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Drew Barrymore isn't AMERICAN???? I admit she's hardly one of Hollywood's flag wavers but she is as much an American as say Kaley Cuoco of the "Big Bang Theory" fame!

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It just occurred to me: are Wolverine and his longtime foe Sabretooth somehow related? It would explain many things about them- the similarity of their speech patterns(ie use of the phrase "bub"), the similarity of their powers , their extreme antipathy(an old saying runs that there's no quarrel as bitter as a family one!).


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To each their own- who's YOUR favorite film star???

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Given that in the real world, the "Matthew Shepard/James Byrd Act of 2010" extends anti hate crimes to take in sexual orientation as well as race/skin colour, is there any prospects of it being included(at least in the Marvel Universe) to take in mutants as well, given frequent attacks on "muties"(reminiscent of gay bashing or even lynchings of African American esp during segregation). And could mutant criminals ( Mystique, Blob, Magneto) claim that they could not receive a fair trial due to anti-mutant prejudice and demand juries at least partially composed of their peers?


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Oh I almost forgot -there WAS a Jewish Miss America- Bess Myerson!


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I think you confuse patriotism with nationalism- if we leave the EU, then we automatically withdraw from both the ECHR and European Convention on Human Rights( you have to be a member of the EU to be a member of both). I have and always be a patriot but I will NEVER, God willing, be a nationalist!


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FYI to my critics if and when police(either here in the UK or the US) perform their duties in a demonstratably non racist fashion I have no complaints- but when they DON'T- I feel I have good reason to draw attention to this. I have also criticisms of sections of the US media or pundits who criticize blacks(esp those in the public eye) for conduct that attracts little comment and less criticism when engaged in by whites

( be it Obama's golfing vacations- several of his Presidential predecessors from Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower to Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton and George W.Bush have been something less than workaholics again without any visible denunciation by the "whited sepulchres" of the Republican conservative right or rapper/actor Ice-T being attacked by Dinesh d'Souza for associating with ex-cons and gang bangers- ignoring the well known case of singer Frank Sinatra who despite being the honoured houseguest of two ostensibly "law and order" Republican Presidents( Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan) was known to have repeatedly schmoozed with Mafia bosses- incomparably more dangerous than ex-cons or gang members!) Talk about seeing the mote in your opponent's eye whilst ignoring the beam in your own!


PS Ms Watts may very well have been released without charge but what of the incident I referred to my OP about Denzel and wife Pauletta being mistaken for a pimp and prostitute?

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I'm curious as to what happened to Plastic Man's heart after Black Lantern Vibe apparently ripped it out of his chest. We are told that PM survived the attack but was apparently badly wounded and had to go to STAR Labs for treatment( understandable as no "ordinary" hospital or doctor could possibly treat a metamorphic being even though he is neither mutant or alien).

Did he just grow a new heart or was one cloned from his body's cells? We are told that PM is virtually immortal and may very well be functionally indestructible. Has PM ever seriously reflected on the fact that immortality may be very well be a"poisoned chalice"( see Oscar Wilde's " The Picture Of Dorian Gray" and Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles) in that he may very well outlive his own descendants as well as fellow JLA members(except Superman or Wonder Woman)

Yes I KNOW that PM is the joker of the group but it would be nice to see that he is also capable of deep thought as well at times( a character played for laughs all the time is essentially pretty shallow)

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Despite his body's fluid state he can obviously feel pain( as do other metamorphic characters such as Gemini or the Mist). I have seen pictures of PM being shot and a whitish fluid (presumably blood or its substitute) oozing from his wounds( presumably his heart still pumps blood around his body despite its mutated state!).


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Whilst I agree that jibes about being either obese or markedly slender- "fatso" "fatty" "beanpole" "skinny" "stick insect" "anorexic"-can be particularly cruel esp during adolescence(BTW "stick insect" or "anorexic" obviously only apply to girls or women) when you irrespective of your given sex are painfully self conscious anyway, and agree with the Times letter (obviously written by a woman) to remember that "Slim Jims have feelings too"(as do the obese), in good conscience I cannot agree the above insults are as cruelly hateful as racist, homophobic or Islamophobic ones with their implicit threats of violence(sometimes fatal as we saw with Matthew Shepard or James Byrd)