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Joker's got this. He's gotta be the single most underrated character on this site, shockingly. THREE WEEKS PREP, people. This man can confound the Justice League with less time. Cyclops (aka eye-ray guy) on his own has no chance here. What will he do with his prep? His tactics are irrelevant since he can do nothing to predict someone like Joker. All he can do is fall into deathtrap after deathtrap. All it takes is one trick to kill him and Joker has finely honed dozens at least.

I could not say it better plus Cyclops is the worst leader there is

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Pants migth be easier to cosplay

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I went crazy and have bought every batman book related to the court of owls up to issue 6 except by catwoman, birds of pray, batgirl and red hood(But I might get this one because I drop it at issue 3)

my biggest issue is that my pool is at somewhere around 27 books now I guess I would not to spend that much money on the long run.

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I will be probably the only one to pick rocket red but lets give it a shot

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I don't think detective comics will be part of the crossover because it is on a crossover with I vampire and I did got all new 52 and the first issue on batman and robin I felt there was no content then I read the second Issue and I liked it detective has been decreasing quality from 1 to 6 and I might get worst

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single issues is the way to go all do Im about to fill my second box and I'm wondering whats the best way to store comics other than long boxes?

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I have batman and detective comics on my list but Im really considering drooping detective and maybe adding batman and robin. I think if all for of them the worst one is batman the dark knight and also I think there is too many batman stuff going around I feel is getting to the point where I have to buy everything to know what is going on also it seems batman is also going to cross over with I vampire and Justice League dark and for some one like me on a budget is just getting out of control Im fallowing 20 dc comics monthly but it still adds up and I have gotten every other issue where batman appears like batman and dove, I vampire 5 and 6, Batgirl and Batwing is to much I guess I should just stay with the court of owls also to my opinion is probably the best thing going on right now

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swamp thing should be on the top 20s

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NIce nice nice