So for those of you who've seen ironman 3 you know about mandarin being an actor and not the badass we known him to be. With the avengers age of ultron coming out there have been some news that ultron won't be hank pim's creation. people got upset about it and said "marvel just cares about the money and new fans of the cinematic universe, and that it might be iron man's creation so that they can make iron man an icon". I want to know what you guys think, do you think that marvel dosen't care about their hardcore comicbook fans, and that they are trying to make iron man an icon?

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Posted by Wolverine08

We only have vague descriptions of what will be going on in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so I wouldn't judge Marvel yet on that.

Posted by Ultra_beleco

Marvel maybe cares, but some of the people that made those movies doesn't. They just want to make the movie their way =/

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I think they realize that fans are the driving force behind the dollars. Whether or not they care is subjective. If you are a fan of the books but didn't like the movies then I think yo will feel they don't. If you like both then you'd feel otherwise.

Posted by Cap10nate

I think they are doing their best to adapt their properties to appeal to the largest audience possible. If that means angering a few die hard fans then so be it because honestly, that fan will still see the movie and most likely keep buying the books.

I think the big issue they have with the movie is trying to find a way of making a character's fifty plus year history which has probably been ret-conned at least once fit in a two hour film. I would prefer that they stick to the books since I greatly enjoy those stories but do not fault Marvel for trying something new in a 'different' universe and medium.

Posted by Killemall

They do, they very much do.

They care about fans, that being said look they have to make good movies. There is no denying they are making are making a lot more money and lot quicker from movies then they do from comics :p. I am a heavy comicbook reader yet i only have to pay $70 annually for subsciption of digital comics, i pay a lot more for marvel movie really. Heck i paid $40 for Avengers blue ray alone :p.

Point was they are a business, they will keep profit above all else. As per ruining a character, why not look at the movie as a WHAT IF version of comics.

Posted by lightsout

In general - I'd say that's a normal business practice. When you're just starting off you have to take care of your "regulars", but once you hit it big you can ignore them & cater to the masses (in this case, "average fans") because that's where your money's coming from. You don't gain more "devout followers", just casual ones on top of them.

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@patrat18: Dude even I'm over this Mandarin twist, it was finally a month of peace without people complaining about the Mandarin and then you brought it up again :P

Shane Black said that it was apparently difficult in the writers room to properly adapt the comic-Mandarin so they took a different route. I'll believe what he said because that's the only thing TO believe.

Marvel cares about their fans - why else would they bother creating this Cinematic Universe for us AND why else would they treat us to 2 MOVIES every year? I'm sorry but this blog post is completely stupid and innapropriate regardless of your opinions. Why would people turn over to DC comics just because of a film? Do you think DC fans started liking Marvel better after how terrible Green Lantern was? No because it was just a film.

Judging from your comment above, you could be a DC fanboy pretending to be a former Marvel fanboy, lol.

Posted by PowerHerc

Disney doesn't really care about Marvel fans so I guess Marvel doesn't either.

Posted by heymanjack

Of course not.

Edited by patrat18

@doctor_divine_: why come here? nobody has forgotten about mandarin from iron man 3 they talk about him al the time, why would they make 2 movies a year for (MONEY) every time i read the comment section or go on a blog about iron man the first thing that comes up is the mandarin. Im sharing what people are saying on it's not a spite thread you don't have to click on this tread nobody is forcing you, it's not my opinion it's other peoples get over it.

Posted by Doctor_Divine_

If anything FOX doesn't give 2 shits about their fans. Origins and First Class (not the movie, but the story/changes).

Iron Man has been given the opportunity to be an icon because it has been proved that the audience enjoy him as a character - why wouldn't Marvel want to take the chance to make him their own icon?

Posted by patrat18

@doctor_divine_: oh and im a dc fan. what has fox done to any major character please tell me? i don't know why you are getting angry it's comicbooks calm down, just cause you forgave shane black deosen't mean the world will to.

Posted by BlazingNova

How about patients ? Just wait until we get more info about age of ultron. I'm probably in the minority of people who thought that whole Madarine thing was pretty funny and a nice twist. Even though I did e only that twist I would like Pym to have some involvement in the creation of Ultron like I said before on this topic marvel could always go in the path of avengers EMH where both tony and hank build Ultron and hank isn't yet In his Ant-Man outfit and can have him continue trying to stop ultron in his movie later on the year.

Posted by Dernman

They only care about the money.

Posted by Doctor_Divine_

@patrat18: LOL you tell me to get over it, I could tell you the same thing a million times. I go to comicbookmovie too and the arguments there are fine because that site is always a political debate in the comments section.

Marvel makes 2 movies a year because they can and they have something to build towards - so what, you're telling me that if DC and Warner Bros made 2 movies a year that means that they're not doing it for money? Seriously, tell me. Are you biased or what? Eventually DC is going to catch up to Marvel and they will also make 2 movies a year, so YOU TELL ME if DC will just be "doing it for money" like Marvel.

Posted by Doctor_Divine_

@patrat18: Dude seriously you are hilarious... OK if it's just "comicbooks" then why are you not over the Mandarin and why did you make this blog post? LOL you're just answering your own question.

Oh and what characters FOX had ruined? Hmm, Silver Samurai, DEADPOOL, Emma Frost, The Fantastic Four, Rogue, Gambit... Oh and I guess you could consider CONTINUITY a character as well :P

Posted by patrat18

@doctor_divine_: that's not true even when mos news was on alot of marvel fans said and i thought mandarin was bad. almost on every iron man 3 news they bash it saying it sucked mainly cause of mandarin, dc is also doing it for the money but they have yet to fully change a character let alone for a joke. again you don't have to click on this thread man.

Posted by patrat18

@doctor_divine_: i am over mandarin i laughed at that part in the movies what are you talking about? i made this thread to get other people's opinions it's for those who want to comment and give their opinions on marvel what are you not getting about that.

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@patrat18: Do you know how to read? I said that ComicBookMovie was "fine" in the sense that I don't care what they think because everything on that site is a debate. I already know the entire site bashes Iron Man 3 (and Man of Steel, unless of course you're still biased) :P

Oh and what you're saying now is that just because of ONE TWIST Marvel automatically doesn't care about fans? Oh man this is even more hilarious. Many people on and heck, even here can say the same thing for Green Lantern. That entire movie was a joke so stop tryin' to convince me that you're not biased.

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Well, the problem is that most hardcore fans tend to be loyal (not all, but most) to a brand. Few companies tend to care for those loyal to them because generally, the loyal will buy whatever you put out. Companies like DC and Marvel care more for the customer that votes with their wallet. So they will appease them before satisfying the customer they've already won over.

Posted by Cybrilious4

Movies, Comics, and all forms of entertainment are for the Money.

Posted by patrat18

@doctor_divine_: how am i bias when i said that mos was also bashed on the site. you sit here and try to argue stupidity when im just asking a question your first comment on this thread was calling me names are you that desperate for a conversation? i thought im3 sucked why because i seen how good marvel can make movies without so many cheep jokes (iron man 1). i like marvel and dc, dc more because i grew up with them and warner bros cartoons. im just asking questions based off other people's opinions, which if you haven't seen happens often on the vine, so again i will say NOBODY PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TELLING YOU TO CLICK ON THIS THREAD.

Posted by Dabee

It's not really about us. Marvel Studios makes the vast (VAST) majority of its money from people that don't read comics. As a business, they (by definition) need to care about money. And besides, I kind of like when they change things up. I know the Ultron story, and I know the Mandarin stories. If they change it up, I can still be surprised by the movies. It allows for some suspense.

Posted by i_like_swords

To be fair, sometimes we shouldn't be given exactly what we want. If every request a person made was put in a comic or movie for them you'd get bored.

Why would you want to see a movie of a comic when you already know exactly what's going to happen?

Movies and comics are two different forms of media. Just try to appreciate both or stick to the one you prefer.

Posted by War Killer

Does Marvel care about their fans? Yes. Do they do everything fans want? No. Marvel is a business, not a fan service. Some fans need to understand this and stop whining every time Marvel changes something or tries something new and different.

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@war_killer said:

Does Marvel care about their fans? Yes. Do they do everything fans want? No. Marvel is a business, not a fan service. Some fans need to understand this and stop whining every time Marvel changes something or tries something new and different.

Totally agree... The Mandarin change was big and it definitely impacted on fans but the way people are still complaining about this is just unbelievable.

Posted by patrat18

@war_killer: not just fans im talking about hardcore fans, fans that has stuck to the character before he got really popular and became their favorite character. i see what you are saying tho.

Edited by jumpstart55

I think corporations in general are more concerned about appealing to the masses then just the base fan base, because the masses have a higher chance of generating a much greater profit then much smaller audience of dedicated fans. Disney as a whole could care less about what makes the comic fans happy, their main concern is appealing to the mass market audience. But i think certain directors like Josh Whedon, care about the needs of the comic fans to a certain degree, because if you ask me the avenger was pretty spot on, in terms actual comic authenticity. Then you have films like Iron man 3 which wasn't what you would exactly call pleasing to some fans of the comics, but received general acclaim from everyone else,i.e critics, the mass movie audiences etc.Once marvel realized that they could make an handsome profit off of Robert Downey's charisma, they completely jumped the gun on IM3. If marvel some how knew how profitable Robert Downey's charm would become, prior to the creation of the first Iron man movie , Iron man 1 would of have been a very different movie, if you catch my drift.But thats just Iron man , and i dont really foresee that trend continuing with characters like Thor, Captain America etc. And i have high hopes that Avengers 2 Age of Ultron will be good. But considering the fact the movies are very different mediums from comics, and certain elements in the comics wont work to well on the big screen. So certain changes are necessary, to make a decent film.

Posted by patrat18

@jumpstart55: i think this is the answer to this tread, well said man well said.

Edited by dbatdog

Nope, that's why they're making movies every year now. They know people will watch it no matter what they make, i.e. no Pym, reboot the FF, Cap and Thor sequel, Ant Man (!)

Posted by War Killer

@patrat18 said:

@war_killer: not just fans im talking about hardcore fans, fans that has stuck to the character before he got really popular and became their favorite character. i see what you are saying tho.

First off, Marvel's not here to please just their hardcore fans. Like I said before, Marvel is a business and their goal is to give all fans, whether old or new, stories that will entertain them and will lead them to continue reading/watching their comics/movies/cartoons/etc.

Does Marvel take chances at times? Yes, but that's part of the business and fans, even the most hardcore of fans, need to understand this and embrace this. If Marvel didn't take chances we never would have gotten the first Iron Man movie, which means we would have never gotten The Avengers movie, which was an even bigger risk.

Now I'm not saying all risks pay off, but in a business that has been around for decades it's healthy to take risks and try new things. I feel that fans need to understand this and encourage companies like Marvel and DC to take such risks, to do something crazy and insane, because most of the time those become some of their greatest stories.

Posted by Z3RO180

Yes they care about their fans

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@tyrus said:

@war_killer said:

Does Marvel care about their fans? Yes. Do they do everything fans want? No. Marvel is a business, not a fan service. Some fans need to understand this and stop whining every time Marvel changes something or tries something new and different.

Totally agree... The Mandarin change was big and it definitely impacted on fans but the way people are still complaining about this is just unbelievable.

I can understand fans getting upset at certain changes, but there comes a point where I feel that fans complain every time Marvel tries something new or different. Which I feels hurts fans more than helps as it causes Marvel to be less likely to try new things, which results in them publishing mediocre stories of the same thing we've read a hundred times.

At first I was surprised Marvel would change the Mandarin's character up so much, but after watching the movie for a second time and thinking about what they had actually changed, I realized that most of the key elements to the character were still there. Mandarin was still a terrorist leader and a genius on equal par with Iron Man, but making him brilliant business man with super-human abilities just comes off more threatening than a guy with rings. At least in the movies.

Posted by MrMiracle77

If it concerns you that much, just skip the movies and read only the comic books. The films are not meant to be an affirmation of our collecting hobby, it's just Hollywood cashing in on an existing property and using the comic fans to help fuel their hype machine.

Anything important with Iron Man or Batman or Spider-Man will always happen in the comics. Remember when Warner Bros told DC that Superman couldn't get married in the comics before he got married on TV? You know what they did? DC killed Superman. For weeks, everyone forgot that Lois and Clark was even on.

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Superman kills, Bane is a cockney Brit who doesn't use Venom and turns out to be just a thug of a larger villain, Joker isn't permawhite, Batman's car looks more like a Mars rover than a Batmobile, Lois knows Superman's secret identity before he even joins the daily bugle, Perry White is black, Two-Face gets about 4 minutes of screentime before he is killed off, Black Widow/Elektra/Catwoman(3 times)/Hit-Girl/Rogue/Storm/JeanGrey/Silver Fox/Maria Hill have all made big budget cinematic appearances before Wonder Woman, Bryan Singer of all people is stolen from a mediocre comic franchise to spearhead DC's shared universe, and then when that fails they steal Ryan Reynolds from the VERY SAME mediocre comic franchise to spearhead a second attempt at a shared universe....

Yet the Mandarin turning out to be a caucasian guy with Extremis powers, or Ultron being made by a different Avenger is so unbelievably bad that you need to make a thread about how Marvel doesn't appreciate their fans? Get the f#&% out of here.

Posted by knighthood

Fans, no. Money, yes.

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They care a lot about their new fans, its the old ones who kept them going until they had the pull to make blockbuster movies that Marvel doesn't give a f**k about anymore.

Posted by PeppeyHare

1. Iron Man is already an icon and arguably is close to surpassing Spidey in worldwide popularity. 2. These movies have helped the comics industry a lottttt. 3. No major company cares about it's fans. Some people who work at said company may but a company's goal is to make money. Not to please the minority.

Posted by JonSmith

Well... I think they care about their customers. It's the overlap between 'fans' and 'customers' that tends to flummox them.

Posted by jumpstart55
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iron man 3 was fine, if you want magic rings so bad go watch green lantern , i like the idea of a pym-less ultron , marvel is doing good in the comic movies dept, now fox on the other hand...

Edited by PeppeyHare

DC didn't decide to put those in. They didn't make MOS. Large corporations want your money not your love. I like both Marvel and DC btw. But never have I thought that they cared about me.

Posted by Wolverine08

@soa said:

iron man 3 was fine, if you want magic rings so bad go watch green lantern , i like the idea of a pym-less ultron , marvel is doing good in the comic movies dept, now fox on the other hand...

X Men was good, X2 was great, First Class was pretty good, and The Wolverine was pretty f%cking awesome. Fox isn't as great as Marvel Studios, but they are doing pretty well.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Marvel cares more than DC but Less than Image Dark Horse Valiant etc. though.

If you think about it... IMO Image Dark Horse Valiant etc. are the real top comic book companies in the field today..

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