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Basic Info

Name: Park Solmas

Codename: None

Aliases: None

Age: 19

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Gender: Male

Height: 5"7

Weight: 135

Identity: N/A

Occupation: Vagabond

Place of Birth: Detroit, MI

Group Affiliates: None

Known Relationships: Franklin Solmas (Father, deceased), Emily Solmas (Mother, Estranged), George Bronce (Uncle, deceased), Harvey Solmas (Brother), Victor Grey (Best friend, Immortal), Arturia (Other best friend, maybe immortal).

Powers: None

Abilities: Fighting Skills, details below.

Bio: Park Solmas grew up in a military family. His father became notably paranoid by the time Park was five driving his mother to leave the family. Due to his father's paranoia Park and his brother were moved around a lot as kids and taught hand-to-hand combat from their father and uncle. In spite of his father's paranoia and training neither Park or Harvey ever felt threatened or abused, in fact they had a pretty normal family dynamic.

When Harvey turned eighteen he left the family to go looking for their mother leaving Park with his father and uncle. After that Park's father let go of the training for fear of alienating another family member. However Park felt unsatisfied with himself and had his uncle continue teaching him how to fight.

Franklin Solmas died of liver disease when Park was fifteen. This turn of events left Park in his mother's care. However Park saw both his mother and brother as people who had abandoned him in the past prompting him to run away from home before he had turned sixteen. He spent the next three years wandering from city to city because "It's easier to be a runaway when there's crowds." After turning seventeen Park stayed in Portland, OR for two months before leaving because he was really beginning to dislike the weather. However at some point during his stay he met Elizabeth Walsh and has kept in regular contact with her since.

The Fight

Park returned to Detroit where he settled for a while. During this time he witnessed a mugging turned rape. He tried to intervene and managed to fight off the rapists although not before being stabbed. He was hospitalized and his mother was alerted to his whereabouts. He was in his mother's care for six months before turning eighteen. After that time he left Detroit and has been traveling around the country since then. In many of the cities he's lived there have been reports of a vigilante attacking drug dealers and other criminals however no connection has been formally made to Park and no investigation has ever been documented.

Victor and Arturia: Park's best friends, ones a demon and one's a God. After befriending them Park found himself way in over his head and eventually wound up dying. They managed to bring him back and Park is otherwise no worse for wear, to his knowledge, except for occasionally having nightmares in the day of the other side and a mysterious man torturing him and taunting him about his friends.

Fighting Styles: Park has been trained in Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Boxing to a level of proficiency and began studying Capoeira, however he has not incorporated it into his regular combat. He is also skilled in SOC P but has a dislike of firearms and rarely employs it.

Equipment: Park has a vast knowledge of knives and as such frequently uses them. He's also very skilled with firearms though dislikes them. Park also uses explosives ranging from EMP grenades to plastique. After a job with Cain O'Panell and Alexander Smith Park received several magazines of S.P.I.N. Tech ammo and is working to reverse engineer them.

Park has two special blades. One is an adamantium shard he looted off of a wealthier victim which he fashioned into a knife. Because of adamantium's properties he couldn't mold it and instead had to design the knife to balance out the shard.

The second is a vibranium mountain knife made as part machete and part survival blade fashioned in an offshore armory.

Pets: Park has a young lamb that started following him when he was hitchhiking his way through America's bible belt. Since then it's followed him everywhere. He keeps it in his warehouse where it can run around and brings it home lots off turf.

Park also has a friendly triceratops named Spike he befriended in the Savage Lands. Spike doesn't leave the island.