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    I thought Matt Murdock/DD was disbarred from the practice of law in NY City(and by implication the entire State) and had to move to San Francisco?Terry

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    Republican Party per se goes batshit crazy!

    Back in 2012 I wrote a blog post entitled "Texas Republican Party goes batshit crazy!". Well apologies are due to the GOP Texas branch- what was once a localized phenomenon has become a nationwide mat...

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    Paris slaughter- predictably right and Left miss the wider point!

    The late John F. Kennedy once rightly ridiculed those on BOTH the Right and Left with their policies of despair- "suicide or surrender, humilation or holocaust".The recent response by either extreme t...

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    I agree- Superman is an ALIEN and NOT a deity- leave the GOD stuff to his Marvel counterparts such as Hercules, Thor and Valkyrie!Terry

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    Now that the ACA has been passed and upheld by SCOTUS, who takes care of heroes healthcare needs

    Now that the Affordable Care Act( derisively known as "Obamacare" to its detractors) has not only been passed but upheld by the US Supreme Court how does it affect superheroes health care needs- or wi...

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    I like your blogs man!
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    Barack Obama, prison reformer?

    Although it takes time inevitably for the true import of a President's legacy to become clear(the late Harry Truman once joked that it took up to 25-50 years), I think that Barack Obama's most lasting...

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    Cool, turning one arm into a scythe like blade!

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    Not certain if casting an African American as the Human Torch is a good idea but it's not as if there is no precedent for this( see the late Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin in "Daredevil" and Ch...

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    Hiroshima and Nagasaki - 70 years on

    The late George Orwell once quipped that there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could take them seriously- no working class man or woman in their right minds would do so. The recent ...

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    "Clean Kills And other Trophies"- Cecil the lion and the ethics of "trophy hunting"

    By now we've all heard of Cecil the lion and the "trophy hunter" Minnesota based dentist Walter Palmer who killed him.Whilst I am aware that from time to time it may be necessary in effect to "thin th...

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    New Black Panther title debuting in November

    As part of the much heralded shake up of the Marvel Universe this year, it now seems that a new BP(Black Panther) title is coming out in November.All I can say is: good! There are a number of issues t...

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    Cuba and US resume diplomatic relations- will human rights be swept under the rug

    Whilst I am gratified that Cuba and the US have resumed diplomatic relations after a 54 year hiatus, I must nonetheless express concern that the fate of Cuba's dissidents and human rights issues will ...

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    Trump's attack on John McCain is beneath contempt!

    First of all even though I DON'T subscribe to John McCain's politics(conservative Republican) I am outraged at Donald Trump's attack on him; you don't have to agree with a man's(or woman's for that ma...