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@Mercy_: Sigh. Yes, Mercy....

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@Mercy_: Mod powers extend that far now!? O_O Dang. Y'all got a lot more authority since I was here last.

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Whaaaat!? The lack of me here makes me sad. I'm going to go disappear for another four months then...

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I really hope the bad guy in Nightwing #10 isn't me, because I don't remember doing it.

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Your character's bestfriend: Lady Winter. They've been partners from early in the hero-ing career, and were friends long before that.

five close friends: Brooke/Rush(Daughter), (The rest are not close enough to know his identity, since he keeps it hidden due to a paranoia that was brought about by heroes becomming bad guys too often, and knowing personal information that could hurt him.) Eclipse, Angini, Andy, Kiara.

Most unlikely friendship: DC

Current relationship: No one, at the moment

Past relationships: Tempest (Wife). That's it. They were high school sweethearts.

Future Relationships: Possibly working toward Detective Snow, in a "will they/won't they" relationship.

Crushes: Snow, maybe some others. You can guess.

Your characters hero: Andy. He was a damn good hero.

Serious Rival: DC. He killed Tempest, after all.

Friendly Rival: Vengeance, his brother.

Characters loss: Tempest (Wife), twice. First one didn't actually kill her, then DC finished the job during Light War.

Characters victims: Doesn't kill. At least, I don't remember killing anyone.


  • ICE
  • COP
  • LEV
  • Phoenix Guard
  • NAO
  • Some other team just before the NAO
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@Kiara_Sullivan said:

five close friends: Gambler, LadyDeath, Eternal Chaos, Azrael, Shadow (There is one other one but I was only asked for five xD)

I hope it was me, or you are no longer in our best friends club.

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A super combo of Barry Allen, Hal Jordan and Captain Malcom Reynolds.

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I'll get something up after Talon or WK. Whoever comes first.

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@Kiara_Sullivan: Whoops. Mixed up the threads... Thought this was the "What does your character think" thread.