A Flash movie

Hey guys I kind of need ideas on who should be my villain for a flash movie script I'm writing on. I would like if I could also work in the villains origin so if you can include that please include it. The only thing I ask for is that the villain to be explainable through comic book science. I don't want to to do anything too fantastical like Grodd for this script. If this can help in my script the Central City Police lab is sort of doing a joint effort with STAR Labs to back their forensic labs. If there's anything central I need to add to my flash script which deals with the origin, please let me know.


Death of the Family Ending.

I feel like Death of the Family had a great potential and right at the end it fell a little flat. I'm not saying it was terrible but it was a 3.5/5 for an ending. I would of rather of had an ending where Joker had a remote detonator and the only way to stop him Batman leaped at him and they both fell in the waterfall knowing that they both could of died and at the last moment Dick saves Bruce.


My Long Halloween Animated Film Proposal

Batman: The Long Halloween is absolutely one of the best storylines in Batman history. Since they are doing classics like Year One and even the upcoming The Dark Knight Returns, I thought I'd make my own fanboy cast list. Feel free to chime in. Help me fill in the blanks if you want!

1. Batman / Bruce Wayne: Probably Kevin Conroy, open to submission.

2. Harvey Dent / Two-Face: Jon Bernthal.

Most notably known as Shane Walsh on AMC's Walking Dead Tv show, Jon Bernthal shows he can play a deep, conflicted character like Harvey Dent. His portrayal of Shane during season two of the Walking Dead resembles Two-Face in the last chapter of the Last Halloween.

3. Commissioner Gordon: Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston voiced Commissioner Gordon in Batman: Year One. I like how he voiced him and since Long Halloween is a sequel of sorts to Year One I figured why not have Cranston voice him again.

4. Selina Kyle / Catwoman: Grey DeLisle.

She voiced Catwoman in Arkham City.

5. Alberto Falcone: Vincent Kartheiser.

Vincent Kartheiser is probably known from the show Mad Men. On the show he plays Pete Campbell who is a young man trying to prove his worth. On the surface Pete is a small fragile boy who is born of money and doesn't know how to be a man. But actually like Alberto, he always tries to prove his worth to the other men. He is also conniving.

6. Grundy:

7. Joker: John DiMaggio (thanks to ZombieBigfoot)

8. Johnny Viti : Steve Schirripa.

9. Sal Maroni:

10. Carla Viti:

11. Barbara Gordon Sr.:

12. Gilda Dent:

13. Calendar Man:

14. Carmine Falcone:

15. Poison Ivy:

16. The Riddler:

17. Alfred: Bruce Boxleitner

18. Sofia Falcone:

19. Scarecrow:

20. Luigi Maroni

21. Thomas Wayne (flashbacks) :

22. Mad Hatter:

23. Penguin


Comic reviews and Conversation

I'm thinking about maybe forming/joining a conversation group either on here or even on Skype talking and discussing some comic related stuff.

I'm definitely in need for some people to talk comic stuff with. I love the podcast and this site, but I also like to converse ideas and what not. If it's on skype, I won't make anyone video chat, it will just be regular chat format. But, it could just be on here since skype relies on everyone being online at the same time. Does Anyone know if you can form groups on here?

Comics I can definitely discuss because they are on my Pull-list:

  • Batman
  • Nightwing
  • Justice League
  • Flash
  • Action Comics
  • Batman & Robin
  • Batgirl
  • Wonder Woman
  • Scarlet Spider

I'm willing to fit 2 more monthlies into my pull-list so I can also enjoy talking/reading them. Also, I'm not afraid of taking on Marvel stuff, I just don't know where to begin. I also have some thoughts on current Marvel stuff that I'd like to talk about that isn't just ranting.

Also, I'd like to to talk about comic-related news whether it be movies or video games.

Anyone who is willing to join can message me on here, or comment below. If you have a better idea, or already created a group, please invite me.

This isn't anything legitimate or professional, this is just a comic nerd wanting to expand his network and also wanting to talk about comics. This is just for fun!


Batman: After the Court of Owls

I've been enjoying Scott Snyder's current run on Batman. It's been 7 months of consistent storytelling, it's clear that Scott wants to put Batman through the ringer to prove that he's one of the greatest heroes ever.

But after the Court of Owls, what do you think Scott Snyder will come up with?

On the site Bleeding Cool Scott was quoted saying:

“the next story arc after Court of Owls is a big game changer in the Batman world. Will be the most epic Batman story ever. ”

So, what do you guys think will happen next, what will Scott do to Bruce? What will he doe to shift the Batman Paradigm.

Include your ideas or comments like

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Villains
  • Themes

Which Comic Book Characters Deserve a game?

Last Time, I asked which Comic Book characters needed a movie or show. But what comic book characters would make a good video game.

Feel Free to include

  • Plot
  • Story
  • Costumes
  • Characters
  • It follows storylines
  • what game systems would it play on
  • what game technology would it use (kinect, PS move, etc.)
  • what could you do in the game
  • what type of game (RPG, 1st person shooter) or ( horror, adventure, kids)
  • storylines the game might base itself on

Comic Book that need a movie or a show.

I wanted to come up with a discussion about comic book/graphic novel characters that need a movie or a tv show. Feel free to include actors that would portray your characters, plot, or any other ideas for these films or tv shows. This is not limited to superhero comics, if you can make an argument for your character, include them.

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