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I accidentally created an arc that already exists. 
I created Eradication! - this should be deleted. 
The arc already exists as The Day of the Krypton Man
Is it possible to have some sort of redirect? Eradication! is the name of the TPB that collected tDofKM story arc, so it could be handy to have the former redirect to the latter.

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I don't think it was ever properly explained in the early (golden age) comics
However: in the radio serials (from the 40's) Superman appears on Earth already as an adult and saves a man and his son from some sort of train accident. He then asks them what sort of occupation he can have on Earth - he wants something that will allow him to peruse the full spectrum of humanity so that he can get to understand what humans are. And then, of course, the father tells him that if that's what he wants then he should become a reporter.

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Thanks for the interesting read. 
I'm not too familiar with "bronze age" superman, but I think it's interesting to consider the influence of golden-silver age Superman on Byrne's re-formation of SM. I think that some of the things you've mentioned Byrne doing represent his attempts to on one hand (1) reverse some of the Silver Age elaborations SM underwent, and (2) bring SM's character more in line with the grittiness of the modern era. 

Whether or not it's good for the SM mythology is a matter of taste of course. But it seems like you take issue with some of the choices Byrne made. 
My personal thoughts are that the attempt to hone SM's character and to modernize the SM character were both necessary. But I can certainly accept that there were different ways this could have been done, and I'll be interested to read about your thoughts regarding the issue of Superman's humanity - a concern which definitely reflects Superman's Modern Age mythos. 
I think it might also be interesting if, instead of just pointing out the limitations of Byrne's recreation, you could also offer your own suggestions. What I mean is, IF you accept that SM needed to be modernized, then how would you have done it for all the particular issues. And IF you don't, then it'd be interesting to know why not and how.

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