RPG Memory

Guys, I'm trying to fill in my bio with the other RPGs I've been in. It's done up to Secret of the Gems (An old ICE RPG which lead to the death of Andferne), but I'm drawing a blank up to the point where the COPs were formed. Anyone with a better memory than me care to help fill me in on things I've taken part in?

Posted by Aiden Cross

Eh there was that rpg that never finished where you and Dupe were teamed up on Sinisters island.....

Posted by Paragon

Yea, that was the "Mystery of The Gems" one, I think. It sort of died and was overshadowed by Andy's death.
I know there was a series of slowly dieing ICE Rpgs, I just can't remember them all... Especially ones where I just let people NPC me...

Posted by Aiden Cross

There was that one where LstPaladin lifted up the ICE mansion and made it its own island.... not sure if you were in that one..

Posted by Paragon

Ones I can remember in order:
 -Mystery of the gems
- (there's something here, I think)
- Eclipse's Birthday/ Eclipse from the future
- New Dragons (People that joined ICE just before COP was formed mini-mission)
COP formation
-Secret Invasion (Followed by my hiatus)
-Fear Itself
-Egg (Now)
Pretty sure there's two in between Gems and E's birthday. I could be wrong though.

Posted by Aiden Cross

I think that was where LstPaladin made the island a place of its own without any juristiction of America.... >_> Not sure though, Andy is better with keeping track of that stuff :P

Posted by Talon/X23

There was the Light War not too far back, I think your wife died in that one or something bad happened to her, because I remember you were wondering all the Star Sapphires were, and I remember cause I was the leader of it I Pm'ed you asking if you wanted me to edit or something and you said no lol