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@Lord_Johnathan: Does not know him.

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@Richter: It's a good post. Just try to go more in depth about what Richter is seeing and feeling. What was he doing before his comm chirped? Let people know, so that they can get to know Richter like you do, as opposed to just seeing him as "just a hero". Flesh him out.

Now get out of the corner of shame! There's only room for one here, and I got here first!

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@Risky: Thanks. I figured I needed a good reason for Paragon to have missed so much, and that ties up the loose end of why I got to keep a ring since the end of Light Wars, but only use it periodically.

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Posted. Not super happy with it, but I'm also out of practice...

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Planets and stars passed by Paragon in the blink of an eye, each one varying in life, size, and colour. A planet of lush green forests, or a frozen inhospitable wastelands. Colourful, stormy gas giants, or ancient white dwarf stars; They all didn't matter to him at the moment. He was going home.

A lot of time had passed since the speedster had left earth to head to Oa to help train new recruits to the Green Lantern Corps. It was part of his deal with the Guardians to keep his ring: Once a year, he was required to return to the Lantern's home world to help with the training of newer ring-slingers. They would go over basic training, he'd knock around a few of the more headstrong newbies, and in the end, the universe would have another bunch of Lanterns ready to save their sector, and he'd get to keep his ring for another year. It was the same thing every year, ever since he was recruited after the Ring War. The only part of the deal he hated was the time he was forced to spend away from his daughter, Brooklyn.

His COP communicator chirped to life as he passed closer to the solar system he called home, leaving another one well behind him. "I wish my cell phone had reception this good." he thought to himself as the familiar voice of War Killer echoed through his comm's headset. It was an emergency message that required all main team personnel to report to the meeting room. Paragon estimated himself to still be twenty minutes away from earth. "I hate being late..." he mumbled to himself, as he tried to squeeze a bit more speed out his already maxed out ring.

As he entered the earth's atmosphere, he fought the temptation to go see Brooke first, and flew off toward the Champion's island headquarters. He instead fired off a quick message to her telling her he had some quick COP business to take care of. As he came closer to the island, he could see the island was different from when he had left. Instead of one, there were now three separate islands, joined by intricate bridges, spanning the blue waters below. It took him a bit of flying around the new islands before he realized he had no idea where he was going. That is, until he was hit with the shockwave from a blast not far from where he was. "Seems like a good place to start..." he said, before flying off toward the epicentre, weaving between the towering structures of the sprawling city. When he arrived, he was confused by what he saw. A group of Champions surrounded another fellow Champion, Edward Windsor.

"I really hope this is some sort of intervention." Paragon yelled out, announcing his presence to the group. As everyone turned to look, he could see that Edward's rage seemed to flow through him uncontrolled. "I can see that this isn't a time for humour." The Lantern noted, as he quickly fired up his shield. The green energy of his willpower sparked and crackled off of him like electricity as he slowly raised his ring to the Englishman, in the same way a cop would raise his gun. "Eddie, it looks like we can go about this two ways right now: You can sit down, and tell us what's wrong, or we can make you sit. It's your choice."

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I still say Nathan Fillion, but with every episode of Californication I watch, I want to say David Duchovny

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@The Dark Huntress said:


@Kurrent said:

<----- not wearing any underwear



At least they aren't wearing skirts...

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@ladydeath: I'm too awesome to die!

@0blivion_: Stabbed in a bar fight after causing it by cheating at an underground poker game.

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@ladydeath: Can she die? It's going to have to be a really awesome one, like she angered the wrong magical/universal entity and it just explodes her on an atomic level and completely removes her from ever existing.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

@Lady Tlieso said:

@Mr. Mercury: You're using Stitch against me!! Who told you my weakness?!?!

@The Dark Huntress: Gah!!! X_X

Pretty please :)

I feel like you're just posting this picture as an excuse to look at the cap'n's bum...