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Easy win.

YC vs Larfleeze

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Politics As Usual

Unknown Jungle,Columbia.

The smell in the air was an unusual one to say the least. Fresh blood intertwined with the fragrances of the wild South American vegetation,which then mixed with the scent of ether like chemicals produced from a cocaine laboratory which was hidden under the canopy of tall trees. Hints of Gunpowder. The operation was one run by the Cartel and it was also the largest one yet. Its security detail heavy. Colombian military, the general's most trusted assassins, and a few ex-super villains making their way as mercenaries. A ghost stood among the corpses of the men who had been hired to protect the Cartels investments and now the titles they claimed meant nothing.

"It's done. I've secured the funds and kilos. I'll be en-route immediately." a cold robotic like voice spoke into a receiver located in the high tech skull mask that covered his face. His mission was completed with little to no problem, this particular ghost has been killing for years. Since he was a young boy growing up in the infamous LoS monastery. Even with all that death,the ghost promised to redeem himself but something about this contract..called his name.

Venezuela , Halo Corp. Tower

A Blackhawk helicopter began to hum as it lowered onto the colossal skyscraper owned by the clandestine like company known as Halo Corp. Falcon had done his research of course. What made him suspicious was the fact that the person who had contacted him for the contract had no ties to the Halo Corporation ,and his further investigations just brought him in directions pointing to this company which had deep roots,just scratching the surface. All this science and technology of course was intriguing,he would just have to wait to see who this Hefe was.

The Paper Ronin had arrived on time and was greeted by a slender man who stood about 7 feet tall,his sleek white coat signified that he was a scientist,the badges on his chest indicated that he was a high ranking scientist but not the one in charge. Instantly the Grey Man was analyzing the entourage which escorted him through the white marble halls of the top floor of the tower,its luxury and decadence could only be the taste of one family name. Falcon smiled heavily and almost laughed under his grim reaper mask as the scientist pushed open the doors to @mr_lebeau 's office...

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Paper Ronin is a descendant of King Tut.

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@impero: Almost half a year had passed since the Fortune Hunting Ronin had encountered the enigmatic Impero,and even then the discussion was short lived. As time passed Impero acquired power and was now more of a force to be reckoned with then ever before,while Falcon was travelling the globe robbing legendary families of their riches with no trace. His next caper would be his biggest yet .,studying and observing his target with an uncanny vigilance. Once again The Paper Ronin was in Japan,staring down the mountainous monastery of the Keijijo with a sly intent,but first he would demand the presence of his hooded rival.

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I need a rpg,where they at?

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Damn,Im a Hall of Famer now. I feel good.

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