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Not so good 0

I have read the other reviews and I have to agree that the art is quite good. But, for 5 issues now we have seen 5 watered down stories that have had no resolutions. Each character in the comic has had almost equal time as Gwen has. The comic is called I, Zombie, yet the story revolves around 5 different characters. There are more story plots opening and not closing than during Lost's last season. Nothing is getting resolved.  I mean there are cliche's walks interrupted by a supposed clever take...

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Conquest Part 2... 0

I read the other reviews and they are great about this book, but I cannot help but add a few points. I appreciate the fact that Kirkman is trying to tell the story without dragging items out like some other books do. I mean why does a 14-part story need to have 3 parts dedicated to selling an extra book as opposed to telling the story. This story is about the Viltrumite War and not about Conquest directly. We already did that with previous issues.   I also respect the fact that we actually have ...

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Character Bonding 0

So the theme of this issue is definitely character bonding. The other review mentioned that there was not a lot of action and that is very true. But there is a lot of bonding going on. It is almost as if Robert Kirkman was bringing out some of his Walking dead pacing on this one.   Lately it takes a very short time to read the book because half of the panels are fight scenes. It is easy to be engaged because there is a lot going on visually (thanks to Mr. Ottley and FCO). But what made the first...

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Get rid of the common 0

After reading Roxanne's review, I agree that I hope this comic can sustain itself. But the introduction of Amelia does not bother me at all. You see I think that Tony is more in love with her writing ability than her as a person. Oh she has superb writing ability.   The title of the book almost takes on a new meaning with the introduction of a third main character; people chew on her words and words are the one thing that a cibopath can partake of and not get utterly nauseated. Do I like this Am...

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Loose Ends Tied...Heads heal 0

Invincible #65 seemed like a mad dash to tie loose ends and unravel new ones. The epilogue of the gruesome fight with Conquest leaves Mark broken all over and Eve with bigger boobs? That is right those are the two revelations from the fight with Conquest. Normally I appreciate Kirkman's whimsical humor, but allowing Atom Eve to bypass her powers and help Mark defeat Conquest only to have her get bigger boobs? Not cool and just took away from the impact of the story.  If you like Samantha and Mar...

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Holy Bloody!...There is a casualty. 0

The previews stated that there is a casualty. But even with that exciting tag line, this was not one of my favorite Invincible issues because it was the most violent issue of them all up to date. I do not think that there is a panel in this issue where there is not blood. That being said there are basically three characters throughout, Invincible, Conquest, and Atom Eve's body.  This issue picks up right where the last issue left off; in fact the whole Conquest storyline seems to do this. Mark j...

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No More Messiah...So don't sell your issues on Ebay yet 0

Now that the worst crossover in comics in quite some time is over, X-Force writers Yost and Kyle can get the book back on track; that being the dark x-enforcers; the team that does the dirty work. This issue opens up with seeing where X-23 was attempting to get to in the previous issue. I have to say that the previous issue ending was quite perplexing, but then again the whole Messiah War seemed to be an afterthought or a crossover event Marvel quota for the month. Anyway, X-23 was successful in...

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Invincible 63 0

This is the third part in the storyline CONQUEST. Recap: Invincible is half Viltrumite half human. Viltrumites are very strong. He has been appointed the preparer of Earth by the Viltrumite Empire after Invincible's father, Omni Man, left Earth (after beating his son to an inch of his life). Conquest is a Viltrumite gladiator of sorts that goes to worlds to see the progress of preparation for the Viltrumite takeover. He is currently testing Invincible's readiness. And he is stronger than Invinci...

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Invincible #62 0

Continuing off of one of the best cliffhanger pages from issue 61, we have the battle begin immediately between Conquest, hence the name for the story arc, and Invincible. They collide and make the standard loud noises that we have seen before, but the next two pages (a double spread) is the effect of their collision into each other-clean up crew workers (because of the Invincible War issue 60) go flying backwards from the impact while Invincible and Conquest are mere dots in the distance. This ...

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