Deadpool now knows how I feel about Nuns.

After many years in Catholic School I now have a slight fear of Nuns. I'm okay around them but if they pop out of no where I freak the fuck out and have to get out of where ever I am at that moment. Also, if I see one with a ruler I run the other way like no ones business. 

I'm not Catholic anymore, but still to today I am a little freaked out by Nuns.
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Deadpool gets even better.

I was reading a long Deadpool and he quoted Monty Python. I grew up on Meaning of Life, Life of Brian, and The Holy Grail. Needless to say I was very very happy. 

Deadpool 7
Always look on the bright side of life!
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Tuesday's Needle Tale

Normally after I go to my  acupuncture apt, get some needles jammed in my and think about why I like Deadpool more than Wolverine... I feel that having a bunch of needles [some quite painful] bring's me closer to there Weapon X days in a severly lamer way. Anyway, last week on my way home I was thinking about Deadpool when a FUCKIN HONDA SUV COMES OUTA NO WHERE! Stupid people trying to basicly make a U-y to get a parking space... guess they thought I was going to try and get it. SO I slammed on the break but it was to late and I hit there front tire breaking there front Axel and totally the front of my car... FUN TIMES! 
Anyway I went back today and since I had the accident my acupuncturer [sp?] she jammed about 2x as many needles into me into very painful places and it made me think of the pannels from Deadpool: Wade Wilsons War 2. Trying to put on a brave face but truely feeling the pain and freaking out on the inside. I don't like to outwardly show if I'm feeling pain. Old hang up from when I grew up with 7 boys... GOTTA ACT TOUGH! 

Wade Wilsons War 2
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Deadpool & Blind Al

My favorite surrogate mother in all comic's is Blind Al for Deadpool. Watching there relationship makes me feel like Al's his mother and he's a trouble making teenager who loves him mom very much. 

Blind Al & Deadpool
Again, Deadpool has a soft side for certain people. Wades got many layers like an onion.
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Softer Side 3

I love Outlaw and Deadpools relationship. They care for each other in a friend way... one time friend's with benefits but yeah. I haven't seen Deadpool be sweet to anyone like he is Outlaw. I mean Siryn was definately the love of his life, but out of all his friends I think he love Outlaw the most. He almost never asks for help but he did from Outlaw and a hand full of other people including Copycat. 
Outlaw is even sweet with him when they're working for Agent X. LOOK AT THE LOVE AND TENDERNOUS IN HIS WHITE OUT EYES! Even behind the mask you can see there is definate emotion ties.

Dp & Outlaw
....and I think they would make a cute couple xD  
Couldn't help but say that. 
I like Outlaw a hell of a lot more than Siryn or Copycat.

More softer side of Deadpool

I thought this was super sweet. It just says that Deadpool really does have a heart, and sometimes he really does need someone else. Like when he came to Outlaw when he was beaten up badly. Then when someone started a brawl and he ruined her aparetment he fixed up her new one and bought her furnature and other things to show his apreciation. 

Every body needs someone, even the Merc with a mouth Deadpool. 
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He's breaking the fourth wall!

Seem's like every comic Deadpool's in he's  acknowledge that there is a world outside the comic and that he's even in one. This picture is from Cable & Deadpool 49, but almost all of Deadpools: Wade Wilsons War is him in the Past narating what is going to happen in the future when he goes on trail for the fiasco in Mexico. 

I love it, some people hate it though... they say that it takes them out of the comic since Deadpool is reminding you your reading a story not living in the fantasy world. I personally think it's hillarious. Makes me laugh every time. It's just part of Wade's charm as a human being. Just like his inner voices, softer side, and his funny, sometimes deranged banter.

Yup, Deadpool is Epic

Last blog I went on about how Deadpool is really a huge softy... and he is! We found many instances of him being adorable and sweet. Anyway aside from being sweet... Deadpool's just fraggin' Epic. Proof in point. 

Aside from Captain America... Only Deadpool could pull this off with the sense of Class and style a Merc with a mouth can.
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A Softer Side

Everyone thinks Deadpool is a complete psychopath without a  conscience. Even in the new Uncanny X-Force trailer they call him "Psychotic Merc with a Mouth," Who can argue the Merc with a Mouth part but I don't think he's completely psychotic. I think he's a big sweet heart. He's saved to world about a hand full of times. That and he's loved and lost, Syrn,  Vanessa Carlysle, & Copycat. Anyway I was reading Deadpool and I came across this picture from after he basically saved the entire northern hemisphere from some kind of exploding green crystal.

I don't know seeing Deadpool all curled up like a baby in Sasquatches giant arms, it's just so adorable. That and him trying to cover up his "selfless act of heroism" as just trying to impress the ladies... which there was none of in Antartica. 
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