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The "Company" destroyed videotapes of "enhanced interrogations"(read torture sessions) in what seems like a de facto admission of guilt. In conclusion my opinion is that(even without hindsight), what then VP Dick"Lon" Cheney coyly termed "working on the dark side" after 9/11 turned into the blindest of blind alleys for the CIA( the FBI wisely rejected such tactics; one enterprising agent reportedly got an AQ suspect to talk not by "waterboarding" him but upon discovering that he was borderline diabetic , by feeding him sugar free cookies).

As for specious arguments that only "bad guys" deserve such treatment, this glibly ignores the fact that torture has a tendency to be self perpetuating as well as to grow- today it could be suspected jihadists- tomorrow it could be paedophiles, mafiosi, gang members, serial killers, violent white supremacists or YOU!!

Ditto for arguments that those involved in such barbarous activities were "good family men and patriots"( many Axis war criminals and mafia bosses could be so referred to)!


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As for pointing to beheadings and other barbarities by AQ and ISIS in order to justify what the "Company" did- it is worth reminding that to quote Cardinal Cathal Daly during the NI "Troubles"- "whataboutery" is the most common form of moral evasion. To quote from a character in the 1947 drama "Frieda"-" you can't treat people(even suspected jihadists) as though they were less than human without becoming less than human yourself!"


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I also wonder how people like Rep. Peter King( R. NY) can defend tactics and policies for AQ suspect that he whould (justly) execrate if used by British authorities on alleged IRA members during the NI "Troubles".

Could it be because Al Qaeda jihadists are swarthy "ragheads" whereas Irish Republicans are Caucasian Catholics?


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Hmm- the universally discredited theory of the "ticking time bomb" rears its ugly head again(never mind that this theory has NEVER been validated in reality- see yesterday's Wall Street Journal editorial, December 11, 2014)!


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I DIDN'T say that AQ suspects were sexually assaulted only that they were apparently threatened with sexual assault. As for those who claim that they lost no sleep over "enhanced interrogation techniques" for AQ suspects subsititute "IRA, Red Brigade or ETA" , put such words in the mouth of a Briton, German or Spaniard and then see if you don't find them upsetting!


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Or if she is armed with a gun or knife!


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I should declare my bias on this issue: I think Mr LeBoeuf is telling the truth on this matter(even though if I'm NOT a big fan of his). There are WAY easier ways for a (male) actor to attract media attention than by falsely alleging that he was raped; date a supermodel, join an Occupy Wall Street protest(as Anne Hathaway did a few years back) and by a WOMAN at that. True, there are false claims of rape( 7%) but in general rape(hetero and more to the point -female perp and male victim) is a notoriously underreported crime even nowadays.

Are Mr LeBoeuf's critics saying that just because he is male and his (alleged) assailant is female he is de facto not telling the truth(unlike Lady Gaga and Bill Cosby's accusers just becaue they are women?)?


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I saw it somewhere on the net- I'm not certain where precisely now- but given that Western visitors have either been flogged or deported from the Kingdom for possessing Bibles and other religious literature I wouldn't put it past the Saudis!


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Has anybody NOTICED than when ever violent jihadism is seriously examined in depth there ALWAYS seems to be a Saudi influence lurking in the bkackground(or is pointing this fact out proof of "Islamophobia"?)???

'Nuff said


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The trouble(amongst others) with capital punishment is that it's mind numbingly expensive(as the late US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall aptly noted)- it costs more to put and keep someobdy on Death Row than to simply sentence him or her to a lifetime in prison without possiblity of parole(and don;t even get me started on the racial issues associated with the DP- in Pennsylvania only 9% of its inhabitants are black but over 60% of the Commonwealth's Death Row inmates are African American)-and no, they, re not there for the murder of fellow blacks!)