Medical torture at Guantanamo Bay?

The first thing to note is the debatable credibility of some of those claiming that they were not only subjected to ill-treatment at "Gitmo"- released inmates who say that they US authorities subjected them not just to physical ill-treatment( waterboarding and the like-now thankfully and rightly banned by Barack Obama's Administration as torture) but claim that they were injected with drugs that engendered hallucinogenic qualities. Like the IRA (Irish Republican Army)during the NI "Troubles", vis a vis the Maze Prison and "Bloody Sunday", Al Qaeda has a vested interest in making the "infidel"( ie US )and other Western authorities seem as bad as possible as the AQ training manual "The Green Book" makes clear- always make allegations of torture and ill treatment against the authorities whether true or not.

however, books such as Allen Hornblum's "Acres Of Skin: Human Experiments At Holmesburg Prison" (1998) make it chillingly clear that there is precedent for such practices.

I think this needs to be investigated by the US authorities to the fullest extent and if necessry prosecution( whether federal civilian court or military court martial) should be an option!

Anybody think as I do?


Posted by lykopis

Who is it that are making the claims? It makes a big difference, especially where they are situated now in terms of this being an empty accusation. It wouldn't hurt to send in an inquiry of some sort but a full out investigation of a few former prisoners without evidence isn't enough. If the inquiry reveals a real possibility of these allegations being true then yes, there should be an all out accounting for those responsible of this torture.

Posted by warlock360

Reminds me of some good old torture (think it was a Spanish prison?) in a episode of faces of death. If it really goes down like it did there then damn...

Posted by boschePG

@paracelsus: @lykopis:

What you are asking is kind of out of the range of discipline since in the bye laws of Gitmo's creation it exempts the facility from any oversight and discipline as such, especially the Department of Justice. I heard once that the Supreme Court couldnt touch Gitmo

The creation of Gitmo and refusal to move Gitmo off Cuba has its reasons. Its pretty much falls under the CIAs Bright Light classification. I hear Gitmo is on par with Camp 7, a CIA prison of Black Ops value prison. I always said Camp 7 is probably some converted oil tanker always floating in International waters so there would be no chance of escape even if you could escape the detention cuz you wouldnt know where you are and wouldnt know which way to swim. Thats just an assumption though on my part

Posted by Paracelsus

just type "allegations of medical torture at Gitmo" into a search engine and look at the results- considering the fact that the US tried and executed Germans and Japanese after WWII for engaging in not dissimilar medical experiments, I think this deserves to be looked at seriously to put it mildly!