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So we have 17 slots to fill.

Tough to pick 17 I would want, will list some I expect and hope for...


The Atom


Black Lightning

Blue Beetle

Booster Gold

Swamp Thing

2 New Lantern Books

Elognated Man/Plastic Man

Solos to spin out of Batman Eternal

Villain Solos? Luthor, Deadshot?

Green Lantern/Green Arrow

I'm highly anticipating what Ivan Reis will be working on, most likely alongside Geoff Johns, and assuming it will be one of the names I've listed, possibly Cyborg.

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Klarion lol... Trinity of Sin lol... Arkham Manor lol... Klarion was never ever gonna last with that atrocity writing. All these cancellations means possible bad news for our wallets... Expecting/hoping for Shazam, Cyborg and The Atom on goings, hopefully a return of Firestorm also.

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If you like Hush then you should check more of Jim Lee's work, New 52 Justice League Vol 1 & 2 features Lee's artwork (couple issues in Vol 2 are other artists). Also check out further volumes as Ivan Reis takes over from here who is one of the best artists around in my opinion.

Lee has just finished a Superman story with Scott Snyder called Superman Unchained which is out end of December in trade, based on it's delays I feel I need to read it again in its entirety before giving it a reasonable opinion. Lee also worked again on Superman with Brian Azzarello (New 52 Wonder Woman) 'Superman For Tomorrow'

Superman titles I'd recommend All Star Superman (Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely), Birthright (Waid and Yu), and if you want good art Gary Frank does a great job on Superman Secret Origin, and Brainiac.

Justice League stories - JLA run by Grant Morrison, although Howard Porters art isn't for everyone. Identity Crisis, which is fantastic by Brad Meltzer drawn by Rags Morales. And if you like painted art then check out Alex Ross' work on Kingdom Come, written by Mark Waid, as well as Justice.

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Vibe, short 10 issue run, but Sterling Gates made it so enjoyable in my opinion, was disappointed when it was cancelled.

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Thought Barry on the Salmon Ladder was hilarious.

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Useless character, uninteresting, glad she's gone. Ever since she disappeared it's not like Maggie even cared either.

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It's hard to find any trades with Hal Jordan Parallax, unless they are on sale digitally. Reading wiki pages on Hal Jordan's history as Parallax and volume 3 may help before understanding the basics behind Rebirth.

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Where the hell is my Ray Palmer in the New 52! Bringing out crap like Klarion and all these Bat books, come on DC.

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@movieartman: Yes that page, the perspective just looks off to me.

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The way Cyborg was drawn in that 2 page spread is terrible, from his face to his abdominal area.