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Wow, finally some love for Valiant titles. i have been reading since day 1. Yes, there is another option other than the Big 2. Although I read select Marvel and DC titles I'm loving Valiant.......but. valiant has too much infighting between major characters (heroes). What they need to do and I hope your reading Valiant... is introduce some new villains. A hero is only as great as the bad guy he's up against. Every Batman needs a joker, every Wolverine needs a Sabertooth and so on. The Universe will become stagnant if no new characters are introduced. And don't start killing off characters ala Marvel/DC. Keep the

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Another event, after event, after event. Gone are the days of story telling within a single title. Why buy the single titles when a 10 issue event book fresh with a #1 on the cover is on the shelf. I have started reading Valiant Comics again (good stuff). But i think they will get a case of the"Too many event-itus" bug eventually. If one company does it the next is sure to follow. And its sad how Wolverine was a X-Man, then hes an avenger, now i guess hes Inhuman. Just stick him on the comic u want to sell. Hes been pimped out more than any character in marvel. Ill still read but its really getting annoying trying to keep up with Marvel these days.

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Well here comes another event complete with cross-overs. Man can Marvel go 5 min without an event or cross over.i guess thats what sells these days..

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Marvel has too many events period, and too many cross-overs. What ever happened to keeping a story going within a single title. I don't read much marvel anymore but I am a avid collector of Marvel's older comics, 1st app, and good story lines. Companies use these big events to make books that are not selling so well relevant. DC had the right Idea of less equals more...maybe a little sloppy on the execution but the right idea. Like other posts I have no idea whats going on, they need to slim down the titles and give the story for single titles time to breathe without big events popping up, cause readers are not stupid and can smell a money grab.