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inb4 lock

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@mrunsmiley: You were referring to fat buu in the post I replied too.

"actually, Goku outright says that he could've defeated Buu, but it would've been a bad decision, as the Z Fighters wouldn't be strong enough to defend themselves when the next inevitable fight came."

Show me the scan where he stated that he could beat fat buu.

See bottom right:

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@ssj_god said:

that he couldn't beat fat buu at the start.. but could've beaten kid buu by the end of the saga.

In fact,before fighting Kid Boo,he said to Vegeta that he could've beat Fat Boo (bottom right):

He didn't had a zenkai,train nor a migical ritual like Gohan or Vegeta he wasn't stronger

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@ssj_god said:

can we get a lock here please?.. because it's a mismatch.. in fact spite thread in favor of ssj3 goku

you won't find a single opinion about ssj gotenks winning.... all the debates here is about ssj3 gotenks vs ssj3 goku .. but ssj3 gotenks is not in this fight.. so this is a mismatch...

Stop calling mods to lock this for mismatch,because this fight isn't one

You've showed next to 0 proof of Ssj3 Goku being significantly stronger than Ssj Gotenks(to the level of being a stomp).The manga show us that they are about equals,and if Goku wins,it's because of how stupidly childish they are,not because of PL

You grasp to just one scan,take away its context and dismiss every single other scan that refute your argument.

@all_mighty_beyonder said:

Anyway, Kaioushin was talking about Fat Buu when he said "lost power" and not Super Buu, there is no proof that Super Buu is weaker than kid Buu. in the other hand, there is clear evidence that Super Buu is stronger than kid Buu and that's Goku's admitting he can't beat Super Buu, and he has decent chance against kid Buu.


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@ssj_god said:

no.. i didn't read the same manga as you.. because you clearly missed the part.. that all those attacks did absolutely 0 damage to buu...... that's what i meant by durability.. that's what i meant by pummeling gotenks.... at the end gotenks had to run.. as i said power wise, ssj3 gotenks was more than capable against buu, but buu's durability (due to regen or other physical properties) is just unbeatable...

even if ssj3 gotenks were able to stay longer and attack ruthlessly, still as it shows, wouldn't have damaged buu.. and ssj3 gotenks has to get tire at one point.. but buu doesn't tire at all.

I didn't miss anything...i don't care how much damage it did to him,or if it was lasting,or whatever....they didn't keep fighting,it was the end of their encounter,period

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I would have to say Goku. Going back to the fight with Fat Buu, Gotenks got seriously maimed by him, and SSJ3 Goku was at least that strong.

SSJ1 Gotenks < Fat Buu

SSJ3 Goku >= Fat Buu

That was base Gotenks,not Ssj

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@ssj_god said:

it was their mistake because kaido cleared that how he was stronger.

That he was stronger than Fat Boo?Maybe...where did he said he was stronger than S.Boo?

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@ssj_god said:

that's not the end of their encounter -_-

ps: it's late for me 2.40 am.. i have to go off now.. i'll get back to it tomorrow morning.

What?the very next time they fuse,they got can this be not the end?

Did you actually read the manga?

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@ssj_god said:

it was their mistake.. this was the next thing kaido said.. that's why kaido was terrified in that last picture...

It was their mistake sensing his power?You're now cherry picking

Again,you just take what fits your argument and dismiss what refutes it