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Just how MANY violent upheavals can the Marvel Universe withstand- first we had Civil War between the heroes over the SHRA, Secret Invasion, M-Day and finally Avengers v X-Men- surely it's time for a decent interval breather???


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In practical terms there is little than the RF( Russian Federation) can do to seek the "return" of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska( no reputable international court would support such a claim and I doubt if even Rogozin-or Putin for that matter- is willing to risk WWIII in order to "reclaim" either territory. Much like Irish Republicans and Argentinian nationalists, Rogozin clearly confuses land/territory with national allegiance) so in the final analysis, all the Kremlin can do is "go pound salt" on this issue(as the American expression goes).


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A recent alternative history for Kitty Pryde has her running not just for mayor of her hometown of Chicago but ultimately being elected President of the United States( making her not just the first Jewish woman to hold the Presidency- in reality Chicago currently has a Jewish mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Obama;s former Chief Of Staff- but also the first mutant- or "mutie" to use the racist term to do so).

Given that the US has its first African American Chief Executive( in the shape of Barack Hussein Obama), I think Kitty should run for public office; she would be a natural for the job, it would prove that mutants can be as capable as any "normal" person , and given her "girl next door" persona, it would humanize mutants as no other thing did!( in reality there is talk that Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and Secretary of State is going to run for President on the Democratic ticket in 2016- after a black President then why not a female one?)

So, Kitty Pryde for not just Chicago mayor but US President!


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We all KNOW that death in the marvel Universe(if not comic books generally) is notoriously less than permanent? But I take it that Wolverine is going to be permanently dead- NEVER, EVER GOING TO COME BACK(unlike say Nightcrawler,Colossus,Jean Grey, Bucky Barnes and others)- not in a few years, BUT NEVER!!!


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Given that Janet Van Dyne( aka the Wasp) funds the Avengers Unity Squad- composed of Avengers and X-Men- and that running a superhero group does NOT come cheap( even the original Defenders had Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk to pick up the tab for the group's activities), just HOW wealthy is she? True, she has inherited a sizable sum from her late father and given her sideline as a fashion designer she is by now independently wealthy but just by how much- I for one doubt if she is richer than say Tony Stark, or Prince T'Challa(aka the Black Panther)?


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Captain America once told Spider-Man that it didn't really matter as (a) throughout WWII he wore a crew cut as a GI and (b) Tony Stark developed a hair gel to keep their hair from getting into their mask(NB this only seems to apply to male heroes as few superheroines appear to go for full face masks- or wear wigs to disguise their true identity)!

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One good thing about the SCOTUS ruling is that the likes of Pat Buchanan who are forever telling liberals to"either love America or leave it!"( as he and his ilk own the country and everybody else remains on sufferance) may be tempted to leave the US permanently(and hopefully emigrate to their new chosen land for homophobes- Vladimir Putin's Russia) as they evidently no longer "love " an America that tolerastes SSM. Good riddance to bad rubbish I'd say!

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As Captain Fred Holroyd, a former British Army officer who served in NI during the "Troubles" noted in a BBC documentary "The Unleashing Of Evil" -"counter terror simply does NOT work!"

'Nuff said!


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Be that a sit may, as I noted in my comments on his case, given that the laws and customs of any given country are easily available either by contacting their embassy/consulate or simply surfing the Net, shouldn't Ray Cole (much like "Sgt" Tahmooressi) have observed the old maxim-"When in Rome do as the Romans do"

(or don't do when it comes to law breaking)?

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I was going to let this matter drop(now that Tahmooressi has or will be released by the Mexican authorities on "humanitarian grounds" due to his PTSD) but a recent report concerning a fellow Briton, Ray Cole, who whilst a tourist in Morocco has been arrested and jailed on charges of homosexual acts( which are illegal under Moroccan law) has raised the whole issue of what travelling to a foreign nation entails. Given that an Internet search or contacting a given nation's consulate/embassy to find out what it could or would consider illegal activity, if "Sgt" Tahmooressi had any doubt as to the legality of transporting firearms into Mexico he should have left them at home. And BTW WHY does a person suffering from PTSD have an arsenal to begin with???( Yep, you've guessed it, the "Second Amendment" of the US Constitution_ the rights of Americans to own firearms shall not be abridged- even if the American in question is a certifiable loon!) Apropos of "torture" claims , the whole point of my OP was to ridicule the self serving chauvinism of FOX TV and other conservative sources which were happy enough to trash human rights for "enemy combatants" in the wake of 9/11 but suddenly rediscovered their worth when "one of our own" was sitting in a foreign prison.( race, combat status and skin colour irrlevant) Alan Dershowitz once quipped that if a conservative was a liberal who'd been mugged, then a civil libertarian was a conservative threatened with prosecution in a foreign jurisdiction. If "Sgt" Tahmooressi or my countryman Ray Cole(who reportedly came out as gay a few years ago) had had the common sense to look up either Mexican or Moroccan law before setting out on their trips then they wouldn't have been in the position they now are in).

Whether we approve or disapprove of the laws in question(whether gay sex in Morocco or firearms laws in Mexico, Russia's ban on "gay propaganda"), common sense indicates two basic principles- "Ignorance of the law is NO defence" and "When in Rome, do as the Romans do- or don;t do in the case of lawbreaking!" when travelling overseas!


PS I have STILL seen no evidence of "torture" for Tahmooressi!