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Glad I read it! 0

Opening Statements:After giving up this title around Issue #11, my friend that still reads it, as well as a few others, informed me about the upcoming Trinity Wars story Arc that peaked my interest. So, I'm back to reading it. I'm glad I did! My reviews follow the same basic set up: What Went Down, which is the summary, and the Review part. What Went Down (Some spoilers and the Unbiased part)The DC universe is currently going through the prologue to set up the newest event, the Trinity War. The ...

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Trust Fall and James Tynion IV caught us 0

What you need to know first: You don't need to know what happened last time but it helpsThis is the first Annual Red Hood and the Outlaws and it picks up right where the last issue took off. While you don't need to know what happened before this issue, I will give you a quick recap: Jason Todd goes to the place where he dies with Batman in Batman and Robin #20 and after confronting the Bat about his motives, he decides to erase all of his memories of his past. Roy Harper and Starfire find him t...

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Interesting start! 0

X-Men is back! While other X-Men titles are also good, I missed having the iconic X-Men comic. A strong Plot set up by Brian Wood, excellent art by the amazing Mark Morales, Olivier Coipel, and Laura Martin, and a great promise of a good comic!What Went Down:We meet Jubilee with a baby of all things coming back to the X-Men mansion from Bulgaria. Some man, presumably rich, is following her so she calls up the current mentors of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, who are her family, and le...

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Death of a Fan 0

The "epic conclusion" of this heart wrenching and anxiety building story arc has was rather lackluster compared to the build up.What went down:So up until this point the Joker has tracked down and screwed with the Batfamily, and now the Joker has them all together. The Joker pretends he cut off everyone's faces like he did to his own and is about to kill them all when all of a sudden, Batman breaks the ceiling of the cave and water rushes in and he saves the day in THE biggest cop out since Supe...

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Life is but a dream 0

Opening StatementThis unorthodox aftermath of the Death of the Family Story arc was, in my opinion, brilliant. Admittedly it comes off as a bit odd, but with many symbolic meanings.What Went Down (and what it means)After the events of Death of the Family, sleep is a much needed thing for our heroes. As Batman, Robin, and Alfred all go to bed, their inner thoughts and subconscious desires come out to play. Let's be honest for a moment, these are not normal people; these are people who have been t...

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No rest from the wicked 0

What went downThere is never any rest for the wicked thus leaving no time for the heroes to rest either. Running on "coffee and will power," Barbra refuses to rest until this mess by the Joker and her brother are cleaned up. Commentary done from the point of view from her brother reveals she's been taking 20 minute power naps in-between going through the police data base and looking for all of the Joker's followers and alerting the police of who they are. We then see a side of her we rarely see;...

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I think I liked it 0

(Ps, don't read if you don't like spoilers)My thoughts going in:I both like and dislike Scott Lobdell. I love what he's done with Red Hood and The Outlaws, a bit neutral with Superboy, and I haven't been all that keen on Teen Titans, but I've stuck with it because of how much I loved it in the past and I'm just kind of hoping it comes together. I really love what he's done with Jason Todd, but not so much with Tim Drake, and I dislike both of their backgrounds of "not really being Robins" and no...

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Not too bad there Peter 0

Disclaimer don't take what I say too seriously or for 100% accuracy. Still read the thing.WHAT UP??? Alright, so let's just go right into it. The comic book straight up starts with a pissed off Bruce beating up a crying nerd.Ok, so it isn't that bad. Said nerd stole military stuff and set Gotham on fire and had to face the Batman. But you got to feel for this guy.So Batman takes a batnap and then Alfred is all like "Yo, wake up" and Bruce is like "Five more minutes mom!" but Alfred's just "Dude,...

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Good start 0

Disclaimer: I haven't read Young Avengers in a while so I'm going into this only knowing Hulking, Wiccan, and Loki. The other characters I don't recognize and I rather not look up because I think it will be interesting starting from a fresh impression and seeing them develop without prior background knowledge to fall on.So, that being said, I liked it. It was a good introduction to the characters and I'm rather excited about that :).The first characters you meet are Kate and Noh-varr. Basically ...

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