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So, I'm picking Captain cold. In this Flash-Universe. Central City P.D. is being supported with technology and a new lab facility from STAR Labs. T.O. Morrow is in the movie.

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Thanks. I was thinking about someone who's a precursor to Captain Cold. That or captain boomerang.

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Horrible costume.

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EVERYTIME I SAY HIS I MEAN HIS/HER, I'm just too lazy to enter it in.

I think for a character his first story should be one that addresses his present. It should address what he stands for, what his weaknesses are, who can be his/ her potential allies. I don't think you should right out go with an origin story because it would be too much. I think origin stories should be tackled later on. Maybe keep the identity secret for a 1-2 issues and later reveal their civilian life.

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I didn't pick up his run due to money, I did pick up issues here and there, they were good. But I like Tynion, So i'll have to check it out.

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Hey G-man, Sara, and guests!:

This question is for all of you.

Tony, I know that you do kind of feel that there's too many bat books and too many unexplored characters. My idea is they should change detective to not being a batman exclusive book. It can just a book who's main character changes every arc. Like for example, Nightwing can be the main character sometimes, then couple months later Tim Drake or even Cassandra Cain or John Constantine. It doesn't have to be a bat book, but I think it should be in Gotham or at the very least be a mystery story playing up the detective name. What are your guys's thoughts on this idea? I know that Detective Comics has a storied history in the Batman mythology, but I can't recall arcs other than Dini's, Rucka's, Brubaker (I think), and Snyder's that have really been awesome. I'm not saying other detective comic stories were bad, but could use a little change.

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I liked how Grant Morrison stated it: The Joker doesn't care who Batman is, he just cares about making trouble and this cat and mouse chase with Batman.

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Gotham Central.

I'd dig a suicide squad as well, and or Secret Six

But, really I just want a AMERICAN VAMPIRE tv show.

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Thanks for not only writing this but also mentioning me. I don't know about anyone else, but I want there to be a relationship built between Jason and Barbara. Whether it be a platonic or a romantic. I think Jason could bring out a darker person in Barbara, or also Barbara can begin or help Jason redeem himself. They both went threw similar traumatic events. I'm just saying it would be interesting.

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Great article Erik. I'm conflicted with if Bruce should of died. As it is gratifying to see our hero live on survive and be happy there's also the idea he should of died. It would have been powerful if Bruce died and the legend of the Batman lives for ever. Just as he said in Batman Begins, people can be corrupted, destroyed but a symbol is everlasting.