Luge Blog #1! BYAAHHH!

Following closely on the heels of me naming my sled, Babs (After Barbara Gordon, not our Babs), the Canadian National Luge Team has been chosen, with your's truly being one of the members! It was a gruelling month of races (Three of them to be exact), but here in Whistler, on the Olympic track, it's finally over. So I guess this means my time on the Vine will be a bit more limited (Even more so, I guess, since I haven't been around all that much...) but I'll try to keep somewhat regular updates going on throughout the season so you all know what's up. Big thanks to anyone who's supported me thus far, and hopefully my results in the coming World Cup races can make it so that you guys can see me at the Games back here, in Whistler!
In the words of Sha,
Ciaocitos! (Or however she spells that...)

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Nice!  Good luck with that, man!

Posted by Sparda

Good luck! I hope your results get you into the Games. Go all the way, Paragon!

Posted by Shanana

^_^ You said Ciaocitos you love me! lol

Posted by Mr. Mercury