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Honestly, I need really thought about it other than he's like a brother to me and we grew up together. Not helping him was something just honestly never entered my mind. I'm horrible at talking to people though, but I'm a good listener. Comic books were there for me when I was little since I didn't have very many role models, and being able to communicate through it was, again, an interesting thing. I've talked to people trough books or movies before, hey not comics? Many are done well and deal with issues people can relate to, even if in mega-human form.

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I'm just dying to know what's in all of the platters the Joker has!!

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I just realized how I really should type slower and recheck what I type. But thanks for the responses :)

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I'm new to the site and have been pitching in, and I as simply curious on how points are distributed. I don't do it for the points! But I am curious as to just how is works.

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Are there any Marine Biologists in the Aquaman or related comics? If not, should there be? You'd think at some point marine scientists would be trying to go to Atlantis to study this stuff once they find out there's a whole underwater civilization.

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Yeah, I'm just going to let people run with i, the different comments are interesting.

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The conversations started in General Discussion> Not a feminist, but let's be real has been moved here:

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The main posted:

Edit: This isn't geared toward men or women. I'm simply saying which arguments make since to me personally. There are both valid points and not so valid points from both ends of the argument on how females should be represented and I'm just putting my two cents in :)

So I have to mention this whole issue of how Women are represented in comic books.

My problem isn't the females with the perfect figures or flexibility, but the over the top big boobs, little clothing, and poses.

Yes, women crime fighters need to be fit. I'm sorry but if I was fighting crime daily, I'd need to be in the best physical shape possible or I'd either die from not being able to handle it or pure exhaustion. But what most people, men and even some women, don't understand about female anatomy is that being that level of fit actually means you have smaller breasts. Look at female athletes everywhere; they just don't have the massive bouncing breasts that some artist think they do. I use to be a professional level athlete, trust me, I know. That was the joke among my training friends; guys dated the non athlete girls because they had boobs.

Then we have the little clothing to hide it. Again, I was a pro athlete actually in Martial Arts (spark notes on that: I got a career ending injury at 17, but I still teach self defense. Did Ti-kun-do, tung-su-do, ishin-ro, and churn-ro since I was 5, competed on a National level at 9, international at 14, pro for one year at 16). I agree that having open uniforms and certain styles you actually see works. But the clothes that have the boobs hanging out? That's simply impracticable. Getting hit in the boob is like getting kicked in the nuts. Just letting you know. Girls need protection and padding too.

Then the flexibility. I know Chloe Bruce, I've seen her Scorpion kick (I could never do it) and all she does. Female heroes have a level of flexibility that is greater than men, but within reason. Not everyone can be a contortionists.

So I hope that kind of shows my view point. It's alright to make female heroes a little sexy, but keep it realistic. Because Comics are so realistic XD, but you know what I mean.

edit 2: thank you for the words about my injury, but I put that up there just to show I know what I'm talking about when I talk about martial arts. Life has turned out pretty good, even if in a different direction than I thought :)

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The term "Feminist" continues to be discussed and I wanted to mention that I actually dislike the term in general. As a female, I agree women need equal rights, however I'm of the mind set of simply Equality. I feel like "Feminist" has been turned into a negative thing and distorted by a various range of things.

I am personally a Pansexual, as in I don't see gender at all. There isn't just male and female, there is a wide verity of in betweens that I don't want to go into, but I recognize and accept. Note: That doesn't mean I'm Bi, there is a very large difference. My personal preference is masculinity, so I'm pretty much attracted to men. Again, that being said, I did have a transsexual boyfriend, but the way that I see gender means I don't see the biological but the emotional and mental.

That being said, the difference between genders is rather significant. Each has it's own unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Men tend to be larger in muscle mass and can achieve larger mass, however they can be a lean fit as well. They tend to be more Boxy with sharper angles, and tend to have less flexibility, but for the most part are slightly stronger. Women usually have softer angels and less muscle mass, but there are those who are very efficient and talented muscle builders. Women are more flexible and tend to have more agility, but the gender roles for every stereotype can easily be broken.

This brings back to the argument of how comics are portrayed. Some people do like the ridiculous or the stereotypes, others like the extreme breakage or submission to them, while others like myself prefer a since of realism that is stretch enough to capture the imagination, but still that relateable piece.

It has been mentioned about the over muscular and perfected male body as well like Superman, and I'd have to admit I rather dislike him. He's a great guy, but I've never been one to like "The ultimate hero" that has 0 weaknesses. I like a tad of humanity and weakness to characters because it makes it more appealing. If you win over and over again, it gets boring.

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