Park's Will

The video clicks on to a bare room with a shaky camcorder. Park can be heard messing with it off screen trying to get it right. After a little bit of shaking a some swearing under his breath Park walks on to the screen and sits down in a folding chair. He let's out a breath before looking at the camera.

"Hey guys, uh... if you're watching this I'm already dead." He said with a chuckle. "Sorry, I just always wanted to say that. Uh, there might be more people that deserve some stuff but you guys are the ones who I knew how to get a hold of... so best to get on with it I guess. Right, ok then, so I've been kind of a vagabond so I've picked up a lot of stuff over my travels. Victor, I'm giving you my dad's old lock-up. You'll find anything you could ever want there. Guns, knives, some notes on how divine energies works and all that stuff. Also, I'm not sure if you need it or not but I'm also leaving you 150 grand. It ain't much after taxes but I had to send the rest home. Y'know how family is and all that. To Joey I'm leaving this bad boy." He laughed again and walked off screen before retrieving a six foot emerald bong. "It's called the Jolly Green Giant, I picked it up at a smoke shop in southern California, I thought you'd appreciate it. Lastly to Arturia, I'm not giving you any money on account of how you have no idea how much a dollar is and you'll just spend it on clothes and books." Park stuck his tongue out at the camera. "Instead I'm leaving you my warehouse as a place to crash, there's a loft on the second level. Also go with Victor to the armory. there's some magic stuff that I told you about before. So... that's it, my whole life just got given away in a few sentences... funny how that works. So, that's it. I guess I'm done I guess."

Park laughed and walked off screen. The camera shakes a little before clicking off.