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@claymore1998: Well the hammer was basically his best friend who dumped him because of something Fury said, and y'know then he lost his arm, and then his hammer is gallivanting around with a stranger. Thor's had a hard time.

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Zaheer is too direct. His aggressive technique is out of sync with the usual airbending style and while his creativity and somewhat erratic use of the element gives him an advantage over other benders who at this point have no experience against airbending it puts him at severe disadvantage when facing someone who is better at manipulating air and has a technique specifically styled against direct confrontation.

Tenzin in a cool too watch but admittedly one sided fight.

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So Wolverine's still not dead...

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Wait Dick Grayson Nightwing or Dick Grayson super spy?

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Stops at 5

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Maybe Old Fury remembers the Reigning?

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Cap already took out a ridiculously op nazi(ahem Hydra) tank.

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This fight is a lot closer than everyone (both sides) is saying.

Ultimate Thor is fast. He tagged Quicksilver, who is faster than lightning which means Thor actually had to predict where he was going to be, he intercepted Hyperion who was flying full speed towards the helicarrier, he outfought Iron Man, Captain Britain the EU super soldiers and the Black Widow (she had Iron Man armor at the time) and none of them could get a good hit on him until Natasha said she was pregnant.

Wonder Woman is faster still. She outclasses Kara, Zod, Foara and Superman in terms of straight up combat speed. She isn't as strong as any of them but her skill always has her come out of those fights looking better if not flat out winning.

Ultimate Thor dropped a weight class in strength but I would say he's on par with Diana as opposed to being weaker than her. He absolutely demolished Hulk in their first encounter and probably would have won if he hadn't let up and asked Hulk to surrender. He also overpowered at least five hundred tonners when Loki convinced everyone he was crazy. He smacked Zarda around (she's above Hulk in strength) and went toe to toe with Hyperion until the latter was amped.

Diana probably take 6/10 with Thor winning some with Lightning and luck.

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Muhammad Ali, Wildcat, Cap

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@marvelous_3212: The thorbuster was powered by asgard magic and even then Thor came out of that fight looking better. Thor has beaten savage Hulk, the total tally is still 3-to-3 between Thor and Hulk. He also stalemated mindless Hulk, the Hulk that had no Bruce Banner to hold him back and became just the completely mindless force of destruction. It even noted that the rest of the Avengers (Iron Man, Vision, Captain Marvel etc.) were scared to get in Thor's way.

So yes he's beaten the Hulk before. When Thor came down from the moon and laid into Rulk the Hulk interrupted him but Rulk stated that if the Hulk hadn't interrupted Thor then Rulk would've died.

He also outright wrecked Iron Man when he came back. He had Odinforce but he made note that it didn't make him physically stronger. The idea that Iron Man stalemated him is ridiculous consider Iron Man had no helmet, and his armor was completely inoperable when Thor was done with him.

As far as the Sentry goes Thor's only fought amped versions of the Sentry i.e. voided Sentry and Death Seed Sentry. However a lot like Thor Sentry's power level has never really been measured. Overall Sentry could probably win but it really depends on his mental state because Sentry also jobs all the time.