On the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

The recent banning by the Home Secretary of "Jihad Watch"'s Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entry to the UK has caused a stir on both sides of the pond but to my mind it's a no-brainer.

Although Americans are usually(and rightly ) welcome to our sceptered isle, there are exceptions to the rule_ such as Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter, "shock jock" Michael Savage (whose real name is appropriately enough Weiner- "Whiner"), "hate preachers" like Indian Muslim cleric Zakir Naik and now Geller and Spencer.

NOBODY has an unambiguous RIGHT to be allowed entry to a country other than his own_considerations of public health and others always play a part!

Anybody think as I do?


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Britain doesn't know what the hell it wants, its policies are all over the place. Rather than show consistency its foreign policy feels like it comes from someone you came from a mental asylum

Britain doesn't know what it wants

so instead has become a bi-polar basket case

One day its all open mindedness, like Britain is like we preach all religions, all tolerance, all nutty ideas are good and suddenly you have wacky far right white supreme preachers, islamic crazyies, a crazy sikh not wearing uniforms and helmets in dangerous work places, an alternative to the Queen's speech to be delivered by Muslim woman in a full veil, a ticking timebomb for full on extreme religious madness

Next day their politicians go - oh no we've gone too far allowing hate-speech and too far with this open border policy!! they react and go for extreme secularism, they ban muslims, ban Christians, they deliver a policy that's anti-Jewish, anti-religion and you suddenly can't wear a jewelry cross at the BBC television. Sometimes the BBC itself starts to ban songs because they are too hiphop or too punk or too gangster.

stuff like this free speech thing always hits the news


and there's more


Shaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani

The Shaykh presently Teaches in London and has established teaching Numerous establishments across the world, treats including Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania in Walthamstow, London. The Shaykh is recognised globally as one of the great thinkers of Islam and has been bestowed With The honorific title "Muffakir al-Islam" in honor of this fact.

The Shaykh Regularly speaks on topical issues facing the Muslim world and has worked all his life to protect and preserve the true Islam [neutrality is disputed]. The Shaykh's works include "Zubda Your Tehqeek" which has been Widely acclaimed and Recognised as a leading authority on the companions of Muhammad.
Ofcom ruling

In October 2011, Jilani Appeared as a guest on Rehmatul Lil Alameen, a Programme on DM Digital UK TV station. During the broadcast, Jilani made comments with reference to the shooting dead in early 2011 of the Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer.

Following a complaint, Ofcom That subsequently ruled by broadcasting the comments, DM Digital had breached Rule 3.1 of the Broadcasting Code, que states "Material likely to Encourage or incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder must not be included in TV or Radio services ". Ofcom ruled:

... On a reasonable interpretation of the scholar's remarks, I was personally Advocating That All Muslims had a duty to attack or kill apostates or Those Perceived To Have insulted the Prophet. We Considered That the broadcast of the various statements made by the Islamic scholar Outlined above was likely to Encourage or incite the commission of crime

Britain has no real policy on allowing or banning people from entering, its foreign policy can be described as schizophrenic and corrupt at best

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Dear Charlie Jade

I think I know precisely what Britain wants or needs(as do successive Home Secretaries beginning with Leon Brittain and most recently Theresa May)- it does NOT want or need people(be they Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter, Islamist "hate preacher" Zakir Naik, "shock jock" Michael "Whiner" Savage and more recently Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller) whose presence is decidedly NOT conducive to the public good. Free speech is a red herring- Farrakhan, Leuchter, Savage , Geller and Spencer can say what they want to in whilst in America( and their words can be easily accessed on the Web by anybody with a working internet connection-but as I observed in my OP- NOBODY has a RIGHT to be allowed entry into any country save their own!


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Thought police. No one has the right to tell you what to think.

Also, holocaust denier? More like, holocaust/ history researcher.

You have the right to research anything and bring it up in a discussion.

Research the holocaust and see what you find.

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...Who's Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller?

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...Who's Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller?

Just some people who hate muslims. Spencer wrote a sh*tty book that speaks negatively about muslims.

Look up spencerwatch.com

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NOBODY has a RIGHT to be allowed entry into any country save their own.

Completely agree.

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@lykopis said:


NOBODY has a RIGHT to be allowed entry into any country save their own.

Completely agree.

I'm confused ?

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Just because you want to go to a country doesn't mean you have the right to enter it. Applying for visas is an example. When there are people like the above mentioned who want to enter a country for the purpose of spreading hate and vitriol then any country can refuse them entry. This is why celebrities with criminal records find themselves barred from performing in certain countries and this is also why some celebrities deemed to risque are refused entry into certain countries unless certain criteria are met.

While you can argue the good and bad of this, bottom line is, nobody has the right to be allowed entry into any country save their own.