out of the groom then I get into a fight with that guy. Lots of flying around kicks and punches where thrown. There would have been lots of pretty colors if I didn't dream in sepia and muted shades. In the end I won by ground pounding his face into the linoleum.

So then we're out camping and everything is peachy keen when this other dude comes out of no where and start's beating up on Monica [friend who was getting married in the dream] and I have to pull the dude off who proceeds to start punching the crap out of me! Somehow we end up in this like 3 teared Video Game Arcade. Dude starts trying to shoot me with a giant ass Arcade Gun which turned out to be a real laser gun.

I in turn pull out my 2 gun's which [like Deadpools] has "Property of Deadpool" and "shoot this way" on 'em and now somehow I'm in a Lady Deadpool outfit. So I proceed to have this Epic gun battle where I'm hit several times but my healing factor kicks in and I proceed to turn the dude... and his clones that came out of no where to smitherines.

Good Dream.

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No More Deadpool Before Sleep!

Every time I read Deadpool [currently reading Deadpool Suicide Kings] I have some crazy-violent weird dream. Last night I  drempt I got in a knife fight with my brother who then turned into Cyclops and we both ended up with 172 stab wounds and me killing him after we fell threw the floor... don't know how or why but meh it's a dream I don't expect for it to make sense.  
Then there was all the nights I was up in Lake Shasta with nothing else to do but read comics, which to me is like heaven. I have never had so many zombie, death, again crazy violent dreams in my life. I think I need to start watching Red vs. Blue again before I sleep so I can have happy Caboose dreams. Probably wont switch because Deadpool is my homeboy at this point.

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