Love Life Crossroads

Alright guys, I need an opinion regarding Paragon's love life. It's been a while since the death of Tempest (Paragon's wife) at the hands of DC in the Light Wars, but I think it's time for Paragon to get back on the horse, I believe the saying goes. I have a few directions I want to take the character in, but I can't seem to decide which way to go.

Option the First

Lady Winter/ Elizabeth Ferris

Paragon has a history with Lady Winter (Not romantic though), and they go all the way back to the event that gave them their powers. They were partners in their early career, until she was brainwashed into being a villain for years. The Lost Dragons RPG brought her back to the good side and restored her memories, and now she's working for the FBI as a psychologist, occasionally working cases with Paragon's civilian identity.

Choice Numero Dos

Whitehawk/ Stephanie LeBlanc
I haven't found a way to work Whitehawk into Paragon's world yet, but if there's enough support, I'll give it a shot. She was originally created to be the new girl friend, but I never got around to it. The only real CV interaction she's had so far was with a Sha alt versus an Icarusflies alt and someone else. She has no powers but still is involved in the superhero community using martial arts and gadgetry.

Possibility C

 Robyn Snow
Robyn Snow would be the civilian girlfriend archtype. Sort of. She's a cop (Or an FBI agent. Haven't decided yet.). Personality wise, she's sort of a Kate Becket from Castle type (If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch Castle, then come back. I'll wait.... Back now? Good.) 
Having a non-hero in the relationship could be an interesting dynamic, especially if she has no idea about Paragon's double life. No account has been made for her to link to for more info. Still only exists as an idea.

Really boring option

Tempest/ Laura MacAskill
I resurrect Tempest again. I've already done this once, and I think it would hold back character growth for Paragon, but who knows. The most interesting thing I can think of in doing this is if she fights Umbra for the name, but I might have Paragon do that anyways. Don't care for this option but maybe Tempest has a fan or two out there who wants her back...

Last Idea

You guys come up with something better. Let me know. If it sounds awesome enough, maybe I'll do it!
Posted by Mercy_

I'm kinda feeling the Lady Winter option. 

Posted by Jack Angel

Robin Snow. Def.

Posted by _Torchbearer_

Lady Winter.

Posted by MarvelJackAss433

Robin sounds good.

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Lady Winter IMO

edit: I would so Win the Name!!! xP
Posted by CellphoneGirl

Here is an idea. What if Paragon starts to see Tempest in his mind? Like.. No one else would be able to see her except for him. Not sure what exactly would be the cause of it, but it could be interesting :] Also while he's fighting crime or something she could kind of help him out by giving him ideas on what to do. It'll also be interesting to see what she would think if he were to date Lady Winter or something.

Posted by Robyn_Snow
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Interesting idea. I might just use that in a story and do that anyways... 
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Robyn_Snow: Awesome ^_^
Posted by Andy Steven Summers
@The Dark Huntress said:
I'm kinda feeling the Lady Winter option. 
@_Torchbearer_ said:
Lady Winter.
@The Umbra Sorcerer said:
Lady Winter IMO

Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi!

I like Robyn the best..

Posted by Jack_Dawson

I'd say all

Posted by Paragon
Posted by Jack_Dawson
@Paragon: I mean why pick one when you're capable of more.
Posted by Paragon

Now that I look at these, there's a few more Lady W fans than I thought... That or they just like the idea more..

Posted by Aiden Cross

Lady Winter, Just sounds the most fitting to your character and to your story. It's the most natural progression. Unless you want to do something more 'shocking'

Posted by Andy Steven Summers
@Paragon: I always liked Lady Winter more. I enjoyed her in the ice rpgs she was in.
Posted by mantoidx

Robyn Snow

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

@mantoidx said:

Robyn Snow
Posted by Paragon

So we seem to be at a tie right now, unless Eclipse voices his opinion in here...
(I'm counting CPG as a something else)

Posted by UltJasonDodd
@Paragon said:
So we seem to be at a tie right now, unless Eclipse voices his opinion in here...(I'm counting CPG as a something else)

FINE, Mr. Pedantic :P

I vote Lady Winter, for reasons stated in the PM

Posted by UltJasonDodd

@Paragon: Judging by the way you're switching between Lady Winter's account and Robyn Snow, I sense you might be a little conflicted about which one to use.

So I say, why not use both? They're the favourite options so far and each of them will be involved in a separate area of Paragon's life. Can you say love triangle? :P

Then just roll with the drama for a while, and pair him up with the one that seems most suitable after how you've been writing them.

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@UltJasonDodd: You sir, are a smart man! I was kinda think the same thing, and kinda play them both out now that I see what others think.
Side note: The account juggling was just me trying to fill out the bios more for both girls.