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Atom's suit is pathetic

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This week consists of titles I'm sort of meh about

All New Captain America #5 - Stupid villains

Leia #2 - Hope it kicks on

Earth 2 Worlds End #24 - Ugh

Teen Titans #8 - Why do I bother

Outcast #7 - It's back!

Spread #6 - Enjoy it, but I hate the delays.

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I plan on dropping Wonder Woman after #40 anyway, the writing is just too generic for my liking. Dropped Flash and Green Lantern as Venditti bored me to death at the beginning of his run and I don't see the point in jumping on, I'll stick with Aquaman however. Convergence tie ins seems so pointless.

My pull list for DC has plummeted in recent months, I just feel that they aren't producing interesting enough stories and they lack talented writers. I'm now more heavily invested in Image Comics and feel I'm getting the quality I want for my money.

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@longbowhunter: Going to be jumping back on from here, knew Kreisberg wouldn't last long, and I'm sure I didn't miss anything exciting during his time writing it. Hopefully Felicity won't be recurring in this series as I can't stand her!

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Terrible if I'm honest. Where is Cyborg? Nice sly price increase for Aquaman and Green Lantern...

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So Mikey's Dad, Nicholas has the pool table... Or will things switch up and put Spencer's replacement Aiden as his father. I thought the Pool Table reference was a nice nod for the least.

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Whilst in my comic shop I picked this up, opened it up, seen a disfigured illustration of Harley's face and thought enough is enough, this book just isn't good enough. Why was Jeremy Roberts removed from the book, his artwork made this series at least viable if the story wasn't so great.

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Wow, 10 books published by Marvel I'll be buying in April and probably only the main Convergence book from DC as it this event really doesn't interest me based on how poor Worlds End and Future's End are.

DC are seriously doing something wrong when I'm buying more Marvel books than them, fair enough 4 of them are Star Wars, but come on DC, give us some better quality. Praying for some top class writers to be on long runs on some new books in June.

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Lol, why am I enjoying Marvel books more than DC now, this isn't the way it's supposed to be! June can't come quick enough!

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Birthright #4

Deadly Class #10

Nailbiter #9

Amazing Spider-Man #12

Ant-Man #1

Earth 2 # 30

Earth 2 Worlds End #14

Decided to drop The Fade Out, I've been wanted to drop a few titles recently preparing for Marvel's Star Wars books and preparing for what DC may have in store in June and it just feels like waiting forever for each issue and I'm tiring of waiting, same may happen for more Image titles. Dropping the Earth 2 books was an option but I think I'll see it out through to April.