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The Best Comic Marvel is Putting Out This year 0

Even though I knew this moment was coming (it was originally told in New Mutants Vol. 1 #49), I was still so floored afterward it took me hours before I could even begin to look at this issue rationally. The storytelling is crafted *that* well. Now that I can step back to appraise it, it is still a remarkable issue. Once again Greg Pak tells Magneto's story by artfully weaving it around real events. One of the many remarkable things about this series is how subtly Pak is molding Max into the man...

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It's not Austen, but it sure as heck wasn't good. 0

After collecting the Uncanny X-Men for 24 years, this issue finally made me quit.  Magneto and Cyclops are written utterly out of character, the X-Men act incredibly stupidly, and the entire thing is a extremely forced Silver Age homage that makes no sense with a fight that is choreographed worse than a bad martial arts film. (And I don't mean bad as in "cheap", I mean bad as in "*BAD*"). Until Brubaker and Fraction are replaced, I will not be buying another Uncanny X-Men....

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Still fantastic! 0

Greg Pak continues to tell the story of Max Eisenhardt (love the name!) and his family trying to survive in Hitler's Germany. As Jacob takes the path of least resistance as so many Jews did at the time, Max begins to show subtle inklings of some of the character traits the adult character will become so well-known for: his resourcefulness, his pride, and his need to protect the weak, even at risk to himself. Like the first issue, Max's story is attentively woven into the backdrop of real histo...

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Probably the finest story Marvel is publishing this year... 0

As a history major and a fan of this character, the idea of a comic that took a historically realistic approach to Magneto's childhood has been incredibly tantalizing. It's actually been rather difficult keeping my excitement in check in order not to build up unrealistic expectations. But I am pleased to say that Magneto Testament fulfills them all. This is very much a story of a young boy in the middle of politically turbulent times, only bits and pieces of the entirety of what is happening fil...

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