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    "atrocity stories", war propaganda and a massacre that may or may not have happened

    Did anybody read the story in today's Daily Mirror(as well as the front page of the London "Times- Sep1, 2014) about an alleged massacre of several hundred Ukrainian soldiers who after they were promi...

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    What to do with ISIS's foreign fighters

    News that at least two American citizens have been killed fighting for ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) whilst up to several hundred British Muslims are also fighting for this jihadist group has ...

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    Rotherham sex abuse scandal- where BOTH Right and Left get it WRONG!

    The reaction in Fleet Street to the news that upwards of a thousand(1,400 by some estimates) girls and young women have been sexually groomed and abused by an Asian( read Pakistani Muslim)gang whose d...

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    Islamophobia and Matthew Parris's Times article

    Has anybody noticed the article by Times columnist Matthew Parris( August 23, 2014) about Islamophobic commentary /discourse in Britain. Simply by substituting "Jew/Jewish/Judaism" for "Islam/Muslim" ...

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    No I don't think Eva Longoria would make a good Wasp- maybe Jennifer Lawrence, no offense!(perhaps Ms Longoria should try out for Firebird as they're both Latina)! Terry

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    Israel refuses Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International permission to enter Gaza

    Hmm- let's see, fresh from reportedly (in conjunction with the United States) putting intense pressure on the International Criminal Court's prosecutors NOT to investigate its recent military assault ...

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    Milla's understated depair/anguish is more heartrending than any overt histrionics!

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    Sad, pensive(much like Milla Donovan), beautiful, mysterious- perhaps Seraph should have her own limited series or appear regularly in a title such as the X-Men or Avengers!

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    Personhood- for great apes , corporations and unborn foetuses

    You may have seen pictures of Koko the Gorilla "mourning" the death of her "friend" the late actor/comedian Robin Williams( I apologize for using "mourning" and "friend" in inverted commas but I expla...

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    Erm, what's with America's militarized police forces?

    Call me old fashioned but hearing and reading reports of the Ferguson Police Department's arsenal during the recent riots but I am tempted to ask: "what's with the militarized concept of law enforceme...

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    Israel vs the ICC

    It now seems fairly likely that the Palestinian Authority will be able to sign and ratify the International Criminal Court Convention, thus making it able to file suit with the Hague-based court with"...

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    50 years since last execution in UK

    Has anybody noticed that this week saw a grim anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the last execution (by hanging of course, we prefer death to come by the gallows rather than the guillotine or garrot...

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    Ferguson riots after unarmed young black man shot dead by cops-you can only push a community so far!

    Several "conservative" commentators have criticized not just the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri after a young and (apparently unarmed) black man was shot dead by local police( despite having his h...

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    Renounce your faith, go into exile or accept martyrdom-which would YOU accept?

    News that ISIS has ordered Iraqi Christians and Yezidis(followers of an ancient creed that incorporates Zorostrianism,Islam and Christianity) to make either three choices- convert to Islam( whatever h...

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    Obama kicks back over summer- SO WHAT???

    President Obama has been criticized(mainly by conservative commentators such as FOX TV, Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly and actor James Woods; full disclosure: I follow Woods on Twitter) ...

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    Steven Seagal plays blues gig in Crimea-arguably acts as Putin's "useful idiot"

    For quite some time (as regular readers of this blog will be aware), I have been critical of the tendency of various celebrities to sound off on international relations( usually on matters they know l...

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    "Royal Marines Commando Training School"- reality TV isn't all bad!

    I have long been critical of the whole genre of reality TV( esp "Big Brother") because I regard it as being exploitative and pandering to the worst instincts of humanity, but to my surprise a Channel ...

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    Tricycle Theatre refuses to accept UK Jewish Film Festival submission due to Israeli sponsorship

    And the hits just keep on coming for Israel( and arguably for Diaspora-esp European_ Jewry as a whole see the front page of today's Guardian- www.guardian.co.uk, August 8, 2014). The Tricycle Theatre ...

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    George Galloway urges Bradford to become "Israeli free" zone

    Sometimes you read things online that make you drop your jaws in amazement. Case in point, Respect MP for Bradford, George Galloway who has publicly urged his constituency to become an "Israeli free" ...

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    Where I stand on the Ukraine conflict

    My previous blog posts on the(arguably Kremlin instigated) Ukraine conflict may have aroused questions as to my ultimate stance on this issue(although my aversion to Vladimir Putin is a pretty obvious...