Jewish characters in the Marvel U!!

A List of Jewish characters in the Marvel Universe!! 
Felt like making this list because I wanted to see how many Jewish superheroes there are!!! Plus I'm Jewish... and I like my kin!!

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Posted by Video_Martian

cool list

Posted by papad1992

Thankx.... but I feel like there should be more!! 
Out of a whole Universe... these are the only characters I've found!!
Posted by jordama

Iceman is jewish?
Posted by papad1992

Ya know.... I was a little skeptical of placing Iceman on this list... my friend told me Iceman was Jewish and I really couldn't find any type of religion he was!!! So I put him in.
Posted by DoomDoomDoom
Posted by papad1992
@DoomDoomDoom said:
Nice list! 
Dominic Fortune
Microchip I believe both of them are Jewish as well.

Thanks.... and I'll check those out, thank u!!
Posted by PowerHerc

The Thing and Sabra make me like this list!

Posted by papad1992

@PowerHerc: Thanks... Personally, I would love for Sabra to be involved in an X-story!! Like back in the 80s and 90s...

Posted by infonation

@papad1992: It's still better than I could have done! Before I saw this list I thought of Shadowcat, Magneto, and the Thing and... That's IT.

Posted by papad1992

@infonation: Haha... I did a lot of research! :P

Posted by Tzuriel

Excellent list! Have you looked into Polaris? She is one of Magneto's children... let me know what you find out. :)

Posted by papad1992

@tzuriel: I do not know about Polaris... back in X-Factor when she had a break down, her past was delved into a bit. But I don't think she was Jewish.