What happened to Pestilence!?

Ever since Dark Angel Saga in Uncanny X-Force I've been wondering one key little detail... with Dark Beast vanishing with Pestilence and War by his side, what the heck happened to them! Especially when Dark Beast revealed Pestilence is carrying Archangel's heir! I mean this incarnation of X-Force is soon ending and I know this is gonna be another unanswered question but it's an important one, and there's really no more room for a descent story including Apocalypse again before this series ends. Talk about a hanging thread! Anybody know!?


Possible X-Force members discussion...

So as well all know, or hopefully had heard by now, that Uncanny X-Force is starting anew with an all new cast (no sign of Wolverine... yet). With Psylocke leading the team, the other team members are Storm, Puck and Spiral, with three more team members still not revealed yet. Some my question is... Who would you want to see as the other three members!?

My three picks are Sage, Hepzibah, and Husk.

The honorable mention is Chamber.

So tell me who'd you like to see in this title!?


Guess this Movie Quote game....

So here's how it works: A user posts a movie quote that is relatively difficult and everyone has to guess which movie it's from (comedy, drama, western, horror, etc)... Once someone guesses the correct movie, we can move on! But if no one gets the movie quote, it's up to the original poster of the quote to decide if he/she wants to move on!

(But if it goes on for too long I'll step in and keep the game moving!)

Giving hints is allowed but to an extant.

Anyone want to play?

I'll start....

"Hopelessness... complete and utter hopelessness. So thick and mucus like..."


Favorite MAD-TV skit....

I used to love watching MAD-TV... I watched it all the time when I was a kid! Many of these skits are just sooo hilarious... Which ones are your favorites!?

Spishak spishwax!!

The Wizard of OZ alternate ending:

The ever-loving Bon Qui Qui:


Olympics Closing Ceremony performances...

Did anybody like any of the performances? I would have liked to see more iconic artists like Elton John, Adele, Dido, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, even Paul McCartney again. Also Lily Allen would have been nice to see too. I did like the use of Bond, the all female electric strings band! The Spice Girls comeback was ok.

**All in all, I didn't like the opening and closing ceremonies of London at all... but if they were gonna do a concert, they should have done it well!


Movies that make you cry!!!

What are some of the movies that make you cry!

The ones that comes to my mind are:

My Girl, Hatchi, The Notebook, Titanic, Bambi, Beaches, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hotel Rwanda, Ghost, Steel Magnolias, Children of Men, Dead Poet's Society, Mommie Dearest, The Color Purple, My Sister's Keeper, The Prince of Egypt, and Toy Story 3.


Your Personal Celebrity Encounters...

Seeing the people you watch on TV and in movies in real life is very surreal! I've encountered two celebrities... Steven Tyler and Robert Irvine (I know he's a popular chef only on the Food Network channel but still... he's a food celebrity)! I was at the Miami Boat Show this past Spring and parking is a bitch to find there so we went to some hotel's parking garage to park our truck and once we got out I see Steven Tyler, two body guards and some camera people following him, pass right by me... He said "Nice hair." and kept walking. The next day I noticed all of these Food Network signs all over the place (I guess there was a Food Network event or something) anyways it was night and we were walking through the streets trying to find someplace to eat and Robert Irvine passed right by us very quickly and I stopped him and said "Hey I love your show!" and he shook my hand and kept walking. He was also very short. Not the most coolest encounters but still good ones! Have any of you guys actually seen, met, or passed by any celebrities!?


List your Top 5 Favorite A, B, C, and D-list Celebrities!!

Everyone's opinion is their opinion!

In no particular order... Mine would be:

A-List: Emma Stone, Helena Bonham Carter, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, and Meryl Streep.

B-List: Zooey Deschanel, Stanley Tucci, Anna Faris, Emily Blunt, and Mila Kunis.

C-List: Amanda Bynes, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Christina Applegate, Richard Jenkins, and Rebecca Gayheart.

D-List: Ni Ni, Amy Schumer, Grace Jones, Elle Fanning, and Kathy Griffin (of course).

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I can't believe I got fired... I was defiantly wrongfully terminated!! I work at an Arts Camp for 1st through 6th graders and every Friday we have a production of the week, so after today's finale (Friday the 13th... how lucky) my "boss/director/asshole" pulled me aside and talked for an hour of how my class, an experimental "Set Design Class", wasn't suited for the little ones and how I haven't incorporated them into the set design for the stage... which is total BULL because all he has done is make assumptions, stay in his corner, and type on his little computer complaints about me!! It's been 5 out of the 8 weeks so far and he's had it out for me since day one!! He has NO relations with any of the kids and is a total creeper!! I have had such a good relationship with every one of my kids and I'm so pissed at the fact that 1) I didn't get to say goodbye to any of my kids and 2) that my kids are gonna come into my class on Monday and not see me there but instead a 50+ year old woman that they hired to "teach" set design to little kids!! I just can't believe this crap... I'm so pissed! He's condescending, makes wrongful assumptions and is a prick! Let karma swing my way. Oh and you bet that I'm gonna go back there Monday and retrieve my props that I constructed with the campers during when camp is in session! But out of all of this bad, comes something good! Just wait....

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