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@mikethekiller: re:"White Tears" is the video implying that blacks don't cry or feel sorrow?


I really HATE it when I hear claims that "white is the new black"- what's next, "men are the new women??? Muslims are the new Jews???

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Just two questions nobody has seriously disputed. (a) wilfully inflicting pain on a fellow human being(even one convicted of the most heinous crimes) does NOT strike me as the hallmark of a civilized society (b) how can America condemn unethical/inhumane medical experimentations in other societies(pace North Korea) when it engages in them in its own right???


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Hmm- we abolished public executions as far back as 1868 and juvenile executions in 1948. Granted, Death Row inmates are hardly likely to win popularity contests, but I seem to remember a US Supreme Court Justice(whether it was Oliver Wendell Holmes or Felix Frankfurter is unclear) observing that some of the most important issues of justice have involved the type of people you most definitely would not care to meet in a dark alleyway after midnight or invite home for Sunday brunch! I definitely recall the aforementioned Frankfurter noting that there are "some things you cannot do to even a dog!"( and he was one of the Court's conservatives!) Or are Death Row inmates lower than even dogs?!

I might also note that according to the late Thurgood Marshall, the idea that the death penalty is cheaper than life imprisonment is just flat out WRONG. Death is WAY more expensive that life without parole!


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"Chekist" for the uninitiated is Russian slang for a functionary of the Soviet secret police. I'll never be a fan of Putin's but what the Dutch did to his daughter is morally reprehensible!


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In conclusion, the myth of"anti-Christian persecution in America"(by whom, pray tell???) is what JFK must have had in mind when he noted that the biggest obstacle to truth is not so much the "lie" but the "myth". It is a politically motivated myth in that the would be persecutors( the Buckleys, Buchanans, Limbaughs Hannitys and O'Reillys) want to pose as the persecuted and oppressed- "look at us, boo hoo, WE'RE the ones ho are REALLY suffering!"

Sorry boys, i am just not buying this argument!!!


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I thought that this whole"creationist" business went out of style with the so-called "Scopes Monkey Trial" of 1925(which inspired the 1960 film "Inherit The Wind" with the late Spencer Tracy as Clarence Darrow)-nearly NINETY YEARS AGO- hello, somebody needs to wake up and smell the coffee!


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Again I must point out- there may very well be isolated instances of intolerance cited by posters but again, I must point out that "Persecuted"'s central theme is that Christians are being persecuted by the US Government per se is absurd to the point of lunacy- THEY MANIFESTLY ARE NOT(unlike the late unlamented Soviet Union and its satrapies in Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia,, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan , Sudan et al)). Patricia Heaton's claim that she lost a part she wanted because the studio disapproved of her conservative Christian and pro-life views may very well be true, but she has hardly(unlike my patron saint St Priscilla) paid for her faith with her life's blood( ie suffered martyrdom) far less been reduced to destitution!

Can we at least agree on this central point???


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Just curious- is Selene REALLY Magma's grandmother?


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When conservative Christians(in Ms Heaton's case the two are obviously one and the same although in her defence a New York Times article notes that she has a most"unwingnut" like perference for conciliation) claim that they are being "oppressed" and "persecuted" what they really mean I suspect is that the US Constitution precludes them from imposing their religious orthodoxy on the citizens as a whole. If "Hobby Lobby"'s owners had been Muslims or even Orthodox Jews I suspect that the GOP/Fox TV crowd would not have been so ready to tak theme to their collective bosoms!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: how DEPRESSING it is to see Americans yearning for the very state manadated religious orthodox their forefeathers fled to the New World in order to escape!

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Socially disapproved maybe(possibly due to the association of atheism with avowedly godless US foes during the Cold War such as the USSR, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba and North Vietnam) but I would be as cautious as claiming that atheists are being "persecuted" as are Christians. Actress Patricia Heaton claimed in an interview that she has lost out on parts she wanted due to liberal and secularist disapproval of her conservative Christian and pro-life views but this sounds improbable to me; her career(much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" fame, James "Shark" Woods and Angie Harmon of "Law And Order")does not appear to have appreciably suffered.

Persecution after all is a pretty serious allegation-for belief or non-belief- so let's keep it for those societies we KNOW where it is demonstratably happening such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan. Iran, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba and not debase the phrase!