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x 108 billion!?

You do realise only approximately 11 billion human beings have ever existed, right?

@urban_ninja_x said:

He probably meant 10.8. Even then, still not enough to beat Thor.

We're already 7.2 could only 4 billion born (and died) since 80,000-70,000 BCE to 1900 (or whatever year the oldest person alive born)?

Of course,the 108 billion is only a guesstimate but i think it's more "accurate" than only 11 billion

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@julyiscool: Wait,can Goku and Vegeta turn Ssj2 in this battle?Or it is restricted to Ssj only? (dunno why but i've read SP Cell lol)

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there power levels are pretty much equal

I know,but Cell has regeneration and it is a better combatant than what we saw from Dabura...

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This is between Dabura and SP Cell...i'm going with Cell here.

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@terry2012 said:

You 're funny if you think I'm asking you for consent? Laughing out loud. It's really have nothing to do you. So yeah whatever dude.

Good night.

What!?do you understand english?because that could be the reason as to why you're missing every point thrown at you.I mean,my english is far from being perfect,but at least i understand it...

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This have nothing to do with you and I said agree to disagree to end it. So I am not going to read your comment because it is irrelevant, a moot point, and it is over. Not worth it. Have a nice day or good night.

"Nothing to do with me"?You're funny,you still think that i need your consent to reply to whoever i want in a debate forum.Going by your logic,you would never do anything in this site,right?Or do you actually send PM's to ask if you can reply to them?

Good night

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@terry2012 said:

No it is not irrelevant because my example is that he wouldn't exactly stay at Super Saiyan 2 to the point you trying to make. No duh Goku at Super Saiyan 2 would not defeat Fat buu because again that is obvious. Goku at Super Saiyan 3 is stronger that Fat Buu which is also obvious, which is the point. We are already pass your point. I am clearly saying if they would have Fought Fat buu at Super Saiyan 2 they would start to lose and Goku would have realize that and then go Super Saiyan 3 and that is all.

His point was extremely easy to understand,and the fact that you're arguing about it,is just for the sake of arguing and not admit you are wrong (or did not understand it yet):

He started with this:

It has been shown on various occasions that teaming up on a stronger character doesn't work in DBZ

His point was that it doesn't matter how many of you are,as long as you are weaker,you will lose.Simple as that,uh?you can't possibly get it wrong,right?. Yet you did,you took one sentence he wrote to strengthen his argument and completely and with an almost admirable dedication took it completely out of (his) context to your purpose:

Even Piccolo pointed out that even if Gohan, Vegeta Goku fought Fat Buu together, they would get stomped.

Piccolo had no way of knowing Goku was a Super Saiyan 3 so they wouldn't gotten stomp by Fat Buu.

What on the Infinite Earths has this to do with anything that @gxrevolution96 said?Yes,you were right,as soon as Majin Boo start to stomp the 3 of them Goku would most likely turn Ssj3 to not lose the fight,yes Piccolo was unaware of this.But nothing of this has any bearing in the point he was trying to make.

Basically his point was:"If your opponent is far stronger than you are,you can team up against him but you will most likely get stomped".

And you countered that with:"Piccolo was wrong,he wouldn't lose the fight,Goku still had the Ssj3".

And now,to not accept you were wrong you're saying that "yeah i know he would lose if he stay at Ssj2,but my point is he wouldn't" and "Goku at Super Saiyan 3 is stronger that Fat Boo".Why would you bring such points?Did he ever said that Goku (and not from the perspective of Piccolo,which he was using) in a real fight with Majin Boo will lose?did he ever said that a Ssj3 will fail to fight evenly with Majin Boo?No,he didn't.

Please,next time try to read carefully the post of other users before you reply.

His point still stands "It has been shown on various occasions that teaming up on a stronger character doesn't work in DBZ".Piccolo and Goku vs Raditz,Vegeta vs Z-fighters and Gohan vs androids all of them have a lot of context behind which you're ignoring just to be "right"'re not.

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Thor was barely able to drain Ultron and was only because Wanda allowed it.And even then, if Thor messed up by the smallest bit, the resulting effect would've killed him and The Avengers.Not a liable option or wise

Fair enough...what about the incap?maybe it could sound a bit silly winning because you tied your enemy,but after all,by the OP stipulations,it can happen :P