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With a bright flash of light, Paragon teleported in.

"I just got your radio transmission, what's going on?"

Nano filled him in on everything he knew.

"Interesting." replied Paragon. "My sources in Europe tell me that Members of the Hellfire Club are being killed by a renegade. He isn't a good guy, but I can only suspect that he is working for Magneto, though I can't figure out why."

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Mighty Magneto says:

"Hey Nano if you think your teams up for it you should bring them to the AoM RPG might be an interesting twist to the story i think you would be able to start in asia"

I'm up for that challenge, but i'm not sure on the rest of the team...

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What concerns me, is that with Pointer being a rookie, and not yet able to control his powers yet, if he screws up, it creates a bad image for Canada due to the suit bearing the maple leaf. When I'm over in europe wearing any Canadian gear, and I do something wrong, most people aren't going to be thinking "That guy is a jerk" they think "That Canadian guy is a jerk." Anything Pointer now does in the Guardian suit is reflected onto all Canadians, and I'm worried it won't concern him, because he's American.
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Pulp Fiction: Re-defined the way I think of le Big Mac.

The Big Lebowski: Probably one of the most quotable movies there is.

The Punisher: My favorite of the Marvel comic adaptations

Die Hard: I think that this is the king of all actions movies.

This Is Spinal Tap: "They go to 11." Funny then, still funny at Live Earth.

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Spiderman and Cap for heroes, and Dr. Doom for villain.

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I'm going to go with Ms. Marvel on this one, just because her powers aren't linked to her costume, as Iron Man's are. That, and I don't hate her after the results of the Civil War.

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Sign me up!

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Least favorite hero: Big Bertha from the GLA. Seriously. Her power is the ability to make herself really fat. Totally useful.....NOT

Villain: Apocalypse. H's just waaaaaaay too powerful.

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What Bruce Willis are we referring to? Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Bruce Willis in Sin City, Bruce Willis in Whole 9 Yards, or Bruce Willis: Actor?

Doesn't really matter what the answer is, because the way Hulk is smashing EVERYONE lately, I'm going to have to give it to him.

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I know it's explained in Omega Flight that wearing that suit isn't about nationality, "It's about serving Canada." I think that this is the equivalent of me going down to the US, and getting to wear Cap's suit and carry his shield. As an athlete who plans on representing Canada at the Olympics, and currently in the world of luge, I think that wearing the maple leaf and representing the entire country is an honor that parallels what the Guardian suit means; That you are one of the nation's greatest.

Think about it, would it mean more to you to represent your own country, or someone else's?