Update on "H": The rest of the story

So about a year ago I posted a story about how through Comic Books I helped out a good friend.

To summarize it a good friend of mine who is a year younger has been going through a lot in recent years and unfortunately had turned to drugs. I got a call from him saying he saw a few posts on Facebook about comics and he was interested in this Red Arrow character. He didn't have to say another word. I mailed him my prized comics of Nightwing and the teen titans that deal with Roy and showing how his friends were still there for him and supported him, and I knew he, I'll call him H, got the message. We started having conversations about comics with the subtle undertones of what's really going on with him.

He ended up opening up to me about everything and he went into rehab. He's one year clean this week and was just released from his half way home. He's now back in college and doing very well.

I thought you guys might like the update.

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CW's Young Justice: A female comic lover's worst nightmare

So the CW has been getting a lot of attention for the possibility of getting a Young Justice live action show and all any one talk about is how much the fanboys are going to be upset over the "real life teen drama" riddled with love triangles.

But has anyone bothered to ask a female fan?

It is being assumed, and we all know what they say about when you assume, that the female fans just crave drama and love triangles. Well, I can say (for me at least) that no, we actually hate it. I would go as far as to say we hate it more. Female fans are constantly treated like another species. It is insulting to "market" directly for "females" based on all these things. Yes, some women do like the obscene drama. But most of us actually don't. If you look at women watching Reign and Vampire Diaries versus Arrow and Supernatural, there is a huge difference. In fact, many of us have stopped watching Arrow because it's becoming too dramatic in relationships rather than plot and action.

Let me be clear:

Most. Of. Us. Female. Fans. Want. Action. And. Badass. Characters. And. Awesome. Villains. Maybe. A. Pairing. But. Please. No. Love. Triangles.

By having even the developmental information is insulting to the female fans. It treats us like we aren't as good as the male fans. Time and again FALSE REPORTS are given to undermine us.

"Women only like love drama" and "women don't like cartoons" is BULL. The animated show was DOMINATED by women fans, all willing to buy merchandise that was never available, and was canceled due to DC having a preconceived notion that female fans have no interest.

So in short, we hate what we are hearing about the CW show as well and by saying men will hate it and it's being tailored to women is extremely insulting.


Life happens

SOOOOO life happened and I was off Comic vine for a while. Nothing bad, just busy. I have been keeping up with the titles that I like and I want to start doing reviews again. I enjoy it :)

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Death of the Family; part 2

The Death of the Family story arc may be over, however the death of the batfamily is still continuing.

The 'epic conclusion' of the story arc was admittedly well done with defeating the Joker, however I would argue the Death of the Family refers to DC comics wanting to get it through the fan's minds that the Batfamily we use to love is forever gone and changed. The things about the characters that originally drew me to them has been completely changed in the New 52, yet I continue to read in hopes the new plots and characters will grasp my attention. However seeing Bruce trying to reconnect the family and all of them declining? That was kind of a last straw for me.

I am sad to report very little keeps me coming back to DC comics now. I have been reading since the New 52 started and slowly dropping titles that just don't grasp my attention anymore.

Batman and Robin #16 to me was the perfect wrap up of the story arc for Bruce, Alfred, and Damian. I especially enjoyed seeing the progression of Bruce and Damian's relationship and them finally getting along.

And then the promos for the next set of comics came. A cover of Jason dead in the Outlaws and Robin RIP.

Really? Two of the few characters I still like are supposedly going to die? As a fan, this saddens me. DC constantly has to have these End of the World story arcs with tons of drama and little else. While yes, pretty much everyone reads comics for the action, I still want a little bit more thrown in. A little character development, some good banter. Jason and Tim had some great banter earlier in Teen Titans #16 , I loved that, and it was still an action packed comic.

So this is still the Death of the Family though DC is running the show instead of the Joker.

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How comic books has saved and is still helping my friend

This is just a small story that I want to share with you because it's kind of a neat story.

A good friend of mine who is a year younger has been going through a lot in recent years and unfortunatly had turned to drugs. I've been friends with him for ages and our families have been friends for just as long, but he went off to college and just fell out of contact for about seven moths until I got a call from him saying he saw a few posts on Facebook about comics and he was interested in this Red Arrow character. He didn't have to say another word. I mailed him my prized comics of Nightwing and the teen titans that deal with Roy and showing how his friends were still tere for him and supported him, and I knew he, I'll call him H, got the message. We started having conversations about comics with the subtle undertones of what's really going on with him.

H finally opened up to me about everything about a month ago and thanked me for everything. He's now seeking help and is doing a lot better, and I really do have comics to thank for giving us a way to communicate in a way that was comfortable for him.

Just a little something I thought is share.

Teen Titans movie?

So, I have to write an adaptation screen play for my class, so I thought "why not Teen Titans?"

But, I have no idea which story arc I want to use. Thoughts?


Young Avengers Volume 2 issue 1 review

Disclaimer: I haven't read Young Avengers in a while so I'm going into this only knowing Hulking, Wiccan, and Loki. The other characters I don't recognize and I rather not look up because I think it will be interesting starting from a fresh impression and seeing them develop without prior background knowledge to fall on.

So, that being said, I liked it. It was a good introduction to the characters and I'm rather excited about that :).

The first characters you meet are Kate and Noh-varr. Basically Kate wakes up in Space after spending a night with this guy, whom first she calls him Norman, and she mentions he use to be the hero Marvel Boy but also went by the name the Protector which he responds "both never really worked out" so I'm curious what name he'll chose if he picks a new one. Then the shirtless humanoid alien turns on music from the 60's, starts dancing saying how much he loves it and Kate just kind of oggles him leaving me slightly jealous (I am a female comic nerd for christ sake).

Then Skrulls attack in a large panel.

I love that line "Being a superhero is amazing, everyone should try it" while this pretty rapid fight scene happens and then it is never mentioned again and I'm left thinking "Dafuq just happened here???" Hopefully we see a little more because I for one really want to know what just happened. The only thing we know for sure is Kate has training. I kind of want that clarified as well.

Then it cuts to Spiderman and a mugger kind of taking him out and me going "Did the new kid just die, or did Peter die again?"

Then we get

And all is well. It's just Hulkling, who is a lovable teddy bear (get it? Teddy bear? ok.), and now I really want to know what Spiderman story they're using.

But that's never addressed and Hulking just sneaks into an apartment with Billy waiting for him.

Now I've been out of Marvel Comics for a few years and just getting back into it so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Billy's parents were cool with his boyfriend and let him stay there. I was also surprised, but not really at the same time, to find out they decided not to be heroes. Billy's line of "How many friends have we buried?" Really got to me. I'd hate being a hero for that reason. But then Teddy also has his moment, with an epic Tolkien reference, and then they make up and even they admit how disgustingly adorable they are.

Seriously though, Billy's speech is simply amazing and totally worth the read. And that line "you're so scared of yourself it breaks my heart" is kind of an awe moment. I don't care what gender or sexual orientation you are, that is some deep stuff that everyone should appreciate. It's something I can see Louis saying to Superman, Selina to Bruce, Barbara to Dick. Like that is kind of the summation of the significant other of any mega powerful person ever.

Now I want to take a second and say Billy and Teddy's relationship is one of my favorites in comics period. Unlike a lot of same sex couples in comics, their relationship isn't defined as that, though there are a good amount of issues that are apart of that, but they are written more as a couple who just happens to be the same sex. They have more emotional growth than other couples in comics period, same or opposite sex. A lot of couples period are written static where they are always the same and never fix their problems or try/actually change. They talk about their issues and try to go on from there. I think it's a good healthy relationship that's kind of needed in comics to counter balance the mess most everyone else is in.

Anyway, they make up and Billy starts doing his magic thing and it pans to Loki being, well Loki. That lovable pain in the but.

Side-note, If DC and Marvel do a cross over I really want to see a fight between him and Damian, I think the banter would be epic.

Back to this. So he's being a pain and all of a sudden his food starts talking to him like something out of Paranormal and he's like "WHAAAAAAT?" and peaces out to the apartment building. Then this bad ass chick shows up, who looks Hispanic and I approve of the diversity, and even though I don't recognize her, aparently Loki refers to her as the "chick who can throw a tank at the moon" which I have to say is pretty freaking awesome. I'd likt to be able to do that just I say I can.

Then this next set is confusing with her beating Loki up, Billy doing something, and Teddy rushing to save the day. Then we have:

So I guess we'll have to wait to find out who Miss America is (what I'm calling her in my head).

Then they completely ignore what just happened (I'm sensing a theme here) and Billy's just like "Hey, remember that time your mom burned to death in front of you? Lol, funny story, I just saved her!" And they hug and cry for a SINGLE PANEL and then Billy goes to bed. They mention they talked for hours and he finally fell asleep, so it's not that heartless.

They probably did spend a good amount of time, but still, he goes to bed and his moms like "I'm cool that he's gay and all, but he shouldn't be living with his boyfriend. He shouldn't even be in a relationship right now" and Billy's parents being awesome are like "Well if they're happy, we're happy" and the mom grows Clayface-like fingers and is like "lol, nope. I know best" and does something to them. They might be dead, not sure. They are definitely not awake or moving.

To be continued.

Yeah, so now I'm on edge on this as much as I am about the Death of the Family story arc (which I will get to). Next comic is titled "You little rascals" so I'm just like "someone please make an alphalpha joke!!!"

The final thing is the writer's note, which I enjoyed. I like what is said about how "the first Young Avengers is about being sixteen. This Young Avengers is about being eighteen. The difference is telling and profound. At sixteen its still about wanting to be in the adult world. At eighteen it's about being in the adult world and whether you want to be or not." Which I think will be very interesting. Kieron Gillen goes on to say he really wants to make this good for new readers and old alike and I think he's off to a good start.

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Not a feminist, but let's be real for a second

This has been moved to Feminist/Rights Nomenclature (cont.)

Edit: This isn't geared toward men or women. I'm simply saying which arguments make since to me personally. There are both valid points and not so valid points from both ends of the argument on how females should be represented and I'm just putting my two cents in :)

So I have to mention this whole issue of how Women are represented in comic books.

My problem isn't the females with the perfect figures or flexibility, but the over the top big boobs, little clothing, and poses.

Yes, women crime fighters need to be fit. I'm sorry but if I was fighting crime daily, I'd need to be in the best physical shape possible or I'd either die from not being able to handle it or pure exhaustion. But what most people, men and even some women, don't understand about female anatomy is that being that level of fit actually means you have smaller breasts. Look at female athletes everywhere; they just don't have the massive bouncing breasts that some artist think they do. I use to be a professional level athlete, trust me, I know. That was the joke among my training friends; guys dated the non athlete girls because they had boobs.

Then we have the little clothing to hide it. Again, I was a pro athlete actually in Martial Arts (spark notes on that: I got a career ending injury at 17, but I still teach self defense. Did Ti-kun-do, tung-su-do, ishin-ro, and churn-ro since I was 5, competed on a National level at 9, international at 14, pro for one year at 16). I agree that having open uniforms and certain styles you actually see works. But the clothes that have the boobs hanging out? That's simply impracticable. Getting hit in the boob is like getting kicked in the nuts. Just letting you know. Girls need protection and padding too.

Then the flexibility. I know Chloe Bruce, I've seen her Scorpion kick (I could never do it) and all she does. Female heroes have a level of flexibility that is greater than men, but within reason. Not everyone can be a contortionists.

So I hope that kind of shows my view point. It's alright to make female heroes a little sexy, but keep it realistic. Because Comics are so realistic XD, but you know what I mean.

edit 2: thank you for the words about my injury, but I put that up there just to show I know what I'm talking about when I talk about martial arts. Life has turned out pretty good, even if in a different direction than I thought :)


"You're not a real fan"

Has anyone ever used this phrase? How about had it used on them? I've admittedly used it and had it used against me and now, I rather dislike it.

Where did this phrase even come from anyway? I have a theory on that.

For some reason being into things like Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, the Lord of the Rings, and other such things is frowned upon and labeled "nerdy", "dorky", or "geeky." In the recent years though since the LOTR, Batman, Marvel, and Star Trek movies, more people have accepted it into modern culture and enjoy it. So now it's acceptable to where a Superman hat or a Batman t-shirt and to talk about how hot Chris Evans is.

So I guess we've turned it around saying "You're not a real fan" because they never read the books or the comics or know such and such. So really it's just us being snobby back. Should it really matter if they can name every single thing in every single issue? Instead of "nerdy" versus "popular" shouldn't we be more focus on a mutual enjoyment of something despite how much you know about it?

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How I got into comics, then got out, and then came back

I am a third generation Comic book fan. My grandfather was a kid when Comics really started to take off and actually has some of the first Superman and X-men comics from way back. He was the youngest of seven, yes seven, boys and the only one who wasn't old enough to go off during WWII, at age 12, and he got a love for Captain America during this time. My father and uncle then got into comics in the the 70's when they were kids, and they would buy two copies of every comics; one to read and one to keep in mint condition. Together they have over $300,000 in collectable comics. It's insane that they had that foresight as kids. Then on my mom's side they were really into Superman comics, but being raised catholic they had to hide their comics since they were frowned upon. My uncle on her side, however, is now a social science professor and uses X-Men to teach the lessons.

That brings it to my brother and I. My brother LOVED Batman and Robin and anything to do with them. I loved comics too, especially X-men, when I was younger, but in about the 3rd grade I specifically remember getting teased by my friends for liking "boy stuff." I use to pride myself in being able to name every singe X-man, their powers, identities, and their complex relationships with each other. But I quickly found myself conforming to the gender roles of playing with Barbies and liking Boy Bands, even though I really didn't like it. But all my friends did so I stuck with it. I still played superheroes with my brother, who is two years younger, but our estrangement started when my friends would come over and I'd pretend to think Batman was "weird."

This went on until 6th grade where I had a nasty fight with my "friends" and realized that that was not who I wanted to be. I could have easily been the catty, petty cheerleader and in the "popular" crowd, but I made a female friend who also loved Batman and I realized then I didn't want to go about pretending to be someone I'm not.

So, I embraced my love of comics again and slowly got back into them. I made new friends who also loved geeky things, not just comics, and I was happy. The older I got the more I went from loving the action to also appreciating the plot, the characters, the art, the writing, and just everything. Instead of just following characters, I started following writers and artists as well. So now I'm in college doing studying nothing to do with Comics, however I still want to be involved in the community.

My brother on the other hand started swimming and is popular in High school. As a senior now he is a "closet geek," his own words. He dares not let his girlfriend or friends know he has a massive batman collection and can practically quote every superhero movie.

It's sad to think that comics are considered "not cool" at any age for girls and past middle school for boys. Many comics are amazingly written and drawn with fabulous story lines that keep you coming back for more. It's amazing that everyone will love the movies, but not even care about the comics. The extreme retaliation is the "you're not a real fan" issue.

Next time: "You're not a real fan" - Where is this coming from and what does it mean.