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Joss is good. Sounds promising.

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I absolutely love this. Kudos to the wedding party for being so supportive.

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I am hoping to attend Comic-Con sometime in my life. Would you say that the Chicago Comic-Con is equitable?

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Catwoman is a good character, but I see that Barbara Gordon would be a great addition to the movie. I mean she has a love interest with Batman, but he does not with her. And a backwards cameo of the Joker shooting her and paralyzing her would really add some depth. Barbara Gordon!

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I do not know Thor that well, but when he was in prison it seemed like his attitude was kind of that of a rebel, ala Green Lantern and not necessarily that of royalty. I hope it succeeds for to have a good comic book movie is always a positive sign for the genre. I also do not remember Thor doing a double kick that resembled martial arts. Oh well...

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This is pretty neat stuff. I would love to see DC vs Image or any other comic company besides marvel. It seems that they are always the center of video games. Especially fighting video games.

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I am just wondering what everyone thinks of companies like Top Cow, Boom, IDW? Do the independent companies stand a chance in this market? What are some gems from these companies?

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It is so hard to compare him to superboy. I mean superboy or superman would never choke someone to death. Or beat someone until they were covered in someone's blood.

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I know you said more current, but I have to say that if you want to pick up a cheap read that helps you to understand the characters and history of DC you should look into Justice League of America when Giffen and DeMatthies were on the book. It is corny as all get go, but what I am noticing is that writers like Geoff Johns (who is great) and Grant Morrison are writing in such a way to reference back to history. Brad Meltzer did this as well in Identity Crisis, which I have to say is a very engaging mini-series. Try to read the old 80s Justice League with more current titles as well. That way you are getting the blanks filled in on characters as you are going along. 
Also if you are going to read Batman stick to the following writers: Frank Miller, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench. I was not to thrilled with the direction that Grant Morrison took the book; stopped reading it actually. Those 4 writers are classics and handle Batman very well.

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Not to sound all anti-establishment, but personally I cannot recommend any of those books. I mean you know that with all of them you will probably only get partial stories because of crossovers and such. If your going for resale pick X-Force. If you are going for strictly reading purposes spend your money somewhere else.